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On this page, you would find the list of 100’s of free and world-class premium VST plugins such as Compressor VSTs, Equalizer VSTs, Delay/Reverb plugins, Samplers and various kinds of VST plugins.


If you are looking for guides on the selection of VST, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these tools.

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  • Download autotune aax plugin full version for free. Multimedia tools downloads - Antares Auto-Tune Live AAX by Antares Audio Technologies and many more programs are available for instant and free download.
  • AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) is a plug-in format developed by Avid, the company behind the popular Pro Tools, audio recording and editing system. It works with Pro Tools and Media Composer and comes in two versions, AAX-Native and AAX-DSP. AAX DSP — compatible with Pro Tools HDX only.
  • Compressor Free VST/AU/AAX Plugin Compression is an effect or an audio processing tool that is used to control the overall Dynamics of an audio signal or an audio portion. Some of the best free compressor plugins are.

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AAX - for Pro Tools windows + mac; It depends on DAW wich plugins are supported. Pro tools only supports AAX plugins. Ableton and Studio One support only VST and AU Logic doesn’t support VST and AAX, only their own AU standard. VST misconception A lot of music producers are talking about VSTs. What they actually mean by VST is: plugins.


Before you begin sorting the random plugins on this page, here are links to the best VST plugins on our website, enjoy (Note: The below links would open in a new tab, so, you can still come back and surf the other ones):

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We are so excited to announce our brand new partnership with Avid, makers of Pro Tools, to bring you huge news!

And today at 1 PM Pacific time, we’ll be hosting a global premier with a live Q&A following it at NAMM’s Believe in Music Week. It’s free to attend, just sign up and join us here.

As of today, if you’re a Pro Tools user, you can get the first three Noise Engineering plugins! They’re called Basimilus Iteritas, Cursus Vereor, and Desmodus. And for a limited time, they’re available exclusively at the Avid store! Yes, you read that right: you can go get your shiny new NE plugins right now. Go do it!

Don’t have a Pro Tools license? Not a problem. You can download Pro Tools First completely free!

Now, you probably have a lot of questions, and we’ll try to answer them all here. The first question that we know many of you are asking is..

Wait. What about VST, AU, and Reason??

Have no fear: they’re coming! Even better, if you buy an AAX license now, you’ll get VST/AU licenses for free as soon as they launch.

Here’s the thing: Noise Engineering is a small company. We love what we do, but we’re still only five people, and one of our company core values is work-life balance.

This means that, as much as we wish it wasn’t, our bandwidth is limited, so we have to make a lot of careful decisions about release schedules. And that’s what’s happening here: releasing plugins means we have developed a whole new pipeline and backend around this -- and we’re still working on parts of this. We expected it to be months before we could release the plugins. The partnership with Avid means that we have a way to release the AAX version months ahead of schedule.

We’re working on VST and AU, and the backend to support all of these formats. While we’re at it, we’re also bringing Reason Rack Extensions into the same pipeline. Realistically, more Reason releases will take us a bit longer, but they are indeed on the roadmap. We have been listening to everyone who has asked for these releases, and we WANT to do them! We’re just working on a method that allows us a more streamlined path forward. More investment up front, more reward in the long term. And again, as soon as we release them, you’ll get VST and AU for free if you have an AAX license.

In short, we’re #workinonit.

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Why do I need software if I have hardware? How a plugin differs from a module 101

Of course, being software, there are some things we can do with these plugins that we can’t do with the modules. First, all of them come with a library of presets: Desmodus comes with over 500, and Basimilus Iteritas and Cursus Vereor come with over 1,000 each!

The two synths also have sample rate controls: you can oversample to make things pristine, or downsample to make them gross. They can also both load Scala files, if you’re into alternative tunings. And, of course, there’s polyphony: the synths can play up to 16 voices at once. Yes, you too can have that epic performance the NE team is always talking about with eleven Basimilus without breaking the bank.

MIDI control is a breeze, and consider the ease of traveling with just a laptop vs. a modular case and all of the accoutrement required.

There’re the general plugin advantages, too: it can be difficult to recall your modular settings for a particular session, but with plugins, it’s as simple as pressing load. Neato!

Of course, many people get into hardware for the tactile nature of it, and we can’t lie -- we haven’t invented the technology yet to make your plugins have the tactile experience of our modules. Our plugins are MIDI mappable, though, so if you have a controller you like to use when producing, you can map it to our stuff!

Ok, let’s talk about the plugins themselves.

Basimilus Iteritas

Basimilus Iteritas, for those who know our hardware, will be a familiar name. Based on the Basimilus Iteritas Alter module, the Basimilus Iteritas plugin features the parameters you’ll find on the module, plus some interesting additional options. Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to have two BIAs? Or ten?? Or thirty?? What about a polyphonic BIA? Well, now you can answer those questions!

As you can expect, the Basimilus Iteritas is designed for percussion. It’s the same additive/FM synth engine as in the module, so you can create some pretty awesome kicks and snares, as well as abstract metallic sounds like hats and sizzles. But it’s not just for percussion: it’s great for bass plucks, leads, stabs, pretty much any synthy thing you can think of. I’m a bit of a bass junky, personally, and the low end you can get out of this thing is seriously impressive.


And of course, just as the module responds wonderfully to CV modulation, the plugin is designed with automation in mind: slide those faders around and see what magic happens!


Desmodus is our reverb plugin, based on the Desmodus Versio module. If you’re not familiar with the Desmodus already, it’s a synthetic-tail-generator reverb that is designed to be an instrument in itself instead of just another room simulator. Like infinite ‘verb? You’re in luck! The feedback parameter on Desmodus, called Regen, goes well beyond 100% (in fact, 100% feedback is only halfway through the parameter!). The further past 100% you go, the more intense the atmosphere you create. And if you crank Regen all the way up, it ducks based on input sounds, so you can make some awesome automatic sidechain effects.

Desmodus has three reverb algorithms: limit, distort, and shimmer. Limit is a (relatively) clean reverb tail. Distort adds slight saturation to the reverb tank, giving you some grit on your more intense ‘verbs. And shimmer adds a +1 octave shift to the tank, giving you some really beautiful atmospheres. (Well, they’re pretty until you add the LFO… then they get incredibly creepy.)

Those modes aren’t the only way you can shape your tails, though. Enter Tone: it’s a DJ-style lowpass/highpass filter in the reverb tank, and it lets you choose where you want your atmosphere to sit.

And if you want things to get a bit more chaotic, it’s got internal delay-line modulation with the LFO/Index controls: modulating the delay lines can do anything from spice up a clean reverb to bring you into a new, demented world of chaos.


Last but not least, Desmodus is a charity initiative: a portion of the proceeds of all Desmodus licenses sold go to Bat Conservation International. You can read all about why bats are so important and find out what BCI is doing to help them survive and thrive here.

Cursus Vereor is a combo: it’s based on our Cursus Iteritas oscillator, and Ampla Versio dynamics firmware. It’s the most gentle of the bunch (at least, it can be -- that Fold slider doesn’t mess around). It’s got the same dynamically generated wavetable engine of the Cursus, paired with an ADSR-controlled VCF/VCA dynamics section.

And that dynamics section is really deep and a bit unusual. It’s got an ADSR envelope with adjustable curve that controls the volume of the synth, as you’d expect, and also controls the cutoff of a filter. The filter can be a lowpass, bandpass, or highpass filter, and you can blend it in with the appropriately named Blend control. The filter is resonant, too, and past 75% the resonance modulates the filter cutoff creating some awesome distorted and squelchy sounds.

While Cursus Vereor only has 6 tone controls, a filter, and a handful of controls for envelope shaping, it’s got a huge sonic palette: every time we open it up we end up creating something we’ve never heard before. Just paired with Desmodus, we’re pretty sure you could write a whole ambient soundtrack.


Like what you’re hearing? All three of these plugins are available NOW on the Avid store for just US$49 each. And if you buy all three as a bundle (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a plugin bundle?), you get a special discount: US$119! If you’ve been wanting to add some of that Noise Engineering goodness to your setup, adding these plugins to your library is the easiest, and fastest, way to do it. Go grab ‘em and make some Noise.

What do they sound like?

Enough chatter: let’s get to the synth sounds! All instruments and the reverb in this session were created with the Basimilus Iteritas, Cursus Vereor, and Desmodus plugins.


Do you have a roadmap for these plugins?

We’ve got plans. These plugins, not to toot our own horns here, are pretty freakin’ cool. But there’s always room to make things even more cool.

At the moment, our first order of business is to roll these out in AAX and see what we learn. We then want to get them out to everyone in all major formats.

For features, we plan to incorporate internal modulation for the plugins, but for some nerdy reasons that only the software engineers understand, this is a major undertaking, so it’s not a launch feature. Just know that we’re #workinonit. We also want to make the plugins accessible for people with limited vision, but this is a longer-term goal and will take some revamp as we learn more about this.

And other than that, we consider these pretty feature-complete, but if you think of something that you think would be cool, drop us a line! We consider every feature suggested, even if we can’t implement them, but sometimes we do.

How To Install Aax Plug-ins Crack Mac

So are y’all, like, done with hardware?

Aax Plug-ins Mac



Really! We have a ton of modules we are still working on. Hardware is our home (and Kris needs something to do). We’re still working through delays and parts shortages, but we are definitely still looking to release all the modules we’ve talked about in the past and so many more. Virt Iter, Vice Virga, Univer Inter, and many more are actively in development. We’ve had some supply chain issues and other hurdles to overcome, but have no fear: when it comes to hardware, we’re also #workinonit.

What’s next?

If you’ve already got our plugins open in your latest session and you’re itching for more, we’ve got good news for you! This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from us. Keep an eye out -- we’ve already got lots of plugins in the works, and if you like these, we’re sure you’ll like what’s yet to come. And hardware friends, we’ve got loads of things in the works, including more alt firmwares for the Versio line..as well as a few surprises, because we wouldn’t be Noise Engineering if we didn’t have a lot of things to keep us busy!