Ableton 9 Vst3

Ableton really stepped up their game with Live 11, introducing a bunch of great new features. If you've used previous versions of Live, then you're definitely going to want to check these out. First up is the new track comping feature, which helps you organize and edit multiple takes to cut together the perfect performance. VST3 plugins can now use the PreSonus VST extensions to observe the name and index of the track they are on and to control Live’s track volume, pan, mute, solo and sends. This support has been developed and tested against Softube’s Console One plugin but will also work with other plugins that implement the extensions. Updated features in Live 10.1. Live Versions: 10.1 Operating System: All See below for a summary of the new features introduced 10.1. Note: Sets made or saved in 10.1 can't be opened in earlier versions of Live 10. You will be prompted to save an existing set under a.

In 2015 SPL released the IRON mastering compressor based on a new, original concept.

Ableton 9 Vst3

The goal was to conceive a compressor that provided a pleasant, melodic-sounding, transparent compression, inspired by the vintage compressors of the radio era. But they wanted it to be versatile enough to adapt perfectly to the needs of modern mastering studios.

Thus, the IRON combines not only the sonic virtues of legendary vintage tube compressors with the advantages of the High Dynamic 120 V operating voltage in a single unit. It also sets a new benchmark in terms of tube compressor technology, with the innovative implementation of a parallel dual-tube circuit.

Iron is a variable-bias tube compressor, often called a “Vari-Mu” design. Unlike most standard variable-bias designs, which use the bias of a single tube for compression, Iron uses a dual circuit topology. This means, the incoming signal is split between two tubes via a specially designed Mu-Metal iron transformer, running in parallel and then recombined. One tube is a 12AX7/ECC83 and the other a 12AU7/ECC82. Each tube yields a slightly different compression curve and feel. Reddit adobe animate.

Ableton 9 Vst3

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The Attack and Release parameters have six different settings ranging from Slow to Fast. The times are not constant, they vary according to the Rectifier circuit selected: There are six different Rectifier settings available with different diodes (Germanium, Silicon, LED, mixed).

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Mastering is not the only domain where the IRON sets new standards. It can also be used to process subgroups or individual signals, like vocals, bass, guitar, strings, etc.

The SPL Iron is a true TMT plugin, based on the patented Tolerance Modeling Technology by Brainworx (US Patent No. 10,725,727). TMT gives you the most realistic analog sound in the box by offering multiple plugin channels with realistic analog tolerances in the components of the circuit modeling. Hear it to believe it!