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  1. Please also note that for the moment, Arturia products are not fully tested on computers with Apple Silicon processors. We are actively working on the M1 certification, we recommend you to refer to this page regularly, which will be updated as soon as possible.
  2. Pro Tools 2020.12, Ableton Live 10, FL Studio 20.10, Studio One 5, Reason 11, Bitwig Studio 3.3, Digital Performer, Adobe Audition 2020. These DAWs have not yet announced official support for M1 processors. However, we have found that Waves V12 plugins load and work, when these DAWs are running in the Rosetta 2 emulator environment.

What is snagpriv.exe. The beastly M1 MacBook smokes them both, clocking 1,730 on the single-core score and 7,547 on the multi-core score. Multi-tasking is a breeze on the M1. When working in an Ableton Live project, apps such as Adobe Photoshop are running smoothly in the background without us even noticing.

I’ve been testing out the M1 Mac Mini for a few weeks, mainly seeing how it would fit into my audio workflow. I tend to use my Mac Mini as a dedicated sound module and record audio from it into other devices. So for now I’m just testing various software/plugins that I use to see how it behaves.

Ableton live 11 apple m1

Mac Mini M1 Ableton

Spectrasonics plugins seem to be working fine, I’m using the VST versions and I’m running them inside of Ableton Live 10. For me it isn’t about benchmarks or anything like that, I just want to know what out of the stuff I use will actually work on the M1 platform currently.

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Ableton M1 Chip

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Ableton Live Apple M1 Free

What do you think? Are you trying the M1 platform yet or will you wait for more software to catch up? Do you even plan to try it at all? Let me know!

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