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Cut your loops automatically in equally sized slices

Ableton Slicer

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Ableton Live’s new Simpler has a great transient detection mechanism that automatically cuts your samples into meaningful slices. But, haven’t you sometimes wished that you could tell Simpler to just chop your loop into straight 8th or 16th? The “Auto Slicer” device does exactly that:

In Slicing mode, each pad plays back a different slice of a long sample. Adjust the Sensitivity to control how many slices are available, or tap an empty pad to manually insert your own slices as the sample plays back. Slicing mode is ideal for rearranging loops on the fly or for creating drum kits from recorded grooves. Ableton Live alternative to Fruity Slicer from FL Studio Question Hey guys, I have recently made the switch from FL Studio to Ableton Live 10. Most of the things are more intuitive in Live, I'm getting used to the different workflow really fast and I'm having a blast with it. Flute paddle 148. Hope usable, click on my pic for reach to my looperman profile Free Trap Flute loops download 148bpm.

Key Features

  • Have Simpler cut your loop into equally sized slices from lengths of 1 bar to 1/32nd
  • Choose between manually triggering the Auto-Slice function or having the slices adjusted whenever you load a new sample or change the Start or End marker in Simpler
  • All functions are MIDI- and Key-mappable
  • Works great in combination with the Simpler-Tools “Slices to Notes” and “Slice Control” devices

1.1.0 Release Notes

  • Bugfix: Using “Auto Slicer” while recording a clip would record Automation for this device, which would create issues, once the Automation is played back.

Ableton Slice Sample

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Ableton Slicer Software

Minimum System Requirements

Ableton Slide

  • Live 9.6 (!) or higher
  • Ableton Suite or separate Max-for-Live license
  • Max 7.0.4 or higher