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I recently built myself a new computer a few months ago. I decided to treat myself with a brand new GeForce GTX 770 graphics card, which has worked wonderfully for all intents and purposes. Part of the reason I went with an NVidia graphics card was because I do video editing using Adobe Premiere. I had read that Adobe Premiere can utilize NVidia’s CUDA Cores to pre-render effects in Adobe Premiere, which cuts down on render times and makes the program run smoother overall.

Sadly, when I first installed Premiere, I booted it up expecting this enormous performance from my machine. This did not appear to be the case right out of the box. After searching around online, I found out that Premiere only has a handful of cards that have GPU acceleration enabled by default. In order to get other CUDA-enabled cards to work with Adobe Premiere’s GPU Acceleration feature, you have to go through a series of modifications. Bear in mind that just about any NVidia card that has 1 GB or more of RAM has CUDA cores in it nowadays. Whether you are getting a GeForce or a Quadro series card, you should be able to utilize CUDA cores to put extra performance into Premiere.

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Adobe Premiere: Steps to Enable GPU Acceleration

But enough introduction, here’s how you enable GPU Acceleration for your CUDA graphics card in Premiere on Windows 7 64-bit.

1. Make sure Premiere is closed and open up a command prompt by going to start  type in cmd and press ENTER. This should open a command prompt window.

Adobe premiere pro cs5 5 download free

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2. In the command prompt, type cd C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere CS5 and press ENTER. NOTE: If you have CS6 or a different version, you will need to modify the file path accordingly.

3. Now that you are looking at C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere CS5 in command prompt, type GPUSniffer.exe and press ENTER. This will run the GPU Sniffer program, which will show you some detailed information about your graphics card, as seen here:

4. Take note of where it says “CUDA device details” and more specifically, where it says “Name” and lists your card afterwards. You will need to go to C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere CS5 and open the file called cuda_supported_cards.txt. In this file, you will see a small list of graphics cards. You need to put a new entry in this document listing your graphics card as it shows up on the GPU Sniffer. So, for instance, mine would be GeForce GTX 770. You can see an example in this screenshot:

5. Save the text document and open up Adobe Premiere. Create a new Project.

6. Go to the “Project” menu  Project Settings  General. Under “Video Rendering and Playback” click the dropdown box where it says “Renderer” and choose “Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration”. This option only shows up if the cuda_support_cards document contains your graphics card. If you see this renderer option, then it means you have successfully setup Premiere to recognize your CUDA-enabled card.

Premiere should use GPU Acceleration as the default renderer in all your projects. But the easiest way you can make sure of this is to look at your Sequencer and see if there is a yellow bar near the timeline.

If that bar is yellow, then it means GPU Acceleration is working.

Now you should notice effects processing quicker and smoother within Premiere. GPU Acceleration should allow Adobe Premiere to process effects in the background while you continue to work. This should alleviate the need to constantly render your sequence in order to maintain smooth playback.

I do hope this was helpful. Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Remember students, teachers, schools and non-profit organization can save on software, electronics and more with academic discounts at Thank you!

Learn how to download and install Creative Suite 5.5 or 5 apps from disc or your Adobe account.


Premiere Pro Cs5 Free Download

To get the latest creative apps from Adobe, visit the Adobe website. If you already have a Creative Cloud plan, learn how to download and install Creative Cloud apps.

This document contains installation instructions for the following products:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

Before you download, keep your serial number handy. You can find your serial number in your purchase confirmation email, and in your account. Learn how to find your serial number.

Each component has its own serial number. Master Collection has an additional serial number for Color Finesse. If you purchased an upgrade, use a qualifying serial number to complete the installation.

Acrobat in CS5: For Creative Suite 5 only, Acrobat 9 has its own serial number.

If you purchased Creative Suite 5 or 5.5 from Adobe or registered it, you can download it from your account. If you don't see your app, register it first.

The components of Adobe Creative Suite 5 are on multiple DVDs:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Application DVD set (multiple discs)
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Application DVD (single disc)

Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5.5 Tutorial For Beginners

(Only in CS5 is Acrobat 9 installed with a separate serial number and installation media. In CS5.5, the Acrobat installation process is incorporated into the installer.)

Note: Discs labeled 'Content' contain optional, nonessential files that are not required to install the product. For example, a Content disc can contain ReadMe files, tutorials, or example files. You can install this content manually by copying it to your hard drive when you want to access the material. Most content can be copied to a location of your choosing. For instructions on installing fonts, see one of the following documents:

  • Installing fonts on Windows

Before you begin, close all applications, including your web browser. Make sure that you have administrative privileges or can validate as an administrator.

Note: You do not need to uninstall any previous version of Creative Suite before installing CS5 or CS5.5.

  1. Insert the Adobe Creative Suite Application DVD 1 into your DVD drive.
  2. Double-click Set-up.exe (Windows) or (macOS) to begin the installation.

    Note: Depending on your AutoPlay settings in Windows, the Set-up.exe file can launch automatically. League of legends rp.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Adobe Creative Suite.
  4. When prompted for a serial number, enter your Adobe Creative Suite serial number and complete the installation.

  5. If prompted, close conflicting processes to complete the installation. See Error 'Close the following applications to continue'.

Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5 5

Most CS5 products come with separate installers for Acrobat 9 Professional. (The Acrobat installers are included in CS5.5. If you are installing CS5.5, skip this section.) If you already have Acrobat 9 Pro installed, either as part of a suite or as a stand-alone application, do not reinstall it. If you're an existing Acrobat 9 Pro user, download and install the most current updates. To check for updates, open Acrobat 9 Pro and choose Help > Check for Updates.

If you have Acrobat 8 or earlier installed on your computer, uninstall it before you install Acrobat 9 Pro. To remove Acrobat, do one of the following:

  • Windows XP: Open the Windows Control Panel and double-click Add or Remove Programs. Select the product that you want to uninstall, click Change/Remove, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7: Open the Windows Control Panel and double-click Programs and Features. Select the product that you want to uninstall, click Uninstall/Change, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • macOS: Run the uninstaller located in the Acrobat Professional folder.
  1. Insert the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Application DVD disc into your DVD drive.
    • Windows: Navigate to the root directory of your DVD drive and double-click the Setup.exe file to begin installation. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Acrobat 9 Pro. When prompted for a serial number, enter your Adobe Acrobat 9 serial number and complete the installation.
    • macOS: Drag the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro folder into your Applications folder. After the files are copied, launch Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. When prompted, enter your Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro serial number.

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