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'ARI Quiz' is Joomla! Quiz component which provides ability to create various tests, exams to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge provides statistics of test results allows to group tests via categories (supports sub-categories) supports ability to limit actions. Updated 31.05.09 'ARI Quiz in content' v. 1.1.0 is available. Now it works as jQuery plugin, handles calculator events and contains some bugs fixes. Updated 07.07.09 Plugin v. 1.2.0 is available. Joomla 2021. Feature for loading jQuery library through Google JS API was added. Updated 08.02.10 'ARI Quiz in content' v.

Ari Quiz v3.9.19 Ari quiz joomla free download

Ari Quiz v3.9.19 - a powerful Joomla quiz from ari-soft, which provides the ability to create various tests to assess the level of knowledge of the visitor.

The price is relevant. It does not have binding to the domain or not limited to work. Packages are not from public (only directly from the author or its sources). Without left links and third-party code. Getting updates with a discount only through your personal account. Support or installation is paid separately!

Ari Quiz v3.9.19

system for creating quizzes on Joomla 3.x

QuizAri Quiz Joomla

ARI Quiz - a powerful Joomla quiz from ari-soft, which provides the ability to create various tests to assess the level of knowledge of the visitor. It will help organize tests on your site. The component contains many settings and can be customized to your requirements. You can successfully use it both to create a large poll system on your site, and for a simple quiz with several questions for entertainment.
The extension comes with open source and can be installed on any number of sites. You pay only once and get all the expansion power (including additional modules, plug-ins, etc.).
Key Features:

Ari Quiz Joomla Questions

  • allows you to create tests using access rights for users
  • outputs the necessary statistics of test results
  • allows you to group tests by category
  • provides a number of predefined types of questions
  • version control: after you have changed the test questions, the old information is also saved
  • the opportunity to share results in social networks (Fabebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • support for templates for surveys
  • it contains translations in English and Russian and supports the possibility of creating new translations
  • supports topic versions
  • the ability to create templates for result pages, search results by e-mail, print versions
  • exports survey results to CSV, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
  • the ability to randomly select the number of questions from the archive of questions or use them in the queue
  • comes with a built-in calculator, similar to standard Windows
  • supports Joomla SEF
  • supports AJAX, making the component faster and more powerful. AJAX technology allows the user to pass the test without reloading the page - the component will update all the materials on the pages
  • includes a bank of questions. The component contains questions that can be added to the questionnaires. If you change the question in the questions bank, all changes are applied to the quizzes that are created based on these questions
  • detailed statistics of answers
  • possible the creation of paid subscribers
  • processing the content of the question using plug-ins (experimental function)
  • mail templates
  • scale of results (the administrator can set the ranges for assessing the passage of the test.In accordance with this template, text options, you can set the print template and the template letter)
  • the ability to integrate the questionnaire into an article using the ARI Quiz Anywhere plugin
  • import questions from CSV files
  • you can add points for the user in the Easy Social component when the quiz is completed
  • supports events
  • works with the AltaUserPoints component using the ARI Quiz Alta User Points plugin
  • allows you to copy questions and quizzes and move questions
  • supports bulk editing
  • can display the results of user polls and actions in the JomSocial user profile using the JomSocial plugins
  • can display the results of user polls in the Community Builder user profile using the Google ARI Quiz Results plug-in for Community Builder
  • can create a path for learning