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Automatic Sync Outlook

Oct 07, 2020 First, you need to start the Outlook web program then click the Send or Receive button. Then, you need to click Send or Receive Groups’ drop down box and then select “Define Send/Receive Groups.” In every account, you have to click on “Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive each.”. What exactly is an Automatic Syn session? Microsoft site has an info bubble on it and says: 'When you connect your Microsoft account to an app or service that manages email, it needs to sign in as you. You can expect to see the same automatic sync activity at regular intervals.' Nov 22, 2019 Automatic sync between Planner and Outlook tasks ‎ 06:37 AM. Hi, I have set up a flow between Planner and Outlook Tasks. I noticed that when I update the. Outlook synchronization is a built-in process in Microsoft Outlook that happens when the OST and PST files get updated. When Outlook sends and receives any emails or the other folder is updated. At the same time, it also updates the Exchange Server about these changes.

CompanionLink for Outlook is easier to set up than any competing product.

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If you chose DejaCloud sync, then sync is fully automatic to multiple phones and tablets. For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync, sync is automatic when DejaOffice on your Android is active. For USB Sync, sync is available when you connect the USB cable in Charging mode.

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You can install it on up to three computers; work, home and laptop. The competitors products only install on one computer. When you buy a new computer, you can install CompanionLink on it. Your license is portable and tied to your Email Address. With the competitors you need to purchase a new license whenever you buy a new computer.

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We offer support by Email and Phone. You can call us any time during our business hours. Only one of our competitors offers telephone support, and only for two years from your purchase. CompanionLink support is for the life of the product. We also offer premium support where our technicians will log onto your PC and set up your sync.


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CompanionLink synchronize more telephone fields and custom fields than any other product. We synchronize multiple Calendars from Google so you can schedule multiple people from your Outlook Calendar. We support attachments with Google. We support Sub-Tasks for the new Google Tasks app.