Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Academia Ezreal, Jayce, Katarina and Lux, plus Battle Professor Graves is here to teach you a lesson as our newest set of Team Minis. Battle Academia Team Minis Set Features: Battle Academia Lux. Battle Academia is a super fun project that I have a chance to work on. Love the anime thematic. Battle Academia Ezreal - 3D model by Duy Khanh Nguyen (@leoduycg) e59990c.

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Riot Games previewed seven new Battle Academia skins for Ezreal, Lux, Jayce, Katarina, Graves, and Yuumi on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment today.

Inspired by shonen anime, the Battle Academia skins re-imagine the champions as members of an elite battle school. Ezreal, Katarina, Jayce, and Lux are all dressed in student attire, and they each fight off test dummies in a fighting simulation while recalling.

Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle academia ezreal skin

Both Graves and League’s newest champion, Yuumi, join the others in receiving new Battle Academia skins—but not as students. Graves sports a long professor’s coat and points at a holographic chalkboard for his recall, while Yuumi bats a stack of books and a coffee mug from what appears to be a dean’s desk.

The new set of skins will include a legendary skin for Ezreal and a prestige edition for Lux. Several of the new Battle Academia skins will release with their own set of chromas.

Battle Academia Ezreal Border

Riot first teased the new skin line in a Roadmap video earlier this year, where the League of Legends developer hinted at an upcoming shonen-themed event. A recent login screen titled “Houses 2019” portrayed four floating house emblems, seemingly resembling the event depicted in the Roadmap video. Fusion 360 arduino uno model.

The new Battle Academia skin line won’t have an official release date but now joins the League of Legends PBE where they will remain for further testing before hitting live servers in a future patch.

Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Academia Jayce

Battle Academia Katarina

Battle Academia Graves

Battle Academia Ezreal Icon

Battle Academia Yuumi

Battle Academia Ezreal Skin Spotlight

Battle Academia Lux

Prestige Battle Academia Lux