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There aren’t too many resources for Adobe Character Animator tutorials in 2020 compared to other Adobe software. Probably because it’s on the newer side and because for the first few years I think people didn’t really know what to make of it. It is, however, incredible.

Jul 31, 2018 I am making an animated music video for one of my songs. I used a 1280 X 720 size because I saw it recommended for animation. However, when I put it into Encoder, even with the correct size, it doesn't have a great resolution. It stills has the characters off the screen, despite my changing the CA t. Adobe Character Animator levels the playing field by letting you use your webcam and microphone to drive the character performance. No key-framing necessary. This is the EASIEST way to get started with animation, with groundbreaking technology that lets anyone become an animator. Jul 23, 2018 Character Animator is a fun animation program that allows you to use motion capture on pre-created character puppets. Unfortunately, the library only comes with a small handful of characters to choose from, so you'll need to import your own character designs from a drawing program or purchase premade characters from Adobe in order to get the most out of this software.

There isn’t much new content coming out either. It seems like there was a wave of people when it first released but not many kept going with it.

I’m going to round up all the best resources out there that I’ve come across in my time using Character Animator. There are some really good ones, but there really aren’t that many, which is kind of why I made this site.

Best Character Animator Tutorials in 2020:

Okay Samurai

His name is Dave I believe and I’m sure you’ve come across his YouTube channel if you’ve ever searched anything on there about Character Animator.

He works at Adobe on Character Animator so he’s basically a primary source for anything related to it. I spent about 90% of my learning time on his videos, and I still do actually.

He does community spotlights on things that were made with CA, he does videos on updates to the software, and he makes tutorials.

By far the best resource out there.

Best Animation Adobe Character Animator 2019

Adobe Character Animator CC Forum

This is a great place to ask a specific question and it is fairly active. There’s one guy on there who is a monster and he answers 75% of the questions. Everyone’s nice and helpful.

Be specific with your question, if it’s too general no one will know what you are talking about.

And make an effort to search for your problem before you post. It may have already been answered.

Chris Ovemery

Best Animation Adobe Character Animator 2020

Best animation adobe character animator cc free download

He’s got a YouTube channel where he makes episodes about freelancing full time. He talks about Character Animator a bunch but not exclusively. He shows how he mixes Character Animator, After Effects, and Toon Boom together.

This is a video where he shows how he rigged up the Ninja Turtle Michelangelo.

This is a video where he shows how he mixes all the software together.

Character Animator isn’t the main focus but it’s great to see how he mixes Character Animator in with other programs.

As you know, or you will learn, Character Animator is great at specific things like facial performance capture but not so good at others, but it’s not meant to be, so you will be mixing it with other programs if you are making real cartoons.

Gerg Animation

This is sort of a lie but it will be true depending on when you are reading this. There are so few resources on Character Animator I’m confident this will be one of the better ones.

Gerg Animation Tutorials is my channel where I make Character Animator tutorials. So far, I’ve got a Randy Marsh from South Park puppet. I’ve a Pickle Rick puppet. I’ve got Beavis and Butthead puppets, and I show them off, show you how they work, show you how they were made, and provide them free so you can download and mess about with them.

Gerg Animation is my channel where I try to be cheeky and I make characters and sort of take the piss out of vloggers on YouTube. Character Animator is perfect for they YouTube style of vlogging. Once you create and rig the puppet the rest is just blabbering on and recording it. I’ve made 2-3 minute animated videos that took a month to produce with Adobe Animate or After Effects. The same could be made in a day or two using Character Animator once the puppet is all set up. Exchange outlook web access logon.

Other channels I’ve come across aren’t really consistent or don’t focus on teaching but have some good videos, are as follows…

Adobe Character Animator Puppets

Character Animator is pretty new and untouched in terms of tutorials and ‘content’ about it. If you take away Okay Samurai from the list above there would be almost nothing. It would feel like a dead software but I think it’s just a new concept and a lot of people don’t know what to do with it.

Adobe Character Animator Examples

Best animation adobe character animator cc free download

Adobe Character Animator Price

Enjoy. Hopefully this helps.