Burp Suite Client Failed To Negotiate Tls

Burp suite client failed to negotiate tls error
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  • Burp Suite Enterprise Edition The enterprise-enabled web vulnerability scanner. Client Failed to negotiate a TLS Connection to respective application.
  • TLS-Attacker-BurpExtension - The extension is based on the TLS-Attacker and developed by the Chair for Network and Data Security from the Ruhr-University Bochum to assist pentesters and security researchers in the evaluation of TLS Server configurations with Burp Suite.

Having Burp set up as a proxy, make sure that there is no certificate added to the trust store (Settings- General- Profiles) and that tools like SSL Kill Switch are deactivated. Launch your application and check if you can see the traffic in Burp. Any failures will be reported under 'Alerts' tab.

I’ve just started testing a new product. The traffic was redirected to the transparent Burp Proxy by altering the DNS response, but the traffic wasn’t showing up in the HTTP history.

It was then I saw the “Alerts” tab was orange, and this message was showing:

The client failed to negotiate an SSL connection to blah.com:443: no cipher suites in common

This is an embedded device – they often have a much more limited set of ciphers supported. Unfortunately Burp gave no hint of which suite was being request.

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Crack open Wireshark, and we see

Cipher Suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA

And indeed, this wasn’t listed on the SSL ciphers in Burp.

Turns out this cipher is controlled by export restrictions and not distributed with the normal JRE.

Tls Client Hello

To resolve this, firstly, make sure you have Oracle JRE installed. Follow the instructions I have posted before. 8 seems to be the best version – 9 still causes a lot of quirks. OpenJDK just doesn’t cut it with Burp unfortunately.

The google for “JCE 8” (or whichever version you have). You will get to a download for the Java Cryptography Extensions:

Download the zip, and unzip it to:

Tls Client Vs Server



Replace the 8 with your version. It will overwrite two files, back them up if you think you need to.

Tls Client Check

Restart Burp and you should now be able to intercept traffic.