Dark Star Thresh

Dark Star Thresh / / Lv. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc. 3840x2160 Dark Star Thresh Wallpaper Background Image. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss. Dark star thresh has unique lines, a sassy dance, and turns a nice shade of red when you land a hook. Also the more souls you collect the black hole lantern starts growth into a small universe. Only reason I'll probably buy high noon is due to the bull skull head but to me it honestly felt a little disappointing. Dark Star Thresh - Login Screen,Gaming,Riot Games,Riot,League of Legends,League,LoL,MOBA,ARTS,RTS. Play 'A dark star rises.' Play 'Brave souls, destroyed and consumed.' Attacking Dragon Dragon Play 'We've destroyed our fair share of dragons.' Play 'Those wings offer no escape.' Play 'Just another stupid beast.' Attacking Baron Nashor Play 'Soul or no, I will feed it to the nothingness.' Play 'I've destroyed realities. What threat is this beast?'

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Teaser Art for Dark Star Thresh

For years, players have been making #lcsbigplays and #bronzebigplays with Thresh, and the community’s love for the Overlord of Hook City has consistently placed him on the list of top-ten globally played champs. Thresh had everything a champ could want in his kit, but he lacked one thing: a Legendary skin. Riot games launcher valorant.

A Dark Star Rises

On a cold (for Southern California) February afternoon, product owner Paul “Pabro” Bellezza received a special request: “Could your team make a Legendary Thresh skin?”

Pabro introduced the new project in his next team meeting. “Thresh is a pure evil, psychological sadist who mercilessly collects souls,” Pabro said. “Whatever skin we make should multiply these characteristics by 100.” He invited the team to spend one week developing concepts, but before they dispersed, Pabro dropped the real challenge: The crew would have about half the time normally allotted for Legendaries to complete the skin.

The following week, about twenty people returned with a wide range of pitches. Beekeeper Thresh was briefly considered, but he somehow failed to evoke the fear and dread Pabro was looking for. Instead, a different idea hooked their attention: Dark Star Thresh, an ancient space lord who manipulates the laws of time and gravity while collecting his victims’ souls in a black hole. When they took a vote on their favorite pitches, Dark Star emerged with nearly unanimous support.

Beekeeper Thresh and Dark Star Thresh

Delightful Agony

After choosing a direction, the next step was to explore who Dark Star Thresh really was. “Basically, we gathered in a room and started asking questions like, ‘What motivates Dark Star Thresh? What’s his source of power? What is he made of?’” says creative lead Matthew “Popstar Urf” Manarino.

Countless discussions and whiteboards of ideas later, they unravelled the story of Dark Star Thresh. “Thresh’s black hole is a separate entity he’s feeding, and his goal is to end all of existence—not just to be a dick, but so he can die, too. For him, that moment when all of eternity is fed into the black hole is like rapture,” Pabro says. Locking down the story elements helped the team push through to the nitty-gritty of design and in-game integration.

First Round of Concept Art, by Hellstern

Concept artist Elena “Hellstern” Bespalova started drafting concepts for Dark Star Thresh around this time. In her second round of drawings, a swirling galaxy emerged around Thresh’s head, but it was unclear if the celestial cowl would look as stellar in-game. Hellstern says, “It presented a real challenge because Thresh is kind of old, and his model is a bit clunky.” Hellstern joined up with 3D and visual effects artists, and together, they combined rudimentary models of Dark Star Thresh with swirling space matter. After a few practice trials, they determined it was possible to bring the design to life.

Second Round of Concept Art

Four weeks into development, Dark Star Thresh’s visual direction was locked.

Flesh is a Prison

Hellstern and character artist Ryan “Ribtibs” Ribot combined forces to start turning Dark Star Thresh’s 2D concept art into 3D terror. Character models are made of a bunch of polygons, and Ribtibs says, “It’s our job as modelers to put these polygons in the right places. It sounds technical, but it feels more like manipulating clay.” The duo created over twenty versions of Thresh’s model before finally landing on one that hit the right mix of recognizable Thresh and celestial horror.

Early and Final Versions of Dark Star Thresh’s Model & Polygon Layover on Painted Final Model
Early in development Dark Star Tresh was painted with an array of reds. This color scheme was changed to distinguish him from his Blood Moon counterpart.

Thresh’s model was still a work in progress when technical artist Jue “Kaolala” Wang started prepping the sinister star for animation. Kaolala created digital bones and chained them together inside Dark Star Thresh’s body. Once Thresh’s bones were in place, Kaolala connected them to the model so they’d know which body part to influence. Now, when animators moved a bone in Thresh’s arm, the model’s arm moved with it.

Dark Star Tresh's Bone Structure

Redoing every animation is the most time-intensive part of making a Legendary skin, and with only two months left for development, time was hot commodity. This led to some thought-provoking questions: If auto-attacking doesn’t feel as important as hitting a Madlife hook, should they put equal time into both? What are the moments that feel the most impactful? After much deliberation, the decision was made to polish Thresh’s existing animations instead of recreating them from scratch, with special focus on moments that could feel out-of-this-world.

Dark Star Thresh’s Legendary status merited an updated recall and new “emotes,” the technical term for a champ’s BM reservoir of taunts, jokes, laughter, and dance skills. These features are unrelated to mechanical gameplay, so animator Drew “sandwichtown” Morgan used them to further Thresh’s destructive, omnipotent persona.

For example, when the Sinister Star returns to base, he throws his hook through a portal and pulls himself towards the unknown entity it connects with. But, instead of using an existing portal, he transforms his black hole into a private one, demonstrating his complete command of the universe.

The Brink of Infinity

Dark Star Thresh has a ton of visual effects (VFX); turn them all off and all that’s left is a body with a floating head. It can be pretty difficult to distinguish between the 3D model’s animation and VFX at first glance—one way to spot the difference is to compare Thresh’s lantern in the base model to his black hole in the Dark Star skin.

Base Thresh's animated lantern and Dark Star Tresh's VFX black hole

Thresh’s original soul vessel is a 3D model animated to sway predictably. Dark Star Thresh’s black hole is a visual effect made of tiny, hand-painted particles that can be individually manipulated. Using VFX grants the artistic freedom to create dynamic, swirling colors in Thresh’s black hole as well as in his galaxy cowl, left hand, tentacle head, and ability particles.

Nothing in League of Legends resembled a black hole, so VFX artist Adam “Riot AdamUnicorn” Kupratis looked towards other games for early inspiration. He began by mimicking black-hole type abilities to better understand how black holes function in video games, and this gave him a strong starting point for Thresh’s black hole. AdamUnicorn started painting and rigging during the early weeks of development, but Dark Star Thresh’s black hole wasn’t finalized until a week before the PBE release.

AdamUnicorn says creating Dark Star Thresh’s VFX was extra challenging because, “We were working with huge ideas—concepts bigger than the Milky Way. Making that look cool on a much smaller scale was beyond complicated.”

The Sweet Tones of Misery

Dark Star Thresh was looking like a cosmic horror, but he didn’t quite sound like one. Using the VFX for guidance, audio designer Boon “Boondingo” Sim searched Riot’s sound libraries and his collection of sound-generating software for material to create the sounds to pair with Thresh’s auto attacks and abilities. It was easy enough to find cool sci-fi sound effects (SFX), but the trick was to modify them so they were recognizable as belonging to the Chain Warden.

“Gameplay is our primary concern, so everything still has to fall into the same pattern. Players have to know what’s happening, based on the sound,” Boondingo says. At review meetings, the team also listened for anything that sounded too similar to other skins or champs. Their feedback ensured the space vanquisher didn’t accidentally steal Vel’Koz’s sound effects (along with his soul).

We were working with huge ideas - concepts bigger than the Milky Way. Making that look cool on a much smaller scale was beyond complicated.

To finalize Dark Star Thresh’s voiceover script, the skins team collaborated with a few writers (PBE release was, at this point, six weeks away). Boondingo then spent the day at a nearby studio, recording the voice-over with Thresh’s original voice actor and a voice director. After this session, Boondingo listened to the recording and evaluated the delivery of the lines, choosing the strongest versions.

For some reason, the voice actor sounded far too human. Drawing inspiration from sci-fi villains and horror films, Boondingo started layering distortion effects over the original recording, transforming it into the voice of an otherworldly horror:

Artist Victor “3rdColossus” Maury wanted to capture the hopelessness of planetary destruction in Dark Star Thresh’s splash art. The changes made in early renditions reflect the skin’s tumultuous development. Thinking back on the process, 3rdColossus says, “It was sometimes painful, but we took a big risk. We’re proud of that, at the end of the day.”
'Do not fear the end. Embrace it.' Dark Star Thresh, Dark Star Varus, new summoner icons, and the Dark Star Ward, and limited time bundles, are all now available for purchase!
Click the latern for more on these new skins, including video previews and wallpapers!

Table of Contents

Release Announcement & Promotional Page

Ushering in the new DARK STAR content is a new Dark Star micro site, which includes a video trailer, previews of the new skins, details on promotions, wallpapers, and more!


Below is a mixture of relevant information from The Dark Star Rises promotional page and our own preview of the new content. Enjoy!

New Champion Skins - Dark Star Thresh and Varus

Dark Star Thresh

1820 RP
For his /laugh emote, Dark Star Thresh pokes his lantern and displays a picture of various space based champions and skins - Astronaut Teemo and Nautilus, Bard, Aurelion Sol, Taric and Lucian.
For this /joke, Dark Star Thresh.. erm.. acquires a pet.
Above picture shows his lantern changing VFX after gathering 40 souls!
Dark Star Thresh changes colors to red when he lands a hook.
Here's Dark Star Thresh's voiceover, clocking it at just over 16 minutes of new lines and special interactions:
Here's his special interactions in action:

Here are the non English Dark Star Thresh voiceovers for those interested:

Dark Star Varus

1350 RP

Dark Star Ward

We also have a new Dark Star Ward skin to go with new Dark Star champion skins!

Dark Star Ward

Dark Star Summoner Icons

Three new Dark Star themed summoner icons are also now available!
Dark Star Varus icon, Dark Star Thresh Icon, Oblivion Icon
All three icons are available for 250 RP each and the Oblivion icon is available for 1500 IP through June 20th.


In addition to the content, four limited time bundles are also now available through June 20th.

Dark Star Bundle
25% off at 5063 RP
  • Dark Star Thresh
  • Dark Star Varus
  • Thresh
  • Varus
  • Dark Star Ward
  • Oblivion Icon
False Reapers Bundle
50% off at 5079 RP
  • Reaper Soraka
  • Grim Reaper Karthus
  • Shadowfire Kindred
  • Soul Reaver Draven
  • Soulstealer Vladimir
  • Soraka
  • Karthus
  • Kindred
  • Draven
  • Vladimir
Last Bastion Bundle
50% off at 4524 RP
  • Arclight Vayne
  • Radiant Wukong
  • PROJECT: Lucian
  • Order of the Lotus Irelia
  • Warden Sivir
  • Vayne
  • Wukong
  • Lucian
  • Irelia
  • Sivir
Lost Souls Bundle
50% off at 4372 RP
  • Nightmare Tryndamere
  • Underworld Twisted Fate
  • Forsaken Jayce
  • Darkflame Shyvana
  • Harbinger Kassadin
  • Tryndamere
  • Twisted Fate
  • Jayce
  • Shyvana
  • Kassadin


The Dark Star microsite also includes several high resolution wallpapers of the new skin splash art!

Dark Star Thresh

[1280 x 1024]
[1920 x 1200]

Dark Star Varus

[1280 x 1024]
[1920 x 1200]

Dark Star Thresh Login

Dark Star Thresh Release Date

With his release, we also have a Dark Star Thresh login them hitting live!
[Click here for music.]

Dark Star Thresh Icon

Dark Star Thresh Chroma How To Get

In case you missed it, here's another look at the 'Nothing Escapes' Dark Star Thresh teaser that went out before the skins debuted on the PBE for testing!

Dark Star Thresh 4k

[Click here for a 1920 x 1080 wallpaper of the teaser image]

Dark Star Thresh Chroma

Dark Star Thresh Price