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After Kindle desktop v1.25 and firmware 5.10.2 released, amazon kindle changed their DRM scheme technology, that the reason why Both calibre and Epubor Ultimate needs you to downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac to 1.24(1.23) and STOP auto-update. However, Mac OS 10.15 Catalina only supports 64 bits application, and Kindle for Mac 1.23 is 32 bits.

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  1. Epubor Ultimate is a great free software where you can easily convert eBook files to different format. The Pro version can also convert DRM-Protected books.
  2. How to Convert Kindle to PDF with Epubor Ultimate. Epubor Ultimate provides you an easy and fast way to convert all your Kindle books to PDF. It can detect all the ebooks on your Kindle, even on Kobo or other eReaders. You can do the conversations in a batch to save your time. It is the best way to convert all ebooks or remove DRM on.
  3. Run Epubor Ultimate. At the very first screen of the app, you may see all your downloaded Kindle eBooks within the left panel including TOPAZ, TPZ, AZW1 file formats.
  4. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Epubor Ultimate Free Download with Review at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
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The product itself does the job, after a fashion. But the selling practices and pricing are very deceptive. There is no free trial version for a start, you then get sent to a sales page, which displays an 'official' price ($25) but it isn't clear that you can only use the software for one year and then you have to pay again (for a measly 10% 'discount') or buy a 'lifetime' license ($50). The payment receipt I received from Avangate (2checkout) did not specify that I had purchased a one-year license and my 2checkout account shows that the license is non-recurring and still active after more than one year. But Epubor support refused to rectify the matter, claiming that I had purchased a one-year license and that I must now buy a lifetime license for $45. (They didn't even mention that the discounted price for this license is permanently $35.)Also be aware that it is a Chinese company based in Wuhan. It does not comply with EU, USA, Australian, Canadian consumer or privacy laws. And because they are a Chinese company, there is no way to prevent them from selling your email and private information to spammers or list builders.So you are taking a huge privacy and safety risk by installing this software on your computer.(This obviously applies to most software companies registered in places like China or Russia, say.)