1. Download League Of Legends Euw
  2. League Of Legends Euw

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1. adj. used to mean 'of my region', if you're living in West Europe
2. Name of Online Servers located in Europe West

Download League Of Legends Euw

1. I'm the Best Player EUW
2. I have pingissues in EUW
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when you've done something so cringe you can't stop replaying it in your head and it stops you from getting on with your every day life
Dan: bro why have you been staring into space for the last hour doing nothing?
Me: bro i have a chronic cringe from what happened earlier I can't concentrate
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League Of Legends Euw

Wow, these servers are so EUW!
That guy is EUW!
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euw is another word for eww.
this is a term of disgust. :P
omfg, did that guy just crap in the trashcan?!
euw. :
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