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  • DATE Country ISP Name Latency Jitter Download Speed Upload Speed; 2021-04-01: India: Airtel: 3: 2: 46167.00: 43241.00: 2021-04-01: Australia: TPG: 8: 89: 17227.00.
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Viasat (Formerly Exede) Speed Test FAQ

Viasat (Exede) launched a new satellite in 2017, and Viasat speed test results have improved since the upgrade. The averages shown here represent thousands of Viasat speed tests run through BroadbandNow. Viasat’s improved speeds have made them a much more attractive Internet option for rural homes — however, they still have data limits in place, even on “unlimited” plans.

Viasat Download vs Upload Speeds

Viasat’s download speeds are generally higher than their upload speeds. This is normal among ISPs, who want to allow customers to use most of their bandwidth for Netflix, YouTube, and other video services. High upload speeds aren’t usually required for these purposes.

Start Speed Test Use our speed test to assess the performance of your broadband service whether you use Viasat or another provider. These modules are designed to return results on download and upload speed. Download and upload speeds are the primary signs of broadband internet quality. The Speakeasy Internet Speed Test is an HTML5, non-Flash bandwidth test, which checks your connection’s download and upload speeds using your browser. Our bandwidth test uses HTML5 technology and does not require any downloads to run. Bandwidth speed tests are typically used to. Let’s run a quick check-up Your speed test results may not match your plan speeds—but don't worry, that's normal. Browsers have different capabilities and may give you different results, particularly on high-speed connections. If you want something to compare against, try downloading the Speedtest app for some extra accuracy.

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Viasat Internet Latency and Ping Issues

Viasat’s high latency is due to the fact that they deliver Internet via satellite, rather than terrestrial cables. Satellites are by definition far away from the earth, so data sent and receive through Viasat (Exede) has to travel 22,300 miles to where their satellite is positioned above the equator. That’s a total of 89,200 miles a data packet has to travel in order to bring you information from a website.


Latency can be surprisingly low considering the circumstances, and results below 100ms aren’t rare. However, latency commonly gets as high as 800ms with satellite Internet providers as a category.

Viasat Internet Speed vs HughesNet

Viasat’s Internet speeds are similar to HughesNet, their main competitor in the US broadband market. Viasat (Exede) currently has an advantage when it comes to data caps. HughesNet tends to limit plans in the 10–100GB range, while Viasat offers “unlimited” plans. However, these unlimited plans have a caveat — once you burn through an upward ceiling of data, your speed will be throttled to dial-up territory. Viasat’s speeds and general performance have increased dramatically since 2016, but they still can’t compare to wired speeds from cable and fiber providers.


Our free to use speed test gives an accurate calculation of the speed of your internet connection at the time the test was taken. The test uses the most modern methodology rigorously tested over a number of years of development and has been shown to be accurate from low speed (sub 1 Mbps) through to high speed (over 7 Gigabites Per Second) connections.

Any speed test is a 'snapshot' of the speed of the internet connection at the particular time the broadband speed test is run. There are a number of interconnecting elements that will affect the result of the speed test, including the processor load on the computer, the load on your home network, the load on the local exchange, the load on your ISP and the load on the speed test Servers.

Fast Wifi Speed Check

To get the most accurate result it is recommended that the test is taken on a device connected by wired ethernet cable to the router. However, this is not always realistic as most people and devices connect to the router (hub) via WiFi. So if the test is being run over WiFi it is recommended that the device is in the same room as the router and the device WiFi strength indicator shows the maximum connection to the router.

It is also recommended that in order for the test result not be affected by other the devices the network that it ensured that no other devices are performing high bandwidth actions such as playing games, watching BBC iPlayer or downloading data files (such as photos, movies, applications, etc). Also look out for software updates (such as Windows Update) running as these can consume a large amount of bandwidth.


Differing times of the day can produce different speed test results as there may be more users of the internet via the local exchange depending on the time of day. eg late afternoon as children come home from school and start using their home internet connection.

Check Computer Speed Free

Additionally, some older computers and mobile devices may not be able to achieve the maximum possible speed of the internet connection. This can be down to older CPU's or limited network interfaces - some older generation network interfaces will be limited to 100 Mbps.