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There are three kinds of Power BI per-user licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User. Which type of license a user needs is determined by where content is stored, how they'll interact with that content, and if that content uses Premium features. Where content can be stored is determined by your organization's license type.

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Licenses and license types

One type of license, Power BI Premium capacity-based license, allows users with a free license to act on content in workspaces that are assigned to Premium capacity. Outside of Premium capacity, a user with a free license can only use the Power BI service to connect to data and create reports and dashboards in My Workspace. They can't share content with others or publish content to other workspaces. To learn more about workspace types, see Types of workspaces. To discover more about Power BI Premium, see What is Power BI Premium?

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A Power BI license with free and Pro per-user license only uses a shared and limited capacity to process content. If content is stored in that shared capacity, users who are assigned a Power BI Pro license can collaborate only with other Power BI Pro users. They can consume content shared by other users, publish content to app workspaces, share dashboards, and subscribe to dashboards and reports. When workspaces are in Premium capacity, Pro users may distribute content to users who don't have a Power BI Pro license.

When using Premium Per User licenses, content created by a Premium Per User licensed user can only be shared with other users that have a Premium license, unless that content is specifically put on a workspace hosted on a Premium capacity. The table below summarizes the basic capabilities of each license type.

License typeCapabilities when workspace is in shared capacityAdditional capabilities when workspace is in Premium capacity
Power BI (free)Access to content in My WorkspaceConsume content shared with them
Power BI ProPublish content to other workspaces, share dashboards, subscribe to dashboards and reports, share with users who have a Pro licenseDistribute content to users who have free licenses
Power BI Premium Per UserPublish content to other workspaces, share dashboards, subscribe to dashboards and reports, share with users who have a Premium Per User licenseDistribute content to users who have free and Pro licenses
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For a comparison of Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium, see the Power BI features comparison section of Power BI pricing.



Power BI has introduced Power BI Premium Gen2 as a preview offering, which improves the Power BI Premium experience with improvements in the following:

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  • Performance
  • Per-user licensing. See the Premium Per User FAQ for more information.
  • Greater scale
  • Improved metrics
  • Autoscaling
  • Reduced management overhead

For more information about Power BI Premium Gen2, see Power BI Premium Generation 2 (preview).

To learn more about the capabilities your license provides, see Feature availability for users with free licenses and Types of licenses for Power BI consumers.

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Synchronization with Android / iOS
Versatile import/export capabilities
Synchronization pack (Google, iCloud, Outlook, CalDav, CardDav, etc.)
Database stored in the cloud (DropBox)
Multi-user access to database (Business edition)
Secure advanced encryption
Global cross-linking
Storing and/or linking attachments
Advanced backup
Global search
Sticky Notes on Desktop
Sending any item to email
Design and print envelopes and labels
Make any item read-only to prevent accidental changes
Make any item private to exclude from synchronizations and printing
Related items tab that shows hyperlinked data
Fully editable custom date format used throughout the program


Color-coded, easy to read day / week / month / year views
Easy printout of days, weeks, or months; save as web page
Filter and edit categories
Additional, customizable views
Extended printing options (including color)
Templates for appointments
Multiple reminders


Categories, priority, completion status, due dates, and reminder fields
Tools that sort and categorize
Hierarchical structure and multiple tabs for tasks
Show tasks in calendar
Ability to create custom fields
Filter out tasks by defined values
Templates for tasks
Filter and edit categories
Multiple reminders


Tree-like multilevel structure, unlimited number of folders and notes
Insert pictures, tables, or any formatted text
Multiple tabs for note trees and single notes
Place your notes as stickies on desktop
Text styles for faster formatting
Create appointments or to dos straight from notes
Rich text formatting of note titles

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Wide selection of fields - adding a new data field to a contact is a snap
Powerful, fast search and sort features
Adjustable views
Unlimited number of contact groups. Each contact may belong to several groups
Print, sort and export by groups
Make and send out an email newsletter
Dial-up your contacts straight from the program
Filter out contacts by defined values


Unlimited number of email accounts
PGP encryption to protect privacy of your emails
Mail threading that automatically groups related emails into conversations
Email templates


Free Wifi Proxy

Strong encryption
Password generator
Tree-like group structure
Custom fields
Auto-type your passwords on the web