G Suite Sync For Microsoft Outlook

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook Application It is a utility that synchronizes G Suite account with Outlook so that users can access the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. Of course, only users having the license to use G Suite can make use of this synchronization utility. Some of its important features are. G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook) is a Microsoft Outlook add-in developed to synchronize information between your Google Apps and Outlook accounts. How does G Suite Sync Work? In order to sync data, the program uses the MAPI protocol between Google and Outlook data file. It’s usually downloaded and installed on a computer where it introduces the G Suite migration for Microsoft Outlook which imports any existing data to Google.


Copied from: https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/153871?hl=en

G Suite Sync For Microsoft® Outlook® (gssmo)

Installing G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO) also installs G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO), which lets you migrate your Outlook data to your new Google Account. We recommend using this migration tool if you want to stop using Outlook.

G Suite Sync For Microsoft Outlook Gssmo

GSSMO does not work with personal Gmail accounts.

*** Before you begin

  • If you haven't already, sign in to your Google Account to accept Google's Terms and Conditions.
  • Make sure that you install GSSMO on the computer where you use Outlook.
  • Before you install GSSMO, make sure that the program is not running.
  1. Review these system requirements for your computer.

    Before continuing with the installation, install any updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.

  2. Go to the GSSMO download page.
  3. Click Download GSSMO.
  4. Open the installer and follow the instructions to install GSSMO.

*** After you install G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO), you're prompted to sign in with the Google Account you use for work, like [email protected]

How To Sync Outlook With G Suite

To sign in:


  1. Enter the email address for your Google Account and click Continue.
  2. Enter your password and click Next.
  3. Click Allow to provide GSSMO access to your Google Account.

*** Import data

G Suite Sync For Microsoft Outlook 2013

  1. Switch to GSSMO by clicking the GSSMO icon in your Windows taskbar.
  2. In the Set Up G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook box, check the Import data from an existing profile box. Then, select an option:
    • An existing Outlook profile (default).
    • If your Exchange profile is listed, select the profile name to import directly from Exchange.
    • If you've exported your data from Outlook to a PST file, select From a PST file. Browse to the file on your computer.
  3. Note: If the options are grayed out, you need to install a separate tool to import data. For details, see Enable import options.

  4. Check the boxes to specify what type of data to import. For details, see What's synchronized between Outlook and G Suite.
  5. (Optional) Check the Send crash reports and usage statistics to Google box. For details about what information is sent, see Send usage and crash reports.
  6. Click Show advanced settings.
  7. Check the Turn AutoArchive off box to keep a copy of all your archived messages.

    Now, your archived messages will go to a new Archived folder that is synced with your Google Account.

  8. Click Create profile.