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[size=medium]This pack almost completely replaces the low quality and honestly boring reload/weapon manipulation sounds within Payday 2 as well as replacing most of the weapon shot sounds. This has taken me about 2 weeks, the first week caused me to loose a lot of hours because once you get into the groove of finding where sounds are located you just don't want to stop. I'm bringing this pack to the public because as of now there are now sfx sound replacement packs out there and I felt like trying my hand and seeing what everyone thought. I'm an audio guy so when things do not sound right they nag me constantly and when you put as many hours into Payday 2 as I have they start to really irritate you, so once the user tools were made I set out to replace as much of the boring Payday 2 sounds that I could. Now that my pack being out for a full year and how it has matured as a creation I am now calling this a complete sound pack, things will still be changed but as far as over all content by far this pack as the most.[/size] [size=medium]Most of these sounds come from an almost dead Source Mod called Firearms Source, I used to play it way back in HL1 when it was just Firearms and they've always had top notch weapon animations, recently their sound guy has been putting out some very nice stuff so I felt that if I ever got the chance I would import them into Payday 2. I take zero credit for making the sounds however I do credit myself with creating and doing the necessary work in order to convert them over to Payday 2. I do not have the largest gun shot sound library so I was not able to put everything into this pack that I wanted to (namely some BF3 gun shots). Other sounds came from Insurgency and Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Killing Floor 1 & 2, Battlefield 3 & 4, Shadow Warrior (the remake), Medal of Honor Warfighters, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Doom and real sounds from my Steam friend Hashimoto Soda.[/size] [size=medium]This has been a one man operation and I was only getting feedback from a select 2 or 3 Steam friends to help me work out possible sound errors and what not so if there are some inconsistencies please understand that 1. That I am entirely new at this and only just started 2 weeks ago and 2. I am only human and I can only fix and catch so much by myself. If you would like to offer help of any kind feel free, if you happen to have some sounds that you'd like put into the game again, feel free. While I'm not sure how much I can improve upon this pack I know I can always improve upon it and if I find something that I personally feel will add more quality to this pack then I will go right into it and change it.[/size] [size=medium]Sorry if I'm blathering on but I am trying to cover all of my bases and make sure that everyone knows what went into this pack, this is a lot of time and effort as well as love, I created this for myself but my friends felt that I needed to release it to the public. I do hope you enjoy it and if there are any problems please feel free to contact me.[/size] [size=large][b]Everything within the Readme.txt will explain to you how to install this mod properly, see the readme file.[/b][/size] [size=large][b]If you have any question or comments [u]do not[/u] put them here, this is not the place for dissucssion, simply follow this link: [/b][/size][b][url=https://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/15/617330227200108135/]https://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/15/617330227200108135/[/url][/b] [size=medium][u]Some users are saying that they can not download, I have no control over this matter thus I suggest that you PM/Email the site admins to find out if something is wrong, this issue has only recently manifested this badly with some people so it makes me think that it's a site issue.[/u] [/size] [b][size=medium]To those users who say that I need to make a SECOND pack in order to undo my changes to the player impact sounds please see page 17 (or page 33 depending on your forum settings) in the Steam Thread to get an understanding as to why that won't happen.[/size][/b] [b]If you are unsure which files were added or changed look at the 'date modified' numbers within the zip folder which should tell you what I've changed.[/b] You can also check out user Grifter's Twitch account as he has been receiving regular updates and uses my pack and he also streams so if you want probably the closest thing to what the pack sounds like go view his past and present recordings: [url=https://www.twitch.tv/grifter04]https://www.twitch.tv/grifter04[/url] [b]If you're having problems installing the mod another user created this video to perhaps further explain what you'll need to do (this is not my video so do not spam the creator of the video with requests, come to this forum or add me on Steam). [/b] [url=https://youtu.be/No5dznAYyKM]https://youtu.be/No5dznAYyKM[/url] License: Don't charge people for this, do not steal or use anything from this pack without getting the go-ahead from me first.
  • One of the greatest spectacles of migration is a swirling flock of Broad-winged Hawks on their way to South America. Also known as “kettles,” flocks can contain thousands of circling birds that evoke a vast cauldron being stirred with an invisible spoon. A small, stocky raptor with black-and-white bands on the tail, the Broad-winged Hawk is a bird of the forest interior and can be hard to.
  • Sound of a hawk screeching with no effects processing added. Next screeching sound is of a hawk or eagle but it is made to sound like it is in a valley or high attop a cliff.

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Like many raptors of grasslands, White-tailed Hawks converge at brush fires, to hunt terrestrial animals fleeing the flames. White-tailed Hawk Sounds, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology A flash of white in the sky over the prairies of the Texas coast provides the first hint that a White-tailed Hawk. Simon says similar games online. A classic species of the open country of the Great Plains and the West, Swainson’s Hawks soar on narrow wings or perch on fence posts and irrigation spouts. These elegant gray, white, and brown hawks hunt rodents in flight, wings held in a shallow V, or even run after insects on the ground. In fall, they take off for Argentine wintering grounds—one of the longest migrations of any American.