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  • Pro Tools HD OMNI is an all-in-one preamp, I/O, and monitoring interface designed for Pro Tools HD systems that enables you to capture every detail and nuance of a performance. Capture high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps. Connect gear to a wide array of analog and digital I/O. And monitor sessions in up to 7.1 surround—all.
  • Pro Tools HD OMNI is an all-in-one preamp, I/O, and monitoring interface designed for Pro Tools HD systems that enables you to capture every detail and nuance of a performance. Capture high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps.

Get preamps, I/O, and monitoring all in one interface for Pro Tools HD family systems

HD OMNI is an all-in-one professional preamp, I/O, and monitoring interface for Pro Tools HD family systems. Capture pristine, high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps, connect your gear to a wide array of analog and digital I/O, and monitor your sessions in up to 7.1 surround-with ultra-low latency-all in one compact, cost-effective interface.
Track, mix, and monitor in one
No need to route signals through multiple interfaces-with HD OMNI, you can do everything in one single-space rack, so you save money and space. As the hub of any music studio, you can use HD OMNI to record high-quality instrument and vocal performances, while providing dedicated cue mixes for artists, and monitor the performance through a discrete mix. For post production, not only do you have overdub and Foley recording capabilities at your disposal, you can use HD OMNI to monitor mixes with up to 7.1 channels-and fold down mixes from 7.1 to almost any channel configuration subset.
Hear what you've been missing
Raising the bar on audio performance, HD OMNI features premium A/D and D/A converters, so you can achieve higher audio fidelity, extensive dynamic range, super-low jitter. and the absolute lowest possible latency in your sessions. You also get built-in sample rate conversion and a soft clip feature for worry-free performance. And using Curv, a new built-in soft-knee limiter that catches even the fastest transients, you can track hotter signals and be assured that any unexpected peaks in your input won't put you in the red.
Full monitoring flexibility
Whether you want to listen in stereo or surround, monitor sound personally or set up a personal mix for someone else, or hear your work in headphones or on the big speakers, you can do it all with HD OMNI. Mix and monitor up to 7.1 surround (with fold down to stereo). Hear how your mix sounds on different speakers using the Main and ALT speaker selections. Set up an integrated cue mix for artists to monitor. Or isolate yourself with your own headphone mix. And if you don't feel like launching Pro Tools-or even turning on your computer-HD OMNI features a built-in, customizable, 14-input persistent monitor mixer, so you can continue to monitor external sources, such as keyboards, drum machines, and digital music players, independently from your recording setup.
Work with Pro Tools and more
HD OMNI and all other Pro Tools HD Series interfaces completely integrate with Pro Tools HD systems, so you get maximum performance, dependability, and control of your inputs, outputs, routing, and monitoring right from your Pro Tools HD Software interface. You'll also get higher production quality and greater workflow flexibility than with previous Pro Tools interfaces. And if you want to use your interface and Pro Tools HD hardware with other DAW software, you can do that too, as all Pro Tools HD systems support Core Audio and ASIO drivers.

OMNIKEY devices support all relevant operating systems from all Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS. Certifications to all relevant industry standards including PC/SC, WHQL, USB CCID, EMV 2000, and Common Criteria ensure world-wide compliance and easy integration in any system. Cartoon fire after effects. HID® OMNIKEY® 3021 USB.

OMNI-CMS Central Management Software:(PC Only)
This CMS platform is designed to work with products that fall under the umbrella of the OMNI Series. It is multiplatform software that will connect IP Cameras, NVRs and Analog DVRs. It offers the ability to access multiple locations and types of products from one convenient source.
Download: User Manual (3mb)
Download: OMNI CMS Software (128mb)

OMNI IP Utility: (PC Only)
Automatically detect any OMNI devices on your network. After detection, you will be able to easily configure your
IP/Subnet/Gateway/HTTP Port from the IP Utility menu.
Download: User Manual(1mb)
Download: OMNI IP Utility Software (14mb)

Avid Hd Omni

Hd omni manualHd Omni

Backup Viewer: (PC Only)
Use this viewer when you locally backup & export video footage from the OMNI DVR/NVR.
Download: Backup Viewer Software (5mb)

OMNI Browser Plugin:(PC or MAC: Same download)
This plugin will install and then allow you to access your OMNI DVR/NVR via your browser of choice (Safari/Firefox have been tested. Safari works the best currently). After installing, simply enter the IP address into your browser and login!
Download: OMNI Browser Plugin (New Plugin Effective: 10/28/15, 3mb)
Download: Instructions for Unistalling Plugin on MAC
Download:Instructions for Installing Plugin on MAC

OMNI Tools Suite
OMNI Tools is a suite of programs and utilities that are useful for the planning and configuration of various OMNI Series IP cameras and recorders/NVRs. These programs Include:

Program Name:Description
OMNI Utility

Search/discover/display/configure IP settings for devices connected on the LAN

OMNI IP Planner

Size IP systems: NVRs needed for total camera bandwidth; or average camera bandwidth based on total NVR capacity

OMNI Drivespace

Estimate record capacity (time) vs. disk space based on total streaming bandwidth

OMNI Bandwidth

Estimate total network capacity needed to view/record/play from all streaming devices on a segment

OMNI Focus

Focusing aid for network and networked DVR/NVR attached cameras

OMNI Upgrade

Load firmware to one or to several selected LAN attached devices

OMNI Backup

Automatic/manual network copy of files from recorder HDDs and IPC SD cards to other locations

Pro Tools Hd Omni

Download: OMNI Tools Installation Guide(Less than 1mb)
Download: OMNI Tools User Guides (Zipped File Multiple Guides, 6mb)
Download: OMNI Tools Suite (50mb)