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I am excited to announce that iJoomla and JomSocial will soon become a part of the JoomlArt company. This merger will, effectively, make JoomlArt the largest Joomla company in the world.

The web has changed very fast in the last decade and, as Joomla loses market shares to WordPress and SaaS services, the only way forward is through powerful acquisitions like these. Combining the expertise of these three companies will make JoomlArt more competitive than ever.

With over 500K registered users JomSocial and iJoomla are home to a big Joomla user community and it would be a pleasure to take care of their concerns and help them get their projects completed on time.

I have known Merav from the time she started iJoomla.com and we have been friends. All current team members of iJoomla and JomSocial are part of the merger and we even hosted JomSocial core team at our office for 8 days to understand and finalize future roadmap.

Benefits of this merger :

  1. JoomlArt, JomSocial and iJoomla users to get access to more products at highly discounted rates. This should help users to finish their projects with lower cost.
  2. iJoomla and JomSocial products development will get new momentum.
  3. A clear message to all our Joomla users that we are still strong and you guys are in safe hand. We are here to stay.

Benefits to iJoomla users :

  1. All active users to get JA Builder Pro for free.
  2. Number of domains supported (technical support) will be increased to 5 instead of 1.
  3. Supercharged development to add user requested features to all products.
  4. JoomlArt templates to support iJoomla products.
  5. And much moreā€¦ we will announce details after taking feedback from iJoomla users.

Benefits to JomSocial users :

  1. All active users to get JA Builder Pro for free.
  2. JA Builder will support JomSocial with better styles.
  3. Number of support domains to be increased to 5 (currently 1)
  4. Support forums to be restarted soon. Forums are the best place for support and learning.
  5. Next JoomlArt template will be featuring JomSocial too and would be free for all active JomSocial users.
  6. Expect more template updates and new themes for JomSocial extension.

Benefits to JoomlArt users :

  1. As a token of thanks all our active paid users will get one time free download access to ISEO Extension worth $147.
    • The download will be available from 3rd May 2017 on JoomlArt.
    • The download will be available only till 18th of May.
    • No technical support will be provided as the number of requests will overload the support team.
    • Only users with active JATC, JA Developer or JA Page Builder Premium subscription will have access to download.
  2. All JA templates to work seamlessly with iJoomla and JomSocial products. (will take some time but it would be done and will be core of QA team workflow).
  3. Page builder to support these new extensions layouts by default.
  4. New ready to use pages for these new extensions will be available in the page library soon.
  5. A discount tab will be added to the user dashboard to claim discounts to buy on our network sites. If you are member at any of them, you should not be paying more to us.
  6. Expect more encouraging steps from us in the time to come.

Benefits for new users, expired membership users and those planning to renew :


For the next 10 days, you can signup and get everything JoomlArt, JomSocial and iJoomla has to offer at a heavily discounted rate.

League Bundle

There is much more happening behind the scenes at JoomlArt and we would like to keep you guys updated. Sign up our newsletter to get details on our next move and updates.

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