Impact Lol

Current team
TeamEvil Geniuses
GamesLeague of Legends
RoleTop Laner
Personal information
(Jeong Eon-yeong)
BornMarch 7, 1995 (age 26)
NationalitySouth Korea
Team history
2012Xenics Storm
2012–2013Xenics Storm
2013–2014SK Telecom T1
2015Team Impulse
2015–2016NRG Esports
2017–2020Team Liquid
2020–presentEvil Geniuses
Career highlights and awards
  • World champion (2013)
  • 4× LCS champion
  • 2x LCK champion
  • Rift Rivals champion (2017)
  • All-Star Invitational champion (2014)
League of Legends
World Championship
Winner2013 United States
Mid-Season Invitational
Runner-up2019 Vietnam

Impact Lol Player

Impact Lol

Jeong Eon-yeong (Korean: 정언영; born March 7, 1995), better known by his in-game name Impact, is a South Korean League of Legends player who is the top laner for Evil Geniuses of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Impact won the Season 3 League of Legends World Championship as a member of SK Telecom T1 K,[1] but left the team after the 2014 season to join Team Impulse. He later joined NRG Esports, before transferring to Cloud9 in May 2016. Impact left Cloud9 after the 2017 season and joined Team Liquid, where he won four LCS titles before departing the team for Evil Geniuses after the end of the 2020 season.

Tournament results[edit]

'Going in combat by affecting an enemy champion' refers to any form of effect that makes you go in combat. This includes effects that don't deal damage (e.g. Trundle's Pillar of Ice, placing Zilean's Time Bomb, Bard's Tempered Fate). The following effects can be used by any champion to trigger Sudden Impact: Blast Cone Flash Teleport Dash (summoner spell) Duskblade of Draktharr ( Draktharr's. LoL Impact is your source for league of legends guides, tips, tricks and exclusive content. Jung 'Impact' Eon-yeong is a Korean player who is curently the Top laner for Evil Geniuses.

Career Tournament Results
May 19, 2012Champions 2012 Spring 3rdXenics Storm2-1Team OP
September 8, 2012Champions 2012 Summer5th-8thXenics Storm0-2Azubu Blaze
September 19, 2012Korea Regional Finals Season 2 3rdXenics Storm0-3NaJin Black Sword
January 15, 2013NLB Winter 2012-20135th-8thXenics Storm1-2CJ Entus
February 23, 2013OGN Club Masters 2ndXenics-OP United2-3MVP
June 5, 2013Champions 2013 Spring 3rdSKT T1 23-0CJ Frost
June 29, 2013AMD-INVEN GamExperience3rd-4thSKT T1 20-2MVP O
August 31, 2013Champions 2013 Summer 1stSKT T1 23-2KT Bullets
September 9, 2013Korea Regional Finals Season 3 1stSK Telecom3-1KT Bullets
October 4, 2013League of Legends: Season 3 World Championship 1stSK Telecom3-0Star Horn Royal Club
January 25, 2014Champions 2013-2014 Winter 1stSKT T1 K3-0Samsung Ozone
April 16, 2014Champions 2014 Spring5th-8thSKT T1 K1-3Samsung Ozone
May 11, 2014All-Star Paris 2014 1stSKT T1 K3-0OMG
May 14, 2014NLB Spring 2014 3rdSKT T1 K3-0KT Bullets
July 23, 2014Champions 2014 Summer5th-8thSKT T1 K1-3Samsung White
August 30, 2014Korea Regional Finals 2014 2ndSKT T1 K1-3NaJin White Shield
January 24 – March 29, 20152015 NA LCS Spring Regular Season4thTeam Impulse11-7N/A
April 18, 20152015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs4thTeam Impulse2-3Team Liquid
May 30 – July 26, 20152015 NA LCS Summer Regular Season 3rdTeam Impulse12-6N/A
August 22, 20152015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs4thTeam Impulse1-3Team Liquid
August 30, 2015NA Regional Finals 2015 3rdTeam Impulse2-3Cloud9
January 16 – March 20, 20162016 NA LCS Spring Regular Season5thNRG eSports9-9N/A
April 3, 20162016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs5th-6thNRG eSports0-3Team Liquid
June 3 – July 31, 20162016 NA LCS Summer Regular Season 3rdCloud912-6N/A
August 28, 20162016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2ndCloud91-3Team SoloMid
September 5, 2016NA Regional Finals 2016 1stCloud93-1Immortals
October 13, 20162016 League of Legends World Championship5th-8thCloud90-3Samsung Galaxy
January 20 – March 26, 20172017 NA LCS Spring Regular Season 2ndCloud914-4N/A
April 23, 20172017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2ndCloud92-3Team SoloMid
June 2 – Aug 6, 20172017 NA LCS Summer Regular Season4thCloud912-6N/A
August 19, 20172017 NA LCS Summer Playoffs5th-6thCloud91-3Team Dignitas
September 10, 2017NA Regional Finals 2017 1stCloud93-1Counter Logic Gaming
October 22, 20172017 League of Legends World Championship5th-8thCloud92-3Team WE
January 20 – March 18, 20182018 NA LCS Spring Regular Season4thTeam Liquid12-8N/A
April 8, 20182018 NA LCS Spring Playoffs1stTeam Liquid3-0100 Thieves


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Impact Lol

League of Legends developers Meddler and Scruffy talked about the popularity of top lane, its impact, and their plans and goals for the future.

Caitlyn build adc. A significant portion of the player base is displeased by the present status of top lane, which is usually considered a position with a very limited impact on the game victory, especially if compared to mid lane and junglers.

The Riot developers studied accurately this issue and tried to solve it with the adjustments brought in Season 10 Preseason. Unfortunately, they have not been able to hit their goals, but they shared data on the current situation, and explained the potential changes they are exploring to give more power to top laners.

Most popular roles by MMR and region

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Game Director for League of Legends, published the following graphs showing the popularity of each role by MMR in Ranked Solo/Duo queue in these regional servers: North America, Europe West, Korea, and Vietnam.

As can you see from the data, top lane is picked the most at lower MMR values, while its popularity decreases at higher ranks.

Top lane impact

Considering both the position selection rates and the degree to which a lead in top lane affects a team’s likelihood of winning, the developers believe that this role doesn’t have a sufficient impact on the outcome of the game at high MMR and in pro play.

One of our goals with preseason as a result was to give top lane increased impact, with increases to solo lane XP, Rift Herald respawning and lower jungle/duo lane XP as levers for that. Those changes have now been out for a while and they haven’t had as much effect as we’d hoped.

Impact Lcs

We’re taking another look at top lane influence as a result right now, with a focus on influence in high skill games specifically. Details we’re considering to follow once we’ve got some potential changes to share.

Andrei also affirmed that mid is the most popular and influential role, which is appropriate considering the combination of solo lane XP, central location to roam from, and because (as opposed to junglers) midders are visible on the map while farming. Nevertheless, they are still discussing if mid laners are appropriately strong, or a bit too strong.

Long-term goals for top lane

On February 21st, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, confirmed that their long-term goal is giving top laners a greater game impact (the ability to carry a match).

They are testing several possible approaches to achieve this result:


Carrying through items. We have a few potential changes to core top lane items like Black Cleaver, Sunfire, and the Hydra items to give fighters and tanks some more carry power later.

Early strategic impact. The dragon creates a highly valued objective that all positions other than top have a strong ability to contest. We’re hoping to get top more integrated into the early objective game through a more powerful teleport summoner or making Rift Herald more comparable in value to dragon.

Turning leads into victories. Finding some ways to slightly amp up the payout in the early game for winning top lane can make it more comparable to the other positions. We’re exploring things like increasing melee damage to plates.

The role of the top laner

Here are a few key points I would like to explain on the current role of the top laner and their impact on the match.

Limited influence in the early game. Generally, top lane is regarded as a distinct area from the rest of the map because it has the least influence on the other lanes, and it is also influenced the least by them.

The only exception to the rule happens when the jungler or the midder decide to roam there, but this is not guaranteed to take place, especially in pub games.

Learn when to help your teammates. If you have been able to stack a minion wave and crash it against the enemy tower, the opponent will be busy for a while, so you can exploit this time to teleport bot to dive, flank, or counter gank (this is the best way for a top laner to have an impact on the match).

Top lane often goes to strong individual champions (like Mordekaiser), so you will be able to deal 1vs1 and sometimes even 1vs2 against most characters.

Farm and get your items. If you are playing a scaling champion (such as Vladimir), your goal is surviving and farming in the early game as you want to acquire experience and items to make the difference in mid and late game team fights.

It is fundamental to reach the item power spike to win the game, so I recommend to not waste your time in pointless gank attempts, avoid dives, play defensively early on, and rely on your opponents’ mistakes.

In the video below, check out some of the best top lane characters during Season 10 Preseason.


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