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Joomla! provides a number of technical documents and other resources to help you better understand the code.

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Joomla! Docs

Joomla! has put together an extensive online wiki to organize the support documentation associated with the CMS. Detailed sections are broken down depending on your user level.

The beginners section will help to answer basic questions for those users just beginning their work with Joomla.
The developers section will help to answer more technical questions about Joomla! and provides detailed articles in regards to the code and functionality included in Joomla.
The designers section pays special attention to the user interface and user experience sections of Joomla. If you have questions about the design aspects of Joomla! this section will help.
The administrators section will help to answer specific questions related to managing and maintaining your Joomla! site.
If you are looking to make a decision about the CMS you should use for your company or organization then this section will help provide information relevant to your questions.
Have other questions, be sure to review the entire Joomla! Documentation Wiki.

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