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Video Games Joomla Templates The process of designing your games magazine project becomes easy when you are inspired with good examples of effective works. We offer you not only to find inspiration in this great collection of Joomla Game Templates, but also use them as a profound basis of your future projects. Their unique and cool style variation, distinct color schemes and eye-catching design concepts have definitely a great impact on the viewers. Get 2 gaming Joomla templates on ThemeForest. Buy gaming Joomla templates from $48. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers.

  • Updated on:08 Oct, 2020
  • Version:1.2.0 Changelog
  • Download:415,934
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JA Mitius is Gaming Joomla Template template with News Magazine layouts for gaming review,. It runs on our brand new T3 Framework with tons of backend customization config options.

JA Mitius sports the hot MegaMenu (the T3 Framework one) and tons of bonus styles for various Joomla default layouts. Also released is the countdown module to show a timer to site visitors for any event or for site launch. It comes in 4 color styles, which you can see in live action on the demo site. Make sure you check all the pages in the live demo.

Built upon the robust T3 Framework, JA Mitius is responsive and fits all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers with ease. This template now supports RTL CSS style.


JA Mitius Features

A gaming template built with T3 Framework

Fully responsive template

Not an exception, JA Mitius supports responsive layout at core and ready to be displayed on any mobile and tablet devices.

Now supports RTL layout

Satisfy our RTL fans, this template supports RTL language layout thanks to the latest version of T3 Framework.

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Specific style for Kunena

Kunena forum supported in JA Mitius gets the style it deserves.

Multiple Alternative layouts

A selection of various layouts for you to choose from: having your contents & sidebars altogether, or no sidebars at all.

Blog style for both Joomla and K2

If you are into blogging with the default Joomla content, JA Mitius has your back. A K2 content component believers? JA Mitius has your back as well. For either these two types of blogging, JA Mitius is sure to get your contents up beautifully.

Support Megamenu

Alike the other Joomla templates built on the latest T3 Framework version, JA Mitius supports Megamenu. Prop to the T3 Framework, you can easily configure its Megamenu as it is, or any other ways you like without hacking into the code.

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Off-canvas menu on Mobile

Taking advantage of the 'off the screen' space, off-canvas gives your site a slick menu to navigate the site without reloading the whole page.

4 Color themes

There are 4 variety of color schemes you can pick out for your site. Each has its own unique style & taste. Including a default color, green, blue and red.

10 Bonus pages

You get a Login, Registration, Smart search, Newsfeed, Countdown, and more. These 10 bonus pages are extremely neat. Just more than a bonus page.

Complimentary extensions

For more stuff like this, visit our Joomla Extensions Club.

3rd Party Extensions

This product fully supports these Extensions

  • K2

  • Kunena

Version 1.2.0 08 Oct, 2020

Version 1.1.9 25 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Term and privacy are not styled
  • J3.9 - Article category module: Missing style when grouping by tag
  • J3.9: Got error on Category List page
  • J3.9: Can't show tag on Article-category module
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove captcha label
  • J3.9 - Contact: Can't open privacy note

Version 1.1.8 26 Jul, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.8.10: Got error when enabled Debug Language in backend
  • J3.8.10: Restyle Email popup
  • J3.8.10: Missing Print button of Print popup

Version 1.1.7 14 Jun, 2018

Joomla Gaming TemplatesBug FixJoomla
  • Error 'Notice: Undefined index: dir in' when enabled Development
  • Forum: Missing icon Login
  • Kunena: Got CSS error on Userlist page
  • Forum: Error 500 when edit profile
  • K2: Error css when comment for article
  • Forum/Iphone: Error css on Search page
  • Forum: Error css on Search page
  • RTL: Missing mainmenu and kunena's sidebar
  • Error Css when edit Article
  • Forum/RTL: Get message notification when open Forum page
  • Forum: Error css when create New Topic
  • Kunena: Problem with user's avatar when editing the topic

Version 1.1.6 15 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • CSS error on other Contact page
  • Code error on K2 User page
  • CSS error on Register Page
  • Get Code error on K2 Item
  • Get code error on K2 Blog Item
  • Code error on K2 Cate blog
  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage
  • Get code error on K2 Blog page

Version 1.1.5 01 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Acymailing module in countdown page need more styled
  • Remove weblinks in DB
  • Kunena - Annoucement: Calendar is overflow
  • Countdown module is not working
  • Kunena: Attachments are not styled
  • Some CSS error on Editor
  • Kunena: Got error when creating new topic
  • Tag page is not styled
  • JA Content Slider module: Problem with control buttons when module title is disabled
  • Search icon displays error
  • K2 comment: Pagination is not highlighted when activating
  • Article: Can't show custom field after title
  • JA Content Slider module: Css error when show Tab

Version 1.1.4 04 Aug, 2017

Bug Fix
  • [kunena] Css error on a topic page
  • [RTL-Kunena] Css error on profile page
  • Got error on ja content popup module when get content from K2
  • [Kunena] User dropdown menu displays ugly on iphone
  • Kunena - Missing border on the table when view on iphone
  • [kunena] Css error on user dropdown menu
  • [RTL-Kunena] Search and page number display ugly on iphone
  • Restyle kunena page after upgrade the lastest version
  • Newsticker should be displayed in the middle on iphone
  • [Kunena] Arrow icon displays wrong direction in RTL
  • [kunena] Realign content on statistics module
  • [Kunena] Cant open menu again after the first time on iphone
  • Got js error on home page
  • [Kunena] Css error on moderate topic
  • [RTL-Kunena] Got css error on editor form when view on iphone
  • [kunena] Css error on recent topics page
  • [Kunena] Menu displays error on iphone

Version 1.1.3 10 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Profile page displays error in RTL
  • CSs error on content sidebar page when view on ipad
  • Kunena displays error on small screen
  • Got css error on k2 module editting
  • Megamenu displays error on ipad
  • Smartsearch displays error
  • K2 Fontsize icon displays error
  • Got some css error on article editting
  • Newsfeed pages displays incorrectly in RTL
  • Mega news page displays error in RTL

Version 1.1.2 08 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Kunena: Can not creat new topic
  • Iphone- Kunena: Search page is cutting button
  • Kunena: Some errors on Attachment Manager form
  • Iphone- Kunena: Menu is missing style
  • RTL- Kunena: index page is wrong position
  • Back to top arrow is hidden when hover on it
  • RTL- Kunena: Recent topics and Statistics page are wrong position
  • Some errors on Editor
  • kunena: The buttons are not same
  • Kunena: Missing style
  • Kunena: Calendar button error on Announcement
  • Edit module: ' Top menu' is cutting form
  • Frontend: Some errors on module settings
  • Error 1054
  • Iphone: K2 item detail is missing responsive
  • Kunena: JS error on Profile page
  • RTL- kunena: Kunena Forum Statistics is wrong posiiton

Version 1.1.1 05 Dec, 2014

Bug Fix

Joomla Gaming Templates Html

  • RTL - Button in wrong position
  • RTL - CSS error on Headlines