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Make it count Google Sheets makes your data pop with colorful charts and graphs. Built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks. In the Dashboard view search for 'Google Sheets API' and access it. Enable the 'Google Sheets API' by clicking on the 'Enable' button at the top. Click on 'Credentials' from the left sidebar. Click the 'Configure Consent Screen' button. Enter a application name (for example: RSForm!Pro Google Sheets). Financial statements are very essential for any business. A balance sheet is one of the many financial statements that documents the summary of a company’s assets and liabilities. Basically, the information on company resources and comparison with the finances of the other companies. You would require a sheet template to create competent balance sheets for accounting business. Our favorite Joomla forms extension is Shack Forms. It has a ton of cool features that you won't find in many other Joomla forms. For example, you can store your entries in Google Sheets. Once your data is inside a Google sheet you can analyze, share or use the information in thousands of different ways.

RSForm!Pro has been enriched with a new plugin, more exactly Google Sheets plugin, which allows you to save the submissions information within a Google Spreadsheet Document.

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Daily, we receive a lot of questions on how to save the RSForm!Pro submission information externally, somewhere where the information can be easily accessed, exported or even shared.

Because we always want to meet the needs of our clients, we have developed a Google Sheets plugin for RSForm!Pro. As the name suggests, the plugin will allow you to connect to your Google Sheets and map form data within the desired sheet columns.

In order to achieve this, some simple steps needs to be followed:

1. Install and enable the plugin

2. Head to Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > Google Sheets tab and connect to Google Sheets as explained in the plugin's documentation page.

3. Add your 'Spreadsheet ID'. This can either be the exact ID of your spreadsheet or its entire URL.

4. Click top Save button (this has to be firstly saved to retrieve your sheets and their columns).

5. If your spreadsheet has multiple sheets, you can then select the one you need from the 'Sheet Name' dropdown.

6. Finally, if your sheet has columns, these will be available for your to map with your form's data. A placeholder selector is also provided for each column that can be used to include the needed placeholder of your form.


Next time you submit the form, this will pass its mapped data to your Google Sheet.

This plugin is free, no additional costs involved!

1. Excel file synchronization

It is possible to run a synchronization between a table you've created and an Excel file located on your server (anywhere). From the right tab named 'Table', at the bottom you got a block to link an Excel file to the table.


On click on the Browse button, you'll be able to select an Excel anywhere on your server, here it's a file uploaded through the media manager (/images folder).

Once your Excel file is linked to the table, you can hit the Fetch data button to import data from the Excel file.

Note: Only the data will be taken from Excel, not the styles, so the global style of your table will remain untouched on import.
Warning: depending of your memory available on your server, you won't be able to import very large Excel files (more than 1000 rows for example).

2. Synchronization with Google Sheets

Droptables offers a Google Sheets synchronization possibility. Your Google Sheets need to be 'published to the web' to be synchronized. First, open your sheet from Google Drive and publish it as web page using the File menu.

Google Slides

On the Publish to the web pop-up, click on Publish button and confirmation to make sure you want to do it. Then, you will get access to Google Sheets file link, copy this link.

And paste it into Droptables “Table” tab. You're done! you can now fetch data from your Google Sheets.

Note: When you import excel files or sync data from Google sheet, the link will be valid if you use the function: =HYPERLINK()
E.g: =HYPERLINK('', 'Joomunited')
Joomla Google Sheets

3. Automatic Excel and Google Sheets sync

Above the file link you can also activate an automatic data synchronization. Droptables will fetch the data automatically at a regular interval.

Once it's activated a notification is displayed after the table title.

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Joomla Google Sheets Templates

The synchronization delay can be set in the Droptables configuration.