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I'd also love to hear if you find great H5P resources that work especially well for you inside of Moodle. Take advantage of this and begin adding H5P elements to your course. If you're having any trouble adding the content, talk to your system administrator, and make sure that the account admin has configured the settings correctly. Adds support for H5P Content in WordPress. PHP 52 48 35 5 Updated Sep 1, 2020. H5p-php-report PHP MIT 11 1 1 2 Updated Aug 5. H5pmods-moodle-plugin Theme for modifying H5Ps PHP 8 7 1 0 Updated Feb 8, 2017. H5p-joomla-extension PHP 1 0 0 0 Updated Jun 3, 2016. Top languages JavaScript PHP CSS Shell Vue. Most used topics. H5p h5p-plugin People. People Repo info Activity. MUhammad Zeeshan. Hello everyone i have a problem related to h5p events? Is anybody there to help me out:).

It has never been easier to use interactive videos to help customers learn what you do.

You can increase engagement and provide superior customer experience at the same time by making interactive videos out of your ordinary “passive” videos. I mean, wouldn’t you, as a viewer, like to start up a webinar and see clickable “chapter headings” — so you can skip ahead to the interesting stuff? Wouldn’t your sales team like to enrich product videos with new options — like seeing more in-depth info — right there in the video window?

The advantages of interactive video for you and for viewers are clear:

  • The viewer is thinking about your content, not just watching it
  • Viewers can navigate to what interests them most
  • Learners learn more when they get to ask and answer questions
  • You can add more than one call-to-action
  • You can verify viewing
  • You can collect feedback and interaction data

Interactive video tools designed for business users

OK, you say — but doesn’t that take heavy-duty tech and video skills? It does not. Now, interactive video tools designed for business users are available on many video platforms.

If you want to get a good idea of the process, I recommend trying the free, open source platform H5P. Here’s a demo of what you can do with H5P. You can test-drive their software to make your own interactive video, as well as other types of interactive content.

H5P is a widely used learning management solution that’s well-suited to injecting fun and games into any long-ish marketing video. With plugins for popular open-source content management systems WordPress, Joomla, and Moodle, H5P is easier to use than PowerPoint. You start by selecting a video on the web — your website or a video hosting platform like YouTube.

Host the video on your website — or make interactive videos from your videos previously uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Then you add pre-made interactions.

  • Labels
  • Text
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Images
  • Quizzes (multiple choice, T/F,fill-in-the-blanks, drag and drop)
  • Branching
  • Navigation Hotspots
  • Chapters
  • Summary quiz

A simple interface for jazzing up your interactive video with different types of content.

Once your web team does the setup, adding interactive video content to your CMS is as easy as adding any other kind of content.

One video, unlimited interactive videos

H5P stores the elements of your interactive project (images, links, question-and-answer sets, etc.) into “content libraries” — which are are designed to be shared and edited. This opens up all kinds of opportunities to re-purpose, expand, and personalize your videos. For example, an Account-Based Marketing sales team could customize interactions and personalizations for individual buying team members at an account. The underlying video doesn’t change, but the experience of interacting with it does.

Start with something simple, like adding clickable chapter headings. Chapter headings are useful for demo-watchers and tutorial takers who want to review a feature or point it out to someone else. A demo video with chapter headings can put across the demo’s essential message — e.g., “Look how few steps it takes!” — even to prospects who decide not to watch the entire video. In either case, you’ve increased engagement with your video, repurposing the content without actually changing it.

Due to the emergence of new technologies, usage of internet is growing day by day. People prefer to watch videos, to perform a particular task instead of reading the lengthy paragraphs.To keep readers on your website for a long time, you can add videos in addition to the articles or posts.

This could be a better alternative to interact with your readers in the effective and an efficient manner. Through this article, you will learn to embed YouTube video in Joomla by simply following a few steps as explained below.

The first two steps will explain, how to change your editor so that the video you are going to embed would not clash with the editor settings. Editors such as Tiny MCE and JCE would restrict iframes due to the security reasons, even if you allow the iframes by changing the settings, it will not work.

Steps to Embed YouTube Video in Joomla 3.x

Step 1: Log-on to your Joomla Website. Click on “System” option at the top menu bar , and then go to “Global Configuration”.

Step 2: Under the “Site settings” panel go to the “Default Editor” and then set “Editor – None”.

Click on “Save and Close”.

Step 3: Once the Global Configuration is changed, there will be no difficulty in embedding a YouTube video.

Search for the video in the YouTube, once you find that, click on “Share” button.

Step 4: As soon as, you click on share, the three options will appear, i.e “Share”, “Embed” and “Email”. Click on “Embed”, so that the code associated with the respective video may appear.

Step 5:Copy that code into your notepad for sometime, that would be beneficial at the time of adding it into an article. Meanwhile, you can customize the video according to your preferences by following the step as described below.

Step 6: In the preview, select the “Video size” option, available at the bottom, from where you can choose the desired size that you want.

Step 7: Now, prepare the article in which you wish to add the desired video.

For that you need to go to the “Dashboard” of your website and then click on “Content” tab. You may see the “Article Manager” over there, click on it, then click on “Add New Article”, if you wish to create a new article in which you may embed your video.

Otherwise, from the “Article Manager” you can choose the article and directly paste the code of the video there.

Step 8: After clicking on “Add New Article”, a new article page appears. Now you have to give the title to the article and then copy the code from the notepad and paste it in the “Content” section.

On the left sidebar“Category” option is available from where you can place this article under the category which you have created earlier. Then click on “Save and Close”.

Step 9: Your video is now embedded successfully.

Joomla hosts

Joomla Hotspot

In order to cross check this, you can visit to the front-end of your website and reload it to make the changes and then open the respective article.

Joomla Hosting

The video, which I have embedded in the article is now ready to view, as shown in the figure below.

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