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DJ-Classifieds is one of the most advanced and easy to use classifieds extensions for Joomla offering so many options out of the box.

Even it has 'classifieds' in its name; it is much more versatile than only classified ads purpose. Our customers use this extension in many different ways. With the simple configuration, you can choose the features needed for the website you're building and disable those you don't need.

DJ-Classifieds is suitable to create any website where you want users to submit their items. The submission can be free or paid, auto published or manually reviewed by the website administrator before publishing.

It is easy to create whole websites or add classified ads section to the existing Joomla! Installations. Easily create general adverts portals, job listings, real estate services, dating, motorcycle, auto, boats, birds sites, and so on.

In our offer, you will also find Joomla! templates that come with custom styling for the extension. If needed, we can provide any customization or integration services at a fixed price or work in Time and Material manner.

Some of the features you may be interested in, that DJ-Classifieds is capable (you can learn more on those when scrolling down or by browsing tutorials, documentation, videos):

  • unlimited categories, locations, units, custom fields, 12 payment gateways integrated and open for new ones,
  • flexible output with modules, layouts, plugins,
  • RTL and LTR languages support,
  • auctions and 'Buy now' options,
  • Importer component for importing ads from any external feeds, (you can also import categories and locations),
  • Many ways to charge users for submissions, renewals, extra features, types, time of publication, and more. You can even create your internal currency with the integrated points system,
  • easily customizable and expandable (wrote with MVC model, integrations with 3rd party services, additional apps),
  • engage users with notifications (emails, messages),

Learn more about other features below ↓League of legends api javascript.

Earn As You Go with DJ Classifieds script

Make your classified ads work even harder to bring in extra revenue by monetizing the many options available to users. It's one of those Joomla extensions that can provide a revenue from your website.

Joomla download
  • Have the flexibility to set different prices for each category (they can be free too!)
  • Charge extra for promoted adverts (so the listing can stand out as first, bold, border, background, special [to be displayed in additional module])
  • Charge for the 'Move to top' feature
  • Charge for different durations of adverts (eg. 7 days can be free, and for year user needs to pay)
  • Easy positioning of any banner or Adsense ad in the different module positions available in the component (between ads, profile etc)
  • Adjust the process for renewal by reducing the price to keep your users active
  • Charge for extra images (for example 1 image free, and more paid)
  • Charge for different types/labels (for example if the seller wants to use 'URGENT' label it's extra paid)
  • Charge for extra characters (e.g. charge per additional character after the first 100, suitable for example if you’re also running a printed version of classified ads website, or want to take control over too long descriptions)
  • Use the credit/point system and create your own internal currency. Each paid action can be set in points instead of real money. Users can buy the package of points and use them as your own currency
  • You can set subscription plans as well - create the plan that covers most popular needs of your website and charges users for it (set limits for adverts, images, auctions, paid categories, promotions + many more)

Everybody Loves An Auction!

Get the whole community engaged on your site, with auction selling options that make it a smooth and efficient service, for both buyers and sellers.

  • Users can opt to sell their item via auction
  • There's the possibility for the seller to set a reserve price
  • Users have the option to use a 'Buy Now' feature for speedy sales
  • They can even set a minimal and maximal bid increase
  • Filters module let users filter only ads with auctions
  • Special icon on adverts list indicating that advert is an auction
  • Auction timer/countdown

Advanced search and filtering = Flexibility

The search filter gives you the flexibility of providing results based on a wide variety of criteria (also with AJAX - get the instant results without refreshing the site), including:

  • Search by location
  • Search by radius from Post Code
  • Geolocation - click to use your location instead of providing it
  • Search by category
  • Search by extra details (from different types of fields or selections)
  • Search by type (label)
  • Search for posts containing video and images
  • Search by keyword
  • Drill type search for locations and categories
  • Clear and start again with the reset button
  • Follow category functionality (the module can detect the category page)
  • Choose the order of display (promoted, latest, random, etc.)
  • Filter by adverts with images, video, actions, buy now, 18+
  • Search by a time when the advert was submitted

Unlimited Extra Fields!

DJ Classifieds script gives you the flexibility to set an unlimited amount of custom fields so that your site can easily accommodate all the areas of business you'd like to advertise.

Custom fields can be grouped and assigned to different areas of the website:

  • categories (you can assign a different set of fields for each category)
  • user profiles - users can upload their avatars and fill the custom fields you set and have their profile full of information. There’s also the registration plugin available that will collect those data when a user registers on your site.
  • contact form when contacting the advertiser can also have custom fields

The following adaptable field type formats are available:

  • input box
  • text area
  • select list
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • date
  • date from-to
  • URL

Other features include:

  • Connection to the search module to select individual fields to be included in the search filters
  • Assign as many extra fields as you like to your categories
  • Display extra fields in category view (in blog or table layout)
  • set things like a required field, 'show on click', block editing, visible only for owner/administrator, custom field parameters, default value, tooltip description (help text), use in search/filter module
  • decide where to use and display the custom field

Locations & Regions

DJ-Classifieds Joomla extension provides a highly configurable locations setup:

  • Set country and any location scenario (country-state-city or country-city-suburb-street etc.)
  • Functional Google maps integration
  • Geolocation
  • Autocomplete for locations with Google Maps API
  • Unlimited locations
  • Import locations
  • Detect location with Google maps API
  • Baidu Maps integration
  • Point location on Google Map when submitting the adverts
  • Use Custom Google maps styles to fit any website design
  • Maps module with all the adverts (with many settings to customize the output)
  • Location modules
  • Remember location (you can let your users fix the location so everything they do on the website is connected with adverts from the chosen location, you can create the Craiglist style website)
  • Custom category markers on Google Maps (each category can have a different pin)
  • GPS coordinates for exact locations can be used for front-end submissions (for areas not covered by Google maps)
  • Clustering simplifies your data visualization by consolidating data that are near each other on the map in an aggregate form
  • Sneak peak of the ad after clicking on the map's tooltip
  • Use your custom markers for categories
  • Displays driving directions

Integrates with other DJ-Extensions

Internal Messaging

DJ-Classifieds works with DJ-Messages PMS for Joomla extension. Every contact with the advertiser can be sent into the Inbox of DJ-Messages and replied by the advertiser from there.


You can integrate DJ-Classifieds with DJ-MediaTools in two ways - by displaying the gallery in the advert using DJ-MediaTools capabilities (8 different gallery types to choose from), or use DJ-MediaTools to display promoted (or one of many other types of ads as DJ-MediaTools provides extensive setup possibilities).


With DJ-Reviews integration you can let users comment and review adverts and/or user profiles. This way everyone can see what others think about your users.

Multifunctional modules

Our Joomla classifieds component comes with free modules so you can build your classifieds website easily and quickly, with:

  • Advanced search/filter module
  • Categories module
  • Maps module
  • User menu module
  • Items module (display ads in every possible way)
  • User menu
  • Regions/locations
  • Statistics

Advertiser and User Panel functions

Each user or advertiser can access a personal panel that allows them to:

  • Edit profile (with avatar, custom fields, location)
  • Manage Ads
  • Move adverts to top
  • Archive, delete, block adverts
  • Renew ads
  • Delete ads
  • Edit ads
  • Browse the favorite ads (wish list)
  • Manage 'Saved searches' (so-called search alerts)
  • Set location - if set the map with the user location will be displayed in the user profile

Administrator can also list all the profiles of the users on the component view (you can assign this view to the menu item) as well as search for user profiles in a dedicated module. Check the video.

Statistics and Analytics

With analytics add-ons for DJ-Classifieds, you can track your results in running your classified ads site or let your users (advertisers) see how they are doing. You can also let all users see how particular advert is performing. You can also let all users see how particular advert is performing.

Three free solutions:

  • Administrator Analytics module that you can run in your backend to see best advertisers, your income, auctions and more + filter by time to get exact data you need.
  • Item/Advert Statistics module to show how particular advert looks in time (new vs. recurring visits).
  • Global Statistics module

Simplify your backend management

The administrator can look after all ads in the backend, along with adding new adverts, editing and changing their promotions, details or durations etc. It provides full control over all the settings and specific adverts, keeping everything organized, so you can keep your site running smoothly with this Joomla advertising extension.

You can control your users, payments, email templates, display statistics and control every part of your listing/classified ads website.

Payment plugins

With the subscription, you get access to 26 popular payment plugins that cover the whole world. All of them are easily customizable, and if you need any help we’re here to assist you with the setup of the classifieds script

  • 2checkout
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • Mercado Pago
  • Ideal
  • Stripe
  • Sofort
  • Przelewy24
  • PayU (Poland)
  • PayU biz (India)
  • PayU South Africa
  • Robokassa
  • PaymentSense
  • Paysafe Card
  • QuickPay
  • eTranzact
  • AliPay
  • CoinGate
  • PayFast
  • Google Wallet
  • Fondy
  • DotPay
  • Portmone
  • PagSeguro
  • IPayTotal
  • MyFatoorah
  • Offline payment plugin when your advertisers want to pay via a standard bank transfer method.

Get creative with a customizable
settings & layouts

You can easily customize the layout of categories into a blog and table/grid view, and the advert details view as well.

  • Choose how many columns display in the categories view
  • Decide how many columns to use for the blog view
  • Choose which columns to show in the table view
  • Show or hide the tool tip
  • Decide which of the advert details to display
  • plus many more
  • custom units - no matter if you want to use pieces, sets, pairs, square meters
  • multiple display options (smart table/list, blog/grid)
  • many modules

Documentation, tutorials, videos

Our library of supporting materials is full of useful articles and videos.

Check the documentation section, tutorials and videos for DJ-Classifieds.

Benefit From SEO settings

Use DJ-Classifieds diverse options to make sure that your ads are getting the most hits possible. Drive even more traffic to your pages with the flexibility to create listings that are fully optimized.

  • Build your own link structure
  • Manipulate the structure of your links at any time
  • Choose the ID separator and position
  • Change the element name for:
    • Item view
    • Add item view
    • Edit item view
    • View categories
    • View user items
    • View items
  • Decide how search engine bots should interact with the pages

High performance and security

  • Each image is checked for viruses during upload
  • Improved multi-language support with Falang
  • Categories and regions optimized to serve big databases
  • option to optimize images

Easy for developers

If you’re a developer you will be able to customize the look and feel of DJ-Classifieds easily.

  • Create your own themes for your DJ-Classifieds output and modify the position of certain elements to make an impact
  • A built-in responsive layout works with responsive templates
  • DJ-Classifieds uses MVC Joomla architecture so it's easy to override the views
  • develop payment plugins (btw, we have 18+ payment plugins available with each subscription)
  • MVC structure
  • Free component for importing from any XML to DJ-Classifieds!

AMP up your classifieds website

AMP (Google project) enables you to load website almost instantly on mobile devices. We have prepared the integration for DJ-Classifieds with this solutions so you can get your classified ads website get a better presence in Google search results!

Few of the benefits of using AMP are:

Joomla monster template
  • it lowers the bounce rate of your website
  • better mobile SEO
  • higher ad monetization
  • Google loves AMP!


DJ-Classifieds Apps are the add-ons that make DJ-Classifieds even smarter. In most cases they’re plugins. After the installation new features appear.

You can get the apps separately, in bundles or with DJ-Classifieds, see the pricing options and choose best for yourself!

Custom services

We have over 10 years of experience in web-development. We work with Joomla, Wordpress, and have created hundreds of websites for our customers, number of extensions and over hundred premium Joomla templates.

We’re experienced in creating Joomla extensions, templates, custom programming, graphic design. Contact us if you need any of those services.

3rd party Integrations

DJ-Classifieds is integrated with many popular services out of the box. All of them are available with no extra cost with every subscription.

  • Jomsocial
  • Easysocial
  • Community Builder
  • Falang
  • Osmap
  • DJ-MediaTools
  • J!Mail Alerts
  • Artio Jomsef
  • Disqus
  • Jcomments
  • AutoTweetNG
  • Facebook comments
  • Hello Maps
  • DJ-Reviews


No website is complete without multimedia functionality. DJ-Classifieds straightforwardly incorporates images and video, bringing all of the benefits that comes with it, for both buyers and sellers.

  • Users can add images and videos from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Limit the amount and size of uploaded images
  • Edit images pre and post processing
  • Search for ads with videos and images
  • Use watermarks
  • Optimize images and resize images on upload to keep the space on your hosting low as possible
  • Set own paths to store advert images

Available ready made classified ads website templates

JM JoomAdvertising

best joomla template for classifieds website

JM Joomads

multipurpose classifieds joomla template

JM Car Classifieds

auto classifieds listings

Available translations

  • 41,4%
  • 28,31%
  • 90,11%
  • 21,70%
  • 30,28%
  • 80,46%
  • 96,61%
  • 87,05%
  • 100%
  • 24,03%
  • 86,35%
  • 22,61%
  • 84,07%
  • 100%
  • 91,33%
  • 100%
  • 85,78%
  • 49,17%
  • 100%
  • 69,37%
  • 37,14%
  • 76,43%
  • 40,14
  • 100%

If the translation is not full you can easily add missing parts of the translation, or create your own translation if the language is not present on our list.

Learn more

And more extra features..

  • modify any text thanks to overrides
  • easy for developers thanks to MVC and documentation (create own themes, payment plugins)
  • custom icon for categories on Google Maps
  • works with Baidu and Yandex maps
  • GDPR ready (consents/GDPR component integration, JA GDPR integration)
  • buy now feature
  • add to favorites (wishlist feature)
  • RSS feed
  • watermarks
  • labels (tags)
  • date and time settings (custom formats)
  • multiple currencies
  • re-captcha/no captcha
  • related adverts/adverts from same category - follow category
  • use multiple payment options (as many as you need)
  • advanced sorting and customize views list
  • report adverts (abuse reports)
  • contact this advertiser form
  • custom pricing view (separators)
  • geolocation and radius search
  • use any social share script
  • payments and profiles management
  • shipping feature (users can charge for different delivery methods)
  • integrated with many apps and web services
  • autocomplete feature in search
  • RTL Support
Latest version3.8.2

DJ-Classifieds comes with two built in themes (default and clean). You can use our free template that is optimized for DJ-Classifieds (JM-Services) or choose one of the premium templates that are additionally integrated with other DJ-Extensions. Templates are provided by Joomla-Monster - our sister brand specialized in Joomla templates.

Browse classified ads Joomla templates and choose the one that fits you best.

We can also provide full custom service for you with installing and setting up the template on your server (we can also host it for you).

The ready made templates cover most popular areas for listing sites: general classified ads website with unlimited categories, real estate, car classifieds, animals, dating etc.

If you need to build classifieds website look no more. With our templates you can build classified site in no time.

Most popular joomla classifieds templates are:

More templates may be interested in are:

Job Listing, Joom Advertising, Dating (also used for escort websites), Real Estate Ads, News Joomla Portal with classified ads and more.

What customers say about DJ-Classifieds

  1. Developper is exceedingly fast at replying to help fix a small barely missed issue with one of his components. DJ classifieds is excellent and the support is there

  2. Easy to use and if something is unclear, the support always helps.

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