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Joomla is an excellent CMS that performs great and handles content very well. It works very well by itself, but runs even faster if you know how to optimize the page speed delivery. This article will go over the best plugins to speed up Joomla and make it faster.

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JotCache replaces the standard System-Cache plugin and adds a number of features. It changes modules when users refresh a page and caches the other parts of the page. There is an option to compress content using gzip. Using the JotCache component you can clear selected cache’s without clearing the whole website. Other features include Browser Caching, Cache Lifetime, Compress Cached Content, Mark Caching, Auto Caching, and more.

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't know how jotcache works so I don't know what should be added there. With the standard Joomla cache, there are settings in modules to exclude them from caching and we've added some code to HikaShop to clear the cache of Joomla when necessary, but that's about it.
  2. Sep 01, 2016 Speed Cache Speed Cache is invented to improve the in-built Joomla cache system in many ways. It naturally improves the compatibility and performance of the cache management system and adds some great features to the whole concept. It has an impressive static page caching capability while being fully compatible with user sessions.
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. I am beginner and I use virtual managed server. Today I upgraded Joomla to J3.5 and memcache stopped working. I wrote to my hosting provider and they told me I should find cache that works with J3.5 and PHP 7. Now I use component Jotcache in Joomla, but there is some problem with PHP 7. I found Cachelite.

JotCache is a non-commercial plugin that is very flexible. It allows you full control over the pages, modules and components that are cached. One very important issue to keep in mind: JotCache is a replacement for the Joomla core System - Page Cache plugin, so make sure to disable this one before you install JotCache! Plugin parameters in JotCache. Joomla extensions for caching. Joomla has a native caching system and it works well, however if you want to extend the caching functionality there are a few Joomla extensions that promise to enhance your caching experience! A few mentions: Speed Cache by JoomUnited; JotCache by V.Kanich; Page Cache Extended by Viktor Vogel.

CDN for Joomla makes it easy to connect your site to a CDN. Simply type in the CDN Domain given to you by your Content Delivery Network. Options include: HTTPS handing, File Types Include, Document Types Include, Web Files Include, Extra File Types Include, Ignore files and more. CDN for Joomla also allows you to set up multiple CDN’s in one plugin.

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Simply-put, some JavaScript files can slow down your website if Joomla is loading them and they are not being used. Sometimes templates and components will use jquery instead of Mootools, for example. JavaScript Control gives you 4 easy options, Disable Mootools-core.js, Disable Mootools-more.js, Disable Core.js, and Disable Caption.js. Once you go through each of the settings you will be able to see which of these options you can live with or without. Only loading necessary scripts will speed up your site a lot.

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Instead of having lots of JavaScript and Cascade Style Sheets, ScriptMerge combines all of the similar files into one. The options for this plugin are Merge CSS, Merge JS, Compress CSS and Compress JS. Try each of the options out and see if your site still works. If you try it and find that a certain file can not be merged or compressed, then simply type it into the “Exclude CSS” or “Exclude JS” box. This way you are still loading the necessary files but at a minimum. This reduces the number of files and connections made to the server and speeds up the site considerably.

No, this one is hosted at Rochen. But I have a site at Siteground using memcached and it does the exact same thing. I had to turn off caching for both.

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Does your web host do some caching? Do you use cloudflare or similar?

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No other cache extension. Menu item is Category view. Conservative cache.
No memcache in shlib.

On Jul 25, 2015, at 8:39 AM, Fedir Zinchuk [email protected]

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I cannot reproduce such behavior,

which menu module do you use?
and do you you use additional cache extensions?

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