Lan Speed Test Server

So I wanted to test the internal LAN speeds of our wireless bridge, switches, and cables in between – from one end of the network to the other. There’s an older iMac running on one side of the bridge and I didn’t want the speed test to slow down due to disk I/O reasons. I wrote a small python based web server which pre-initializes a memory buffer with random data and then sends random chunks inside of it throughout the fake “download” process (jumping around from index to index).
This is just a single stream test but there are other tools available if you want a more advance multi-stream performance testing (tools like iperf and what not). This will give you at least the real world output/speeds of your network setup (not just theoretical, I was able to get 111MB/s through a CAT-6 gigabit TP-Link Archer C7 V5 and nearly 75MB/s over a dedicated Linksys 802.11ac-3×3 WiFi bridge).

  1. Lan Speed Test Server Linux
  2. Lan Speed Test Server Serial
  3. Lan Speed Test Server Windows 10
Lan speed test server listLan Speed Test Server

Lan Speed Test Server Linux

curl 'http://192.168.X.Y:8080/download' > /dev/null ; echo

Lan Speed Test Server Serial

Edit: The bridge has a good quality backchannel connection to carry all of the WiFi traffic:

Lan Speed Test Server Windows 10

Using LAN Speed Test with LST Server writes the test file to the server's memory and takes the hard drive out of the picture for more true network speed results. Using LAN Speed Test without LST Server, writes the test file to another computer's hard drive. Aug 14, 2013 LAN Speed Test (Lite) is a FREE utility designed from the ground up to be a simple but powerful tool for measuring file transfer, hard drive, USB Drive, and Local Area Network (LAN) speeds (wired & wireless).

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