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League of Legends worlds songs are something to behold and the community is always patiently waiting to hear what Riot Games has in store for them.

When the League of Legends World Championship is approaching, you know a new massive new song is about to drop. Each year a new musician collaborates with Riot Games to create an epic music video and track to celebrate the game and Worlds. Let's get into each song from throughout the years.

League of Legends Worlds Songs: Every Song Throughout the Years

2014: 'Warriors' (ft. Imagine Dragons)

The first Worlds song is considered one of the best songs League has created.

Confetti animation after effects

2015: 'Worlds Collide' (ft. Nicki Taylor)

An epic song, brought down but a mostly forgettable music video featuring a glowing crystal.

2016: 'Ignite' (ft. Zedd)

A colorful music video mixed with a huge collaboration with Zedd makes this one of the better Worlds songs.

2017: 'Legends Never Die' (ft. Against The Current)

By far the best song ever made for the Worlds celebration, this is just an incredible anthem and an exciting listen regardless if you play League of Legends or not.

2018: 'RISE' (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The World Alive)

Riot went all out for this one, with an enormous collaboration effort mixed with a visually stunning music video.

2019: 'Phoenix' (ft. Cailin Russo, Chrissy Costanza)

2019's song is mostly remembered for the vocal performances, which are top notch coming from two well known vocalists.

2020: Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember), MAX, Henry)

Take Over is one of the more forgettable worlds songs, as neither the music video or song reach the quality of previous works put out by Riot.

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