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We’re back with another short, quick and useful guide on TFT: How to Level Up Champions.

League Tft Guide

You have to admit, TFT needs needs to make a better job explaining the basics of the game to the new players, both new to this game mod in the League of Legends client, but also for those new to the Auto Chess game type.

TFT: How to Level Up Champions

We’ve seen a lot of beginner players asking in different communities how can they level up their units in Teamfight Tactics. This is pretty easy to explain once you understand how leveling up works.

There are 3 Star Levels for Units in TFT

In Teamfight Tactics, any champion can be upgraded up to level 3, which is currently the maximum level (as of Patch 9.14).

All units are initially level 1 (they are identified by a single star at the top of their icon).

How to Upgrade Units to Level 2 in Teamfight Tactics

To upgrade an unit to level 2 in TFT, all you need to do is collect 3 units of the same type. They are automatically combined into a level 2 version of that unit. Now, these units will be identified by 2 stars at the top of their unit card.

At level 2, champions have higher health and auto-attack damage compared to level 1 and their abilities are much stronger (Blitz, for example, his Ability at level 2 deals 450 damage, compared to 100 damage at level 1).

How to Level Up the Units to 3 Star in TFT

To upgrade a champion to level 3, you need to have 3 champions at level 2 and they will automatically combine into a level 3 champ.

And if we do the math, it means you need 9 units level 1 (of the same champion) to combine them all together into a level 3 unit.

Leveling Up Vayne to 3 Stars in TFT

Let’s take an example:

  • You start the game and buy 2 Vayne champions. Each of them is level 1. Once you buy another Vayne, they all 3 will combine to upgrade to a single Vayne level 2.
  • Now you do the same, you get 3 more Vaynes and they also get automatically combined into a Vayne level 2. Now you have 2 Vaynes level 2.
  • You need to buy 3 more Vaynes, which will be upgraded into a level 2 Vayne, but since you already have 2 Vaynes level 2, you now have 3 Vaynes level 2 in total, and they will automatically level up to a Vayne level 3.

5 Advanced Tips for Leveling Up Units in TFT

Here’s 3 things you need to know about how TFT works with champion upgrades.

Basic Items Combine with Champion Level Up

When champions automatically upgrade, if two of them have basic items, the leveled up champion will also have the combined item of the two basic items.

For example, if you have 2 Vaynes, one has no item, one has a Recurve Bow, and in the Shared Draft you get another Vayne that also has a Recurve Bow, they will automatically level up into a 2 star Vayne that has a Rapid Firecannon.

Auto Upgrading When 2 Same Type Champs are in the Store

If you see in the store 2 champions of the same type and you already own one level 1 champion of that type, when you click to buy any of those 2 champions, the game will automatically purchase both of them for you and automatically upgrade them into a level 2 champion.

Microsoft edge downdetector. For example, you have a Vayne on the board or on the bench, and in the store you see 2 Vaynes, if you click to buy any of those Vaynes, the game will automatically buy the other Vayne and will combine all 3 Vaynes into a level 2 Vayne that will replace your current Vayne (on the board or on the bench).

Check Your Opponents Champions and Consider the Champion Pool

There is a limited number of each unit, which means if your opponents buy and level up the same units that you’re after, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get all 9 copies of that same unit to get it to level 3.

League Tft Team Comps

This is another thing that most beginners (and even some experienced players) don’t take into consideration. Currently, in Teamfight Tactics there’s a specific number of the same unit in the game, based on their Gold cost.

Play with your opponents minds

Buy champions that your opponents need to upgrade their units to level 3. This is a pretty sneaky strategy which works well in the mid-to-late game.

If you see your opponents already have 2 units at level 2 and they’re going for the 3rd unit in order to upgrade them to 3 stars, then you can hold them back a little (or a lot, depends) by buying the champions they need, even though you don’t actually need them.Here’s the number of each unit type available in TFT (also known as Champion Pool Size):

Tier 1 – 39 units (units that cost 1 Gold)

Tier 2 – 26 units (units that cost 2 Gold)

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Tier 3 – 21 units (units that cost 3 Gold)

League tft guide

Tier 4 – 13 units (units that cost 4 Gold)

Tier 5 – 10 units (units that cost 5 Gold)

Consider the drop rate based on your level

This is another advanced tip that experienced players know how to use in their favor, based on the situation. In TFT, each item has a drop rate based on your level. This drop rate is represented in percentages and represents the odds of a specific tier champion to appear in your store.

The higher level you are, the lower the chances to get 1-Gold units in the store, but you have higher chances of getting higher tier units.


Morellonomicon Tft

So for example, if you’re level 9 and you need one more Vayne to level her up to 3 Stars, your chances are pretty low. In the image above you see that you have 10% of getting a Tier 1 unit, but since there are 12 Units that cost 1 Gold, it means the percentage drop rate for Vayne is about 1%.

League Tft Tier List

Hopefully, now you know how to level up champions in TFT and how to make the most out of this using the advanced tips we shared in this guide.