Lee Sin Build Wild Rift

League of Legends shoutcaster and content creator Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe has released his full ranked Wild Rift tier list for high ELO in all roles based on patch 2.2, with the inclusion of the Rift’s latest champion, Galio.

  1. Lee Sin Build Wild Rift Download
  2. Zed Build

Lee Sin Build Wild Rift Download

Starting in the Baron lane, Malphite remains in S+ tier. With the buffs to tank items on patch 2.2, he’s even better now. Joining him at the top are Akali and Darius, who Excoundrel rates as the two best solo queue champions if you one-trick them.

Despite the nerfs to Lee Sin, Excoundrel still justifies him as the best jungler under any circumstance because he can be played aggressively, is great in 1v1s, and has high gank potential. He’s also a very good answer to the newly added second S+ tier jungler, Evelynn.

  • Lee Sin is a high mobility AD jungler. He has one of the best early games in terms of jungle clear and 1 vs 1 potential vs the enemy jungler and has great early game ganks that you can take advantage of to snowball your lanes.
  • Lee Sin adalah salah satu champion favorit di League of Legends PC.Kekuatannya yang sangat diperhitungkan serta combo yang dihasilkan membuatnya melejit menjadi salah satu favorit bahkan di kancah profesional. Setelah menunggu kehadirannya, akhirnya biksu buta ini rilis di League of Legends: Wild Rift dengan mekanisme yang semakin menarik. Mekanisme yang berubah dan terkesan diperkuat.

In Wild Rift Lee Sin build items that increase Attack damage, Armor Penetration, Armor, and Cooldown Reduction as a Jungle fighter in the game. Enchantment: Protobelt is an item that Lee Sin should build.

Dethroned, Orianna is no long Excoundrel’s queen of the mid lane after patch 2.2’s nerfs. He believes that Katarina is even better on Wild Rift because you can pick up daggers during her Death Lotus ultimate, which gives her even more mobility. Plus, her passive damage is very high.

Lee sin build wild rift reddit

“A good Katarina player can take over games, especially in the hands of the right person, [she’s] one of the most scary mid laners to play into the game right now,” he said.

Still, if you’re looking for a stable mage in the mid lane, Orianna is your girl. Excoundrel doesn’t think that the nerfs to her were that bad as it mainly affected her early game output. During the late game, she’s still strong.

Newcomer Galio is an interesting one because he feels that he’s “sleeper OP” despite the low pick rate in high ELO right now. Galio’s strengths lie in cross map plays, crowd control, and good item build paths.

In the Dragon lane, unsurprisingly, Xayah and Kai’Sa remain in S+ tier. Both of these AD carries can be picked blind. Again, despite nerfs, Alistar remains in S+ tier in the support role because of the tank item buffs.

“He still has insane damage reduction on his ultimate, he’s still incredibly good at team wide CC around dragon fights, and he’s got great engage,” said Excoundrel. Swap him out for Janna if you prefer enchanter supports.

Overall, Malphite, Lee Sin, Orianna, Xayah, and Alistar have great combos, and are strong team fighters. What more can you ask for?

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Lee Sin is a quite unique champion. Roughly speaking, he has up to 7 skills that can be used to make him into one of the most difficult champions. With the right runes and build items for Lee Sin Wild Rift, you can make it even more terrifying thanks to its high potential.

Lee Sin is also quite interesting because he is often said to be an unlikely champion to be balanced. Himself is difficult to nerf without making it useless or buff without overdoing it. Because of this, Lee Sin made his stamp skill high so that he would OP in just a few hands. Cincinnati bell internet speed test.

You could say Lee Sin entered into a combo champion, like Zed. With the high burst of the combo, Lee Sin is still strong for bruising thanks to his high sustain. He is a very versatile champion and this makes him quite terrifying. Subscribe to smurfs players.

With the right runes and items, you can use Lee Sin to be more consistent and terrifying. Suitable for players who want to learn Lee Sin or even players who are already experts. This build is quite universal and you can use it without difficulty later.


  • Conqueror
  • Brutal
  • Hunter Titan
  • Mastermind

Item Build

  • Black Cleaver
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Death’s Dance
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Arduin’s Omen
  • Guardian Angel
  • Stasis Enchant

Zed Build

Here, let’s discuss the runes and build items of Lee Sin Wild Rift. Lee Sin is often banned in high ranks, but this doesn’t stop you before touching the draft pick mode. It’s terrible snowballing.


The choice of runes is quite interesting because Lee Sin is free to take anything as long as it has nothing to do with mana because he uses stamina. Generally, you will balance between damage and sustain which will be very useful for him.


For Lee Sin, the most appropriate keyrune would be Conqueror. With Conqueror, Lee Sin can increase his damage, especially Lee Sin easily gets his damage stack. It cannot be changed to another because none of them are quite suitable for use.


Brutal is suitable for use by Lee Sin who has high damage, his armor penetration will be felt. For not too many alternatives, maybe you can take advantage of Gathering Storm in the late game. But Lee Sin’s early game power spike must be used by you.

Hunter Titan

Hunter Titan is the best rune for Lee Sin because of the additional HP and tenacity that can continue to increase. This rune is also interesting because with sufficient tenacity, you can buy shoes other than Mercury Treads. Lee Sin needs additional sustain on the front lines.


As an active jungler, there is no cure for the Mastermind. Lee Sin can actively do gank, baron, dragon, and push quickly. Especially with extra gold and exp, Lee Sin can increase rapidly. There aren’t many good choices except maybe a Genius Hunter for CDR.

Item Build

For the choice of build items, actually Lee Sin has several different builds. This time we will make it slightly sustain without sacrificing a lot of damage. With core items that make it tough, of course it can be very strong thanks to its deadly combo.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver can be a very terrible item in Lee Sin. With his sustain stat plus CDR for combo, of course it is very suitable. But what you are looking for is minus the armor which is easy for Lee Sin to achieve at the maximum stack. Thanks to the combo, Lee Sin’s damage will increase rapidly.

Ninja Tabi

Gluttonous Greaves can be Lee Sin’s main shoe thanks to his high lifesteal, suitable on the front lines. But if your opponent is heavily damaged then you can buy Ninja Tabi to reduce their damage. Mercury Tread doesn’t really need it if you use the Hunter Titan runes.

Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance is an item suitable for aggressive champions who need a little sustain thanks to its Cauterize effect. The damage caused by Bleed can at least increase its lifespan. Not only that, Lee Sin also needed HP, AD, and CDR stats to get stronger.

Sterak’s Gage

Sterak is a mandatory item for melee champions looking for damage. With an additional 50% damage, of course, scaling in the late game is not a problem. Moreover, the Lifeline effect for shields when dying is very useful for escaping or fighting back. Not bad HP stat as a bonus when fighting.

Arduin’s Omen

For this slot, Lee Sin is actually quite free. Generally, he will use Randuin’s because he will often jump to marksman or other AD heroes. But if you are fighting many APs you can buy Maw of Malmortius or Adaptive Helm thanks to good MR.

Guardian Angel


Guardiang Angel must have been used for the final slot for Lee Sin. Stat that is balanced between damage and armor as well as a revive effect will be very sought after. Lee Sin who easily escapes with his jumps can take advantage of him when he dies and revives. Difficult to replace for the last slot.

Lee Sin Build Wild Rift

Static Enchant

Lee Sin Build Wild Rift

Stasis is the best choice for Lee Sin who often jumps into the middle of the opposing team. This effect is very good thanks to the invul offered. Can be used to avoid burst, CC, or regular damage. Just like revive, it is used to escape after the effect is over.

Those are Lee Sin’s runes and build items that you can use in Wild Rift. Lee Sin is very strong and is often used for solo ranks. The pain and high sustain combo makes it sometimes considered an overtune.

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