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by Jason Parker in Legends of Runeterra May, 14th 2020

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Twitch Rivals is back, and this time, they’re featuring some new, intense card game action! That’s right, in this week’s Twitch Rivals, Legends of Runeterra is here, and $100,000 are on the line. The card game left open beta two weeks ago, and even launched its first content expansion, Rising Tides, with it. There are 16 streamers doing battle, and only the winner takes home the most of that sweet prize pool.

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So, what are the details?

Of course, this goes down live on the Twitch Rivals channel. Twitch Rivals’ Legends of Runeterra Showdown will air May 14 and May 15 at 9 am PST both days. The main broadcast takes place on that Twitch Rivals channel, and the casters will have all the play-by-play action for you.

Legends Of Runeterra Twitch

If that’s not your cup of tea though, the streamers will be live on their channels, and you can root for them directly. We have well-known Hearthstone streamers / former-pros like David “dog” Caero and Brian Kibler to show off their card game skills.

It looks like more Hearthstone players than MTG Arena players though. We have the 2014 Hearthstone world champ and current Grandmaster Firebat (James Kostesich). M0gwai (Miguel Guerrero) is excellent at a variety of card games though, so we can expect big things from him.

We can’t forget about Pokrovac (Mikuláš Dio). They’re a former Hearthstone pro and the first to globally hit the Master rank. If that wasn’t enough, they were also the first player to Master across two servers. He’s the undisputed “King of the Ladder” since he also hit Master on the Asian ladder. He and Brian are a match-up I hope goes down.

If you’re curious about the full list of participants, we’ve got it below:

  • Swimstrim
  • Kripparrian
  • Evangelion
  • Solary
  • DogDog
  • Brian Kibler
  • M0gwai
  • TheFishou
  • Hafu
  • Capitao Serket
  • Pokrovac
  • Terenas
  • Firebat
  • Uthenera
  • Maxim
  • TianKami

I vote that Brian Kibler’s going to dominate this event, easy peasy. This event has a pretty cool format, so I’d like to discuss that too. The tournament will start with Swiss Rounds. The first rounds matchups are random, so there are no seeds/nothing based on their present rank.

Once the Swiss rounds are done with, the standings will be cut in half. Top eight and bottom eight will do battle in single elimination to see who truly is the mightiest in those brackets. Each player has to bring three decks on top of that. Each player can ban a deck the other player is using, which leads into a Best-of-Three.

This is done via Conquest Rules! Adobe stock premiere pro. What that means for the Twitch Rivals Legends of Runeterra players, once a deck has won, it can’t be used again in that series. Each match has 50 minutes on top of that to make sure the games don’t stretch out forever. If it goes beyond that timer, each player takes three more turns before the match ends (presumably in a tie).

However, I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Most of my Legends of Runeterra matches tend to be done in about 10-15 minutes at the most. Who are you rooting for during Legends of Runeterra’s showcase on Twitch Rivals? Are there decks you want to see, or players you hope to see stomp/get stomped?

This is perhaps the best time for such a competition to go down, too. The expansion’s only been live for a few weeks, and some wild decks are going around. We’ve got a few of them covered right here on the site, with more being added! But competition is great to see. It will help players see what decks are dominating the meta, and helps the developers see what is just too good right now.

On May 14, Twitch hosted their first ever Twitch Rivals event for Legends of Runeterra. Boasting a $100,000 prize pool and 16 players from various card game profiles, the tournament was a one-day sprint, consisting of three rounds of Swiss and then a single elimination bracket.

The top 8 players from the Swiss advanced to the upper bracket portion, which had the lion’s share of the prize pool — $75,000 total. The bottom 8 advanced to a bracket of their own to split the remaining $25,000.

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In the main event, card game veteran David “Dog” Caero 2-0’d Sean “swim” Huguenard, making for a clean 6-0 playoffs run. Dog’s Karma/Lux Control got banned and the streamer had to rely on his Corina Control and Swain Control to take him to the trophy.

Legends Of Runeterra Twitch Drop

Dog’s Twitch Rivals Runeterra decks

Legends Of Runeterra Twitch Prime Capsule

In the bottom half of the bracket, top Legends of Runeterra streamer Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero took down French player Thomas “TheFishou” Guedj. Mogwai notably played a Fiora/Unyielding Spirit midrange deck (great in a format where you can ban Will of Ionia), on top of the more standard Ezreal/Karma Control and Sea Monsters.

Legends Of Runeterra Twitch Prime

Mogwai’s Twitch Rivals Runeterra decks