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  1. If you are calibrating a CRT monitor, make sureit has been turned on for at least a half hour. This gives it sufficienttime to warm up and produce more consistent output.
  2. Set the ambient lighting in your room to be consistent with the brightness and color of the lighting conditions that you usually work under.

  3. Make sure your monitor is displaying thousands of colorsor more. Ideally, make sure it is displaying millions of colorsor 24-bit or higher.
  4. Remove colorful background patterns on your monitor desktop,and set your desktop to display neutral grays. Busy patterns orbright colors surrounding a document interfere with accurate colorperception.
  5. For best results, calibrate and profile your monitor using third-party software and measuring devices. In general, using a measuring device such as a colorimeter along with software can create more accurate profiles because an instrument can measure the colors displayed on a monitor far more accurately than the human eye.

    Otherwise, use the monitor calibration tools that come with Windows or Mac OS. To calibrate your monitor using the utility in your operating system see one of the following:

    • OS X Mavericks: Calibrate your display (Apple Support)
    • OS X Mountain Lion: Calibrate your display (Apple Support)
    • Calibrate your display in Windows 7 (Microsoft Support)
    • Get the best display on your monitor (Microsoft Support)

    Monitor performance changes and declines over time;recalibrate and profile your monitor every month or so. If you findit difficult or impossible to calibrate your monitor to a standard,it may be too old and faded.


Lightroom Classic 10

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Lightroom Classic 10

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