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After Effects help and inspiration the Reddit way. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. User account menu. OC for Critique. Posted by just now. OC for Critique. Everything is in After Effects! How convenient, right? If you need some help in getting started with After Effects, here’s a beginner’s guide to help you navigate AE and understand its interface. Buckle up, because here’s 3 Creative Logo Animations using After Effects coming up! Shine Logo Animation. #logoanimation #AftereffectsTutorial Hi friends, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create simple logo animation in after effects.you can freely. Dec 30, 2020 There are several ways to animate logos in After Effects, but first, you need your logo. You can animate any logo in After Effects, whether it is a full project file or a simple.png. Remember; the more access you have to individual elements of your logo, the more complex an animation you can create. Preparing your Logo for Animation in After Effects It’s not always required but for the best animation effects, you may want to prepare your logo ahead of time. Breaking apart elements into various layers gives you more options in the animation.

Hopefully these 9 videos will help you get some insights and the techniques you need to get going with animating a logo in after effects. If you have watched the videos below, you will hopefully have a good understanding of some of the techniques and things you use to create logo animation inside of after effects, and have improved your basic skills!

There is so much good content out there, if you have any suggestions or videos you think belongs here on the page. Let me know.

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In this tutorial we'll cover animating your logo designs in Adobe After Effects. You'll discover how quick and easy it is to animate a logo and bring your design to life.


A tutorial on how to do some sweet looking logo animations!


Today in this Tutorial, I am going show you how to make Cinematic Logo Intro in After Effects, That can be used in Film Intros or YouTube Channel Intro. Everything is Simple, you don't have to download any specific Plugin to do it. 100% After Effects Tutorial.


This tutorial is for all the Text Animation, as well as the Liquid lover, and it is also covering text animation after effects, cartoon effect after effects, after effects text animation, liquid animation after effects, liquid text animation after effects, texture background video, after effects tutorial text animation, after effects tutorial text animation beginner, after effects free templates and more. So sit back, and add some liquid to your texts.


Learn 4 amazing technqiues for creating custom logo animation motion graphics in After Effects. This After Effects tutorial will provide you with the winning mindset of creating custom logo animation!


In this tutorial is about how to Create Simple Electric Logo Reveal Animation In After Effects. It is the Simple Way with the use of Saber plugin.


This tutorial you will see how to create an advanced 2d logo.

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Create a dynamic spectral animation without 3rd party plug-ins.


Create a procedural decay and damage system inside of After Effects!

Fire is an interesting element to use in motion graphics. It is beautiful yet dangerous — an important combination of characteristics for any business who wants to serve and please their target audience while at the same time a leader in the industry that scares away competitors.

Creating fire text effects in Photoshop might be a simple design task but animating it is entirely a different story. Fire animation has a complex flowing systems that are super tricky to recreate with computer graphics. Hence, stock footage of real fire is commonly used in the video editing industry. Other related elements such as flame particles and smokes require the same technique as well.

Don’t worry though because these downloadable fire logo intro templates for After Effects will get you started without having to create a fire CGI or capturing a real flame footage. Let’s get the fire started!

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    Flame Demon Logo Intro

    If you’re looking for a cinematic into, this fire AE template of flaming demon features a fire breathing monster that turns the screen into ashes revealing your logo in the most exciting way.

    Flaming Logo Slam Intro

    This After Effects template will slam an amazing radial fire into your Logo thereby hitting the surface and causing a fire explosion in the most cinematic styled environment possible.

    Burning Fire Logo Animation

    Have an explosive logo opener with this fire after effects template complete with a well-coordinated fire explosion and realistic smoke emitted by your burning brand.

    Epic Explosions Logo Reveal

    Shaking camera effect like an earthquake, flaming cracked logo, smoky environment… everything you are looking for in an epic intro animation for your logo is in this template.

    Hell Fire Logo After Effects Template

    Bring hell to your competitors by introducing your brand with two flaming skulls orbiting around while shining fiery light to your logo. And oh, wait for the epic ending!

    Circle Fire Logo Template

    Surround your logo with a radial fire as if it is the most powerful brand in the world with this circle fire logo reveal animation achievable through its after effects template.

    Logo Animation After Effects

    Ancient Fire Logo Reveal AE Template

    Use a realistic fire like the one in this logo reveal template and your audience will be hooked. The moment they see the first few seconds of your video, they will be wanting to see more.

    Epic Medieval Battle Logo

    You know something real and awesome is about to come when you see an animated logo intro as cinematic as this complete with strong motion graphics and realistic fire particles.

    Epic Explosion Particles Logo Reveal

    If magical and cinematic combined is what you are looking for, this After Effects template is the exact thing you need due to its amazing explosive particles that reveal your logo.

    Epic Fire Medieval Logo Reveal

    A metal logo with fire all over it is the equivalent of epic logo reveal. Combined with VideoCopilot’s powerful free after effects plugin Saber, people will know you are the real deal.

    Flame Logo Reveal

    Creating ‘cool’ fire animation used to be a difficult motion graphics design. But with after effects template such as this flame logo reveal, you don’t have to worry on spending lots of time to achieve it.

    Fire And Chrome Logo After Effects

    Only two things are needed to be done. First, make a realistic chrome logo for a more intense theme and then add fire. That’s it! Perfect for epic opener for any videos and events.

    Logo Animation After Effects Free

    Fire Logo Reveal Template for After Effects

    Use amazing and realistic fire effects to your logo using these fire logo intro after effects templates available in Full HD (1920×1080) with no 3rd party plugins or whatsoever required.

    Introductory Logo Animation After Effects

    Fire Logo Intro Animation

    Logo Animation After Effects Free Download

    Flames are particularly hard to render in After Effects so why worry to create one of your own when you can use this after effects template to create a dramatic logo intro animation.

    Halloween Fire Logo Template

    Among the list, this is quite a unique one. Using a Halloween theme, the animation starts from a calm then gradually to a dark, intense tone. Pumpkins and fire are unexpectedly a good combination.