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Lol Wild Rift Twitter
  1. The champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift are divided into six classes: fighter, tank, mage, assassin, support, and marksman. These are typical MOBA roles, so they should be familiar to fans of the genre. Most Wild Rift champions pull double-duty between two classes.
  2. LoL: Wild Rift is the official mobile version of the famous MOBA free-to-play League of Legends. An extremely dynamic cooperative game, the objective is to destroy the enemy base by always being one step ahead of your opponents.
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Lol Mobile Wild Rift Twitter

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LoL: Wild Rift announces the date of its beta for America, this was announced through the official Twitter account for Latin America. With this, as soon as the server of this region is active, League of Legends: Wild Rift players who have registered accounts and do not match their region, as well as their IP addresses, will see a message related to this each time open the game. The latest tweets from @wildriftBR.

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Lol Wild Rift Twitter Page

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