Mail 365

  1. Microsoft 365 allows the Ohio State community to collaborate through one cloud platform delivering a wide range of productivity apps. Access email, store and share files, communicate with your coworkers or students, schedule meetings, track your to-do lists and more by integrating applications and downloading them on up to five devices.
  2. Email, phone, or Skype. Can’t access your account?

Email, phone, or Skype. Can’t access your account?

Email and Calendar

University email accounts and calendars for faculty and staff are hosted on Microsoft Office 365.


Key Points

  • Access: Online/Web Mail, Desktop, & Mobile
  • Mail box size: 100G
  • Attachment size: Up to 150 MB email file size (35 MB per file attachment)
  • Encryption:Available

Getting Started

  • Web Mail Login: Use your official UConn email address and NetID password to login online. Your official email address is the one published in the UConn Phonebook.
  • Desktop Client:Configure Outlook through Office 365
  • Mobile:Setup Outlook on your Mobile Device

Mail 365 Office Outlook

Champion Mastery Guide – League of Legends Support. For more information on setting up and using Office 365, visit the Office 365 Support Library.

MailMail 365

Mail 365 Office


Mail 365 Login

On August 7, 2020, UConn is moving exclusively to Teams. Microsoft will be retiring Skype for Business. To prepare for this change, you can attend a training sessions, request a custom demonstration, or view our collection of support articles.

Office 365 Applications

Mail 365 Office Login

Office 365 is a cloud-hosted service that includes access to productivity and collaboration applications, available through the O365 online portal. Microsoft frequently adds new applications. For a preview of what services and updates are coming, visit their Office 365 Roadmap.