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My Maps Location is simply the most advanced Google Maps integration for Joomla, highly rated and recommended by all users on the Joomla Extension Directory. Adding a place is really easy - point to a location directly on a Map or use the predictive search, save it, categorize it and display one or all locations on a global Map or as a listing. That will let you add your image map code in the html window without the editor stripping it out. Then: - create the hot spots on your image in Fireworks - export image/code - go to your Joomla content item, edit, insert/upload the image - add map name to image in JCE Advanced tag - add map code to html for that content/image in JCE html editor.

This article explains how to insert Native Instruments plug-ins in Ableton Live, including: Inserting instrument plug-ins (e.g. MASSIVE, KONTAKT, etc.) in a MIDI track. Inserting effect plug-ins (e.g. GUITAR RIG, SUPERCHARGER, etc.) in an audio track or a MIDI track where an instrument is loaded. Plug-In Administration in Ableton Live On Windows, Native Instruments products are loaded in Ableton Live as VST plug-ins. On Mac computers, they can be loaded either as VST or AU plug-ins. Native instruments ableton Selecting the Audio Device Open the Ableton Live software. Then go to Preferences and click on Audio. Select the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 from both the Audio Input Device and the Audio Output Device drop-down menus.

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To get a visual indication of all module positions used on a page you can follow this procedure:

  • In the administrative backend, go to ExtensionsTemplates. Then select Options. Set Preview Module Positions to Enabled. Save and Close.
  • Navigate to the Website page you wish to see the module positions for in your browser.
  • Click into the URL field in your browser.
  • Look for any 'parameters' at the end of the URL. These are separated from the main part of the URL by a question mark. For example, in the URL, the 'id=17' is a parameter.
  • If there are no parameters, append '?tp=1' to the URL and press RETURN. For example,
  • If there are already parameters in the URL, append '&tp=1' to the URL and press RETURN. For example,
  • The module positions will be outlined in red.

Note that in some circumstances there may be module positions available that are not outlined in red. This can happen when a template defines those module positions as conditional on there being modules enabled in that position. If there are no modules enabled in that position, the template may adapt and the position will not be visible.

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