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Enter your email address and we’ll send a download link for the PowerPoint mobile app, available on Apple, Android & Windows. On your Android device, add audio or a video to a slide: Open your device's camera from PowerPoint, record video, and insert that recording directly on a slide. Insert a media file from your device or from OneDrive or Google Drive. (Looking for video/audio help for a different kind of device? You can do it right on your phone using Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile. Just go to the Office Hub to get started. To open a PowerPoint presentation In the App list, tap Office.

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Microsoft PowerPoint for Android is an application that allows viewing, creating, and editing existing documents.
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When people hear Microsoft PowerPoint, they know what to expect, and that is an application that can be used to create or present PowerPoint presentations. The interesting aspect of this application is that it’s been made to work on mobile devices, which means that it has an interface specifically designed for this kind of platforms. Users will find that the Android application shares many of its features with the version that you can find on the desktop PC. It also includes the all familiar ribbon and menu options, which will help people find their way much easily. All the charts, animations, transitions and speaker notes are right there and with the help of the auto-zoom feature you can insert, move, edit charts and textboxes without the help of a keyboard or a mouse. Also, it’ possible to share the workload with other users because it’s Microsoft PowerPoint for Android is also connected to the cloud. The only caveat is that it’s an intensive application and it requires at least Android 4.4.x and 1GB of RAM.


  • Insert charts, animations, transitions and speaker notes with ease
  • View, create and edit PowerPoint presentations
  • Collaborate with people on the same project
  • The application is designed specifically for mobile devices with touch support

What's new in Microsoft PowerPoint APK 16.0.13231.20130:

Mobile Powerpoint App

  • We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

For more information on downloading Microsoft PowerPoint to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Microsoft PowerPoint APK versions (53):

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13929.20196 Beta2021-04-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13901.201982021-03-31
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13628.204482021-03-08
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13801.201622021-02-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13628.202142021-01-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13530.201302020-12-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13426.202582020-11-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13328.201602020-11-03
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13127.201622020-08-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13029.201822020-07-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13001.201662020-06-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12827.201402020-05-19
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12730.202142020-04-29
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12730.201822020-04-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12624.202242020-03-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12527.200902020-02-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12430.201202020-01-25
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12325.201742019-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12228.202602019-11-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12130.202082019-11-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12026.201742019-09-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11929.201982019-08-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11901.201102019-07-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11727.201042019-06-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11629.201242019-05-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11601.200742019-05-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11425.20132 Beta2019-03-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11425.20016 Beta2019-03-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11328.200802019-02-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11231.200882019-01-22
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11231.20010 Beta2019-01-19
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11126.200632018-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11029.200562018-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11001.200742018-11-07
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10827.200782018-09-27
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10730.200432018-08-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10325.200432018-07-12
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10228.200492018-06-15
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9330.20802018-05-24
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9330.20602018-05-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9226.20772018-04-16
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9126.20692018-03-16
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9029.20682018-03-02
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9001.20772018-01-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.8827.20542017-12-29
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.8326.20112017-07-05
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7830.1012 - 2 variants: 2017-03-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7814.1000 Beta2017-01-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7804.1000 Beta2017-01-10
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7624.1000 Beta2016-11-28
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7531.1011 - 2 variants: 2016-11-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7618.1000 Beta2016-11-22
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7529.1000 Beta2016-11-02
New in Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13231.20130:
  • We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

selected version:

PowerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint 16.0.13231.20130 (OLD) get current version instead (16.0.13929.20196 Beta)
60.7 MB
API Minimum:
23 - Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
API Target:
29 - Android 10

View PowerPoint presentations on your Windows 10 PC and use an on-screen marker to highlight important ideas and capture the attention of your audience

Hassium facts. PowerPoint Mobile is created to allow quick cross-platform editing and viewing of presentations, mainly targeting Windows phones and tablets that run on Windows 10. However, users of desktop computers, large tablets and laptops can also use it to open and view files in read-only mode.

Works in read-only mode unless a Microsoft 365 subscription is available

It's important to highlight from the start that PowerPoint Mobile is not a cost-free version of the fully-fledged Microsoft PowerPoint but, as mentioned above, a read-only presentation viewer.

While users of small handheld devices will be able to edit slideshows, those of standard Windows PCs, be it desktops or laptops, can only open, view and play presentations. Editing is possible only a valid Microsoft 365 subscription is provided.

Modern look, automatic sync and on-screen drawing tools

PowerPoint Mobile features a modern-looking interface that matches the appearance of a Windows 10 computer. It provides instant access to the main functions of the popular presentation editor included in Microsoft's Office suite. Without a Microsoft 365 subscription, one can only load existing presentations and play them on Windows 10, without being able to add new slides or change the content of existing ones.The viewer comes with an on-screen marker and eraser designed to help users catch the attention of their audience by visually highlighting important areas of the screen as the presentation is played. Furthermore, notes and comments are one-click away.

Regardless of the used device, presentations opened with PowerPoint Mobile preserve their original layout and design. Furthermore, if a Microsoft 365 subscription is provided, PowerPoint Mobile will be able to remember exactly where users left off and resume work on the device they switched to.

A read-only presentation viewer for Windows 10

The Mobile edition of PowerPoint is not meant to replace the presentation editor in the Microsoft Office package. On the contrary, it succeeds in providing additional functions to the suite by providing users with a simple means of sharing, viewing and playing their slideshows on mobile devices and Windows 10 workstations without risking data loss.

On Windows 10 PCs, PowerPoint Mobile can be used to open and play presentations in read-only mode, unless a Microsoft 365 subscription is available to unlock its editing functions.

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  • Read-only mode without Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Microsoft account
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