Multani Mitti For Pores

Multani mitti face pack for acne scars and blemishes: Acne scars and blemishes is a very common problem that we suffer from. We get irritated looking at the ugly looking acne or pimples and start picking them. This leads to more acne scar formation. Multani mitti can ward off acne scars very effectively when used along with lemon water as a. Fuller’s earth is not your dry skin’s friend. If your dry skin tends to get red and blotchy thanks to the.

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The “Miracle Clay”, an ultimate Ayurvedic fusion of Nature+Science, is being used as an essential Indian home remedy for revitalized, clean, and bright skin. For centuries it is an irreplaceable Ayurvedic beauty treatment for many skin & hair problems.

For centuries Multani Mitti is a potent healing clay with active ingredients that absorb impurities like accumulated sebum, sweat, oil & dirt from the clogged pores.

Multani mitti face mask

One of the best ways to kick your skincare routine into high gear is to stay away from chemical-laden products & take the natural route. From reducing dark spots to improving the overall skin texture & complexion, Multani Mitti has a solution for all skin & hair problems. Using it is the simplest way to get that smooth & supple skin that you’ve always wanted.

At Shreekalp Naturals, we believe in providing you the best quality ayurvedic products. Are you ready to give yourself an all natural care?


Listen from the users, so that you make a better choice!

'The best and the purest form of multani mitti I have ever used!!'
'Made my hair so soft and shiny!! Their recipes are amazing!'
'Its my 5th pack. My entire family uses it. Love the multani mitti by Shreekalp'
'All of my Acne is gone. It was the best decision to buy it!'
'Cleared all of my dandruff in the first use! It is really the best quality of multani!!'

Multani Mitti For Pores


Multani Mitti For Acne Pores

Multani Mitti Face Mask

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Multani mitti face pack

Multani Mitti Soap

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Multani Mitti For Pores &

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