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'When consumed by utter darkness, there is nothing left but forward.'
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To understand the legend of Nautilus, one must first know the man—for even the tallest of tavern tales agree, he was indeed a man.

Though the waves have washed away the name he was born with, most remember Nautilus as no mere sailor, but as a salvage diver. Just beyond the southernmost reach of the Blue Flame Isles lies a graveyard of ships, rumored lost while searching for a blessed land, looking to trade wealth for immortality. On a fair day, their glittering holds beckon from beneath the surface. Many crews sought divers to collect the lost fortune, and none could match the skill of the quick-sinking hulk of solid muscle that was Nautilus.

With lungs that could steal the air from a galleon’s sails, Nautilus preferred to freedive. Always bringing up plenty of gold or jewels for the crew, the man demanded no special wages—he asked only that the captain toss a coin overboard as they set out, honoring and appeasing the vast ocean. A sailor’s superstition to be sure, but many a sea-fearing crew made such offerings to ensure a safe return.

Years of salvage depleted the easy treasure, each haul becoming less and less, until one day Nautilus’s crew learned that their ship and working papers had been bought out from under them.

The dawn was scarlet the morning the new captain came aboard. Hailing from a foreign port, he brought with him a giant suit of brass and iron. He zeroed in on Nautilus; indeed, he had purchased the command because of Nautilus. It was clear the captain was obsessed with a specific wreck, one shrouded in darkness even on a fair day. The diving armor could withstand the pressures of the ocean floor far longer than any man, long enough to collect what was hidden in the abnormal murk.

The crew agreed working was better than starving, and Nautilus found himself being bolted into the suit, the wooden deck groaning under the load. Panic rose in his throat when he realized that they had nothing to pay the tithe. The foreign captain laughed as Nautilus was lowered into the water. He assured the crew that whatever the Bearded Lady was protecting would make them all rich beyond their wildest dreams. When Nautilus returned to the surface, they would make their silly sacrifice.

Nautilus League Of Legends

Google page speed test. As Nautilus sank, the light above dimmed, and all grew quiet, the man’s own breath the only sound echoing in the iron suit. Then something reached out from the depths. He was being pulled down, and for the first time Nautilus felt liquid fear wrap itself around his heart. It was not treasure his captain sought, but some slumbering, eldritch power.

Nautilus grabbed the anchor chain, his last connection to the world above, and hauled himself up even as the thing below sought to drag him down. But the weight was too much. Just as his giant metal fingers were about to breach the surface, the chain snapped. Nautilus screamed within the suit, but none could hear him. He tumbled back into the inky maelstrom, clutching the sinking anchor in desperation. Dark tendrils enveloped him, and he could only watch as the dimming outline of his ship faded away. Then everything went black.

When Nautilus awoke on the ocean floor, he was something… different. The darkness could no longer hurt him. The great metal suit had become a seamless shell around him, concealing the bond that the primordial power had made with his spirit. Trapped in the sunless depths, he could remember only one thing—the new captain’s broken promise.

Nautilus vowed, there and then, that all would pay the ocean’s tithe. He would see to it himself.

Driven ever forward by this thought, he trudged toward the shore. But by the time he reached Bilgewater, years had passed, and he could find no traces of his captain or crew. There was no life to which he could return, no revenge he could take. Instead he returned to the sea, allowing his anger to surface on the greedy, gutting their ships with his mighty anchor.

Sometimes, in the tumble of waves, distant memories of who he was push up above the waterline… but always the man who is Nautilus stays drowned just below the surface.

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Nautilus League Of Legends Build Guide

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Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths honours his name with his proportions and massive suits. Whether underwater, underground or in the emptiness of space the titan remains an imposing figure but, what about style? Plunge into the vast unknown and discover it with this review.

Price:975 RP
Concept:Nautilus wearing an engraved and antique atmospheric diving suit.
Model:New model for Nautlius and his anchor.
Particles:New particles for Titan’s Wrath’s damage over time.
Animations:No new animations.
Sounds:No new sounds.
Splash Art:The background is rather dark and empty but the bottom of the sea has some bones and rocks that provide a bit of a setting. Contrary to the drab surroundings, Nautilus is nicely depicted with interesting shading and good use of light and a functional pose. The surface of his armour is particularly well done as it not only reflects the light but also has a rough texture that is logical and attractive. Overall, a nice portrayal accompanied by a lacklustre background that works despite its flaws.
Conclusion:Abyssal Nautilus’ model is quite well done with a distinctly antique style reinforced by the engraved decoration. Besides, the textures give the suit a fitting worn aspect. The design is rather reasonable but if one is to take a closer look there seems to be a useless tube on the left on the tank. Furthermore, the helmet top looks impractical just as the needless periscope. Even the sad eyes may be questionable and the turned-off lights let down. Regardless, Abyssal Nautilus is a nice though greatly stylized homage to atmospheric diving suits.
Subterranean Nautilus
Price:975 RP
Concept:Nautilus as a mining drill wielding robot.
Model:New model for Nautilus and his anchor.
Particles:New particles for Titan’s Wrath shield and damage over time.
Animations:No new animations.
Sounds:No new sounds.
Splash Art:Theoretically there is much background but most of it is simple rock or, in other words, filled with a few strokes of the brush. In spite of this, the setting is clear and the rampage unambiguous. Nautilus depiction offers a pose that is both appealing and useful to show his suit. Regardless, the shading is quite murky and doesn’t do justice to his complex suit. All in all, it gives an idea of Nautilus’ look but it isn’t a very good splash art.
Conclusion:Subterranean Nautilus is a peculiar skin in both concept and execution. The mech excavator wielding an anchor-drill is quite a fantastic premise but it manages to appeal. Unfortunately, the preposterous idea asks for an execution that doesn’t take reality much in consideration. This results in a model that feels too subdued to be exciting and too unreal to be feasible. Another facet is the forced coexistence of the mining and underwater themes. While the water particles can be attributed to hydraulics it doesn’t mesh really well. All things considered, Subterranean Nautilus is an implausible fantasy but interesting nonetheless.

Nautilus League Of Legends Image

Price:1350 RP
Concept:Nautilus as an astronaut.
Model:New model for Nautilus and his anchor.
Particles:New particles for his abilities.
Animations:New low gravity walking and running animations plus solar visor for Titan’s Wrath.
Sounds:No new sounds.
Splash Art:The background is nothing impressive but reasonably fitting: the moon, a space station and Astronaut Teemo. The diffuse depiction of the background doesn’t pass for distance fade as well as it should but is understandable. Nautilus’ portrayal fares better with complex shading that shows shadows on the many folds of his suit. At times the shadows can look like dirt but in general is a good depiction. On the whole, it’s a good splash art that provides an interesting display of a couple of intrepid astronauts.
Conclusion:AstroNautilus is a skin that is designed with a practical and realistic style that allows it to shine. The logical design coupled with the detailed presentation allows the suit, and even the anchor, to appeal via a smooth outline and great textures. While there’s an expected level of fiction in the design the skin finely doses it; particularly notable in its subtle cute side. Additionally, the particles and animations further the theme and add much appreciated layers of visual complexity. In the end, AstroNautilus doesn’t stun with flashy visuals and bright effects; instead, it slowly but surely appeals with its sensible but fascinating style. AstroNautilus may look unconvincing at first but it constantly reassures you that it was the right choice.
Warden Nautilus
Price:750 RP
Concept:Nautilus as an armoured enforcer of the Law.
Model:New model for Nautilus and his anchor.
Particles:New particles for Titan’s Wrath.
Animations:No new animations.
Sounds:No new sounds.
Splash Art: To say that there is a background is a bit of a stretch because except for some shining sky and fog to fill the empty spaces there’s really no setting.
Nautilus is in charge of taking most of the space with his enormous frame. His portrayal is detailed and colourful but only around the central area. On the borders he seems to dissolve on a mist and only his upper body is actually visible. In fact, the particles around him give the idea that he’s underwater but also that he’s partly filling the background.
Sivir’s depiction is even clearer and stands out from the picture. The lines and shading are sharp and the metal glows and reflects the light in an attractive and believable way. The only problems are that her face seems muddy and that her boomerang looks too small. Also the mist around her tends to occlude her left side and the hair seems unrealistically white; even more than in the three-dimensional model.
All things considered, this is a simple portrayal of two champions. As a shared piece compromises need to be made but in this case it all appears simplistic and empty.
Conclusion:Wearing a heavy suit of armour and wielding an anchor that looks like a very stylized war hammer Warden Nautilus intends to make the Titan an imposing behemoth. The armour surely looks sturdy and the helmet has an air of mystery in the faceplate. However, the immoderate ornamentation burdens the visuals with too many elements. The dull colours and plain design prevent the armour from really accomplishing a royal style so it looks degraded, convoluted and impractical. This doesn’t fit the theme well as Nautilus isn’t really becoming the spirit of a Warden returning from beyond but a large and powerful enforcer instead. The anchor suffers from similar problems though the idea of approximating a real weapon is welcome and in this case the design is attractive.
Therefore, Warden Nautilus can feel imposing but also fantastical and unbelievable. The armour and anchor surely carry some weight but the overloaded aesthetic is distracting and too concerned with form over function. This makes Nautilus appear less threatening than the heavy armour could suggest. It’s still a good option for the Titan of the Depths but it’s not a convincing proposition.
Price:750 RP
Concept:Nautilus as a heavily armoured Aztec warrior.
Model:New model for Nautilus and his anchor. New glow for Nautilus and shield for Titan’s Wrath.
Particles:No new particles.
Animations:No new animations.
Sounds:No new sounds.
Splash Art:A heavy sky with a dim Sun can do little to aid the poor sailors that see themselves before titans of inconceivable might. Waves crash, ships break, despair assails and only doom is certain for the few remaining boats. All in all, it’s an interesting setting for the apparition of these two colossal figures.
Speaking of which, Nautilus sees his lower body omitted with arms and anchor blurred but his chest and head eclipse the skies with the magnitude of his size. The immensity is well communicated though the effect of his large frame over the sunlight isn’t reflected on his armour. The plates are evenly lit and even show highlights at the top despite the Sun being behind him. His colour palette also seems rather limited and similar to the skies. Still the sense of unimaginable proportions and sinister appearance make the portrayal appealing.
Trundle clashes with the rest of the piece due to his intense blue colour. It seems to come out of nowhere yet the disruption makes sense and the lighting is very well done. The lower body is, again, fully ignored and the back looks too dim; though it could be because of his friend’s presence before the Sun. His body emits its own light with a bright right arm, arm and horns. The malevolent visage is eloquent like the consequences of a simple splash of his hand on the seas. His headdress and club look quite dim, and the latter also diffuse, though there’s enough detail to get an idea of their look. The headdress also has some timid but appealing reflections. The dripping water from his club, left arm and horns is a good touch but, unfortunately, looks sketchy.
All things considered, this is a piece with a wonderful setting that is taken advantage of; for the most part. The portrayals of both Nautilus and Trundle are uneven with large portions of their body showing inferior quality to others. Also their enormous bodies don’t cast the shadows one would expect when they stand before the Sun. It’s not that the effect isn’t noticeable but that it simply isn’t present; which is a wasted opportunity to add to the scale of the event. Regardless, this is an interesting spotlight of a couple of massive Worldbreakers.
Conclusion:Although Aztec warriors didn’t wear as much armour the notorious eagle and jaguar knights would dress up as the respective animals. For that reason, given Nautilus physiognomy, it’s understandable that his whole body would be decorated with regal ornamentation that resembles an Aztec Sun Stone. The stylised decoration on the back of the head also has a passing resemblance to feathers which references eagle knights in a small way. The new anchor has a clearer Aztec design with a crowned face that isn’t unlike the one found in the middle of the Sun Stone.
A diving suit feel is still present in the general design. Besides, most of the body plates are simple and undecorated even if they attempt to look akin to gold. The legs are particularly similar to what a cartoony diving suit of the antique kind would look like. The peculiar, ghostly appearance of the hands also doesn’t match any particular characteristic of the skin; sans the feathers-like helmet and ominous eyes on empty darkness. Nevertheless, there isn’t a clear supernatural aspect overall.
In the end, it’s a fine re-model with a temperate Aztec air on it. The model isn’t bad but also doesn’t embrace its theme in full. That doesn’t prevent it from looking good but the rough areas are notorious.

Nautilus League Of Legends Skins


Nautilus is a large fellow with a deep liking for suits; anchors too. From his selection of thematic outfits AstroNautilus is without doubt the best. It may not be a skin that sweeps you off your feet with grand visuals but it surely is a skin that slowly reveals its complexity and conquers you with its appeal.

Nautilus League Of Legends Figure

Abyssal, Subterranean and Warden Nautilus are interesting alternatives with unique themes. However, their executions tend to be a bit too fantastic even though they offer attractive concepts. They still stand as cheaper options but the lower cost means less captivating products.

Nautilus Build

With mild Aztec references and some weak supernatural allusions, Worldbreaker Nautilus is a fine re-model with some nice references. The result isn’t as evocative of its theme as it should and it certainly isn’t convincing. Still, for what it does do it’s an acceptable option.