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Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management systems. This tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps of creating a Joomla template from scratch.

In this digital age, a content management system is a basic necessity of any business for all their content creation needs. And, there are a number of open-source as well as paid CMS software available in the market. We also have listed some of the top open-source content management software for businesses. Joomla is one of the most popular open-source cms software and in this tutorial we’ll walk you through step by step and explain how to create a Joomla template from scratch. So let’s get started!

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Note: We assume that you have Joomla 2.5 version installed

Setup Directory Structure

To create a very basic Joomla template first, create a new folder in the templates folder. Name the folder whatever you want to call your template e.g “mynewtemplate“.

Using your favorite text editor create the files index.php and templateDetails.xml. To manage your images and style sheets, make 2 new folders called images and css. Inside the css folder create a file called template.css.

Your Directory Structure will look something like this

Create a basic templateDetails.xml file

The templateDetails.xml file holds all the metadata about your template. And, this file is essential without it, your template won’t be seen by Joomla!.

Contents of the templateetails.xml are self-explanatory. You can just copy the contents the modify the necessary bits.

Leave the positions as they are – these are a common set so you will be able to switch easily from the standard templates.

Create a basic index.php file


The index.php becomes the main bootstrap file of every page that Joomla! delivers. This page will show the bare-bones code ready for you to cut and paste into your own design.

Discover and Install Template

You first need to tell Joomla! that you have created a new template. This feature is called Discover Extensions and can be accessed via

Click Discover Button to discover your template, then select it and click Install to install it. Now your template should show up in the Template Manager (Styles), accessible via

Package the Template

An unzipped directory with several files is not a good method for distribution. So, for the sake of distribution, we should create a package of our template. The package can be in ZIP format (with a .zip extension).

If your template is in a directory mytemplate/ then to make the package you can connect to that directory and use commands like:


In this article, we learned about the Joomla Template. We went through step by step on how to create a Joomla template. This is just a very basic tutorial to get started with template creation. Of course, you can build a very customized and enhanced template based on this bare-bone structure.

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Time saving

Low technical knowledge required

Easy and understandable output source code


Template Creator CK is a tool for creating your own Joomla! templates with your custom layout and styles.

Demo of Template Creator for Joomla!

Template Creator CK is a tool for creating your own Wordpress themes with your custom layout and styles.

Demo of Template Creator for Wordpress

Choose your style in 1 click

Template Creator is delivered with multiple themes that allows you to apply a specific style to your template just with one click. Choose the theme you want and modify all you want to create your template.

Responsive Design

You can create some themes and templates that are full responsive and fluid. The width will adapt to the screen width and you can choose how you want the modules to take place in the different resolutions (aligned, under each other, hidden).

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Fixed or fluid layout

You decide how your website will be shown. You can set a width for the content or set it to be the whole page width. You can choose how you want your page to display.

One page demo

Look at the demo to see what you can do with Template Creator CK and few other extensions available on Add a Parallax effect, make a Onepage scrolling website, put a fullwidth slideshow, and add a megamenu to your page. You can do what you want, add any feature to your template to make your website really cool.

Manage your columns

You can easily manage your columns in the specific interface. Click on the columns and the modules to enable and disable them. For each column you can give it a width in percent and the template will adpat itself to all situations (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns).

Manage your modules

Do you need a row of modules ? You can set them in the ergonomic interface to select the number of modules you need. For each module you can give a specific width and the template will adapt itself to all situations regarding the modules that you have published in your website.


Tested with a score of 100/100 (using the Chrome accessibility test) your theme/template is designed to be accessible by default. You can make your website accessible for everyone, including the impaired persons.

Print CSS

Print your pages and articles easily thanks to the integrated CSS for print. You will be able to print your content and add perforation to it. Useless items will be removed like scroll to top, login form and where you decide to hide something using a custom css class.

Styles presets

Use the styles preset to give your page a very nice design in one click. Many presets that allow you to set the style of any block, but also some nice menus, and amazing shadows effects. You can also create your own preset and use it on any element with one click.


Choose yourself what shall be included into your template. You can easily set a top fixed banner or add an eyecatching parallax background effect. No coding, just enable the widget and select what you need.

Custom code

If you need to do more and add some custom features to your template, you can write your own CSS rules, custom PHP code into the head, also your own functions for your Wordpress theme.

Hand made like output code

The template and theme is yours and will be written like if you were doing with your hands. No framework, no useless code, no PHP override. The code is simple and human readable like a hand made template or theme.

For professionals

Template Creator offers a new way to develop some joomla templates, as a professional you can use this efficient tool to suit all your needs and grow your productivity in being more effcient. You can reuse some gabarits, change HTML blocks layout in few clicks and generate an output code as it was made by your hand.

For personal use

You want to create your own template for your personal website and set it as you want to have a proper layout. Feel good to use Template creator to create a template package that you can install on your website with a low technical knowledge level. The component allows you to select your own styles and color in a color picker.

Free Download Template Joomla 3.8

Export, Import, Share

Free Joomla 3 Responsive Templates

Use and re-use your work to save your time .You can export and import the gabarit of your templates between your websites. Imagine that you have made your Joomla! template with Template Creator CK, you can export it and import it into a Wordpress website, with one click you can create the same theme for Wordpress.

Intégration of Pixabay

Joomla 3 Templates Free

Use millions of free images directly in the creation interface of your template / theme thanks to the integration of Pixabay in the media manager. Search your images by keywords and browse the results endlessly. Just select your image to automatically download it and integrate it into your creations.