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Make your voice heard!

The goal of UserVoice has always been to provide a platform for you to share, vote and discuss ideas on how we can work to improve OneDrive. It’s a critical part of our engineering process enabling our engineering team to sit down each month and review the features with over 500 votes and respond back to all of you. Microsoft has been using the third-party service UserVoice for many years to collect feedback about its own services, but this partnership is about to end. Step 2: Copy the Auto-Complete file to the new computer. On the new computer, in Control Panel, click or double-click Mail. Mail appears in different Control Panel locations depending on the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Control Panel view selected, and whether a 32- or 64-bit operating system or version of Outlook 2010 is installed. Microsoft has finally confirmed that it is indeed closing down its UserVoice forums, after The Register noted earlier this week that staffers had been merrily shutting some of the crowd-contributed pages. Technical Level: Basic Summary MS has sorta created a 'suggestion box' site separate from the 'answers.com' forum, for users to suggest changes and new features. I'm not quite sure why they need a.

UserVoice (www.uservoice.com) is an online company started in 2007 that many businesses utilize to interact with customers. Microsoft considers UserVoice one of their primary tools to measure customer feedback on different apps and services. Consumers can go to the unique UserVoice pages for Microsoft products, make suggestions for new features, and vote for the ones proposed by others. The internal Microsoft development teams often prioritize the features or recommendations of customers with the highest votes for further development.

Uservoice Azure

When it comes to consumer-facing services, apps and platforms, these are the most useful for Microsoft customers to engage in with the company.

Official Microsoft User Voice forums

Outlook Uservoice Office 365

  • Bing Listens UserVoice binglistens.uservoice.com
  • Microsoft Health & Band UserVoice microsofthealth.uservoice.com
  • Office 365 UserVoice office365.uservoice.com
  • Beta apps for Lumia – lumiabetaapps.uservoice.com
  • Cortana UserVoice – cortana.uservoice.com
  • Xbox UserVoice – xbox.uservoice.com
  • Windows Phone UserVoice – windowsphone.uservoice.com
  • Xbox Music UserVoice – xboxmusic.uservoice.com
  • Xbox Video UserVoice – xboxvideo.uservoice.com
  • Windows Phone Facebook UserVoice – wpfacebook.uservoice.com
  • WPDev UserVoice – wpdev.uservoice.com
  • Remote Desktop UserVoice — remotedesktop.uservoice.com
  • Visual Studio UserVoice – visualstudio.uservoice.com

Microsoft has officially confirmed it’s giving up on UserVoice as a feedback platform, only a few days after the first pages have started showing errors on load.

In a support page published this week, Microsoft explains it’s moving to its very own feedback channels throughout 2021, a change that makes perfect sense given UserVoice is hosted by a third party. Logic pro electronic cigarette.

Outlook uservoice

“Microsoft has partnered with UserVoice, a third-party service, to communicate with customers and collect feedback. We will be moving away from UserVoice feedback sites throughout the 2021 calendar year on a product-by-product basis. We will leverage 1st party solutions. Customers can continue to communicate with Microsoft and provide feedback through a number of different channels,” Microsoft explains.

Microsoft moving to first-party solutions

The software giant adds that users can continue sending feedback on UserVoice as long as the pages remain active, which kind of makes sense given some would go dark later than others as part of this gradual transition to first-party feedback channels.

“We continuously evaluate our tools and that includes how we collect feedback. We are evaluating enhancements and standardizations to improve and streamline how we communicate with customers and collect their feedback. We will leverage 1st party solutions for customer feedback. Microsoft values your opinion. Your feedback goes directly to our engineers and helps us shape the future of Microsoft products and services for all our users,” the company explains when it comes to the reasons for giving up on UserVoice.

So what can you use to send feedback to Microsoft? In addition to the main Feedback Hub, which Microsoft offers on Windows 10 as a pre-loaded app, the company recommends the following methods to reach out to its teams:

  • In-product experiences
  • Windows Feedback Hub
  • Microsoft Community
  • Microsoft Tech Community
  • Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft Q&A