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This page will help you install and learn Fusion 360. Out of office outlook 2016. This is a very powerful and free tool that will help any maker.

Fusion 360 is..

View Sylvain Bedouet’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Sylvain has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sylvain. Paul McWhorter: 'Learn Fusion 360 or Die Trying LESSON 8: Design Knurled Nut and Bolt for 3D Printer' Spark Plug: 'Creating a knurl surface / knurling - fusion 360 tutorial' Radek Paszkiewicz: 'Fusion360 knurling'. If you are going to look at F360, I recommend Paul McWhorter's YT video series, 'Learn Fusion 360 or Die Trying'. Yes, I know Paul McWhorter from His arduino tutorials. They were very good.

  • A cloud enabled collaboration platform that enables designers to instantly share, review project data, manage versions, find where used and share ideas on any device at any time.
  • A 3D CAM application with both freeform and solid modelling tools seamlessly integrated into one application.
  • A 3D animation and rendering application.
  • A CAM application for turning and milling operations.

It is all of those things in one application. It is the next generation, product innovation platform designed to work on Mac, PC and mobile devices.

Is Fusion 360 Free?

The Autodesk legal notices and trademarks defines an entitlement that covers hobbyists.

Paul Mcwhorter Fusion 360
  • Startup: If your entitlement has been designated as “Startup, ” You may use the service if You are (a) a company, startup, or home-based business that generates less than $100,000 (or equivalent in other currency) per year from the total sale of goods or services, or (b) an individual using the service for personal non-commercial projects, hobbies, or personal learning.
  • The free Start-Up/ Enthusiast licenses allow you to access Fusion 360 with a yearly subscription after the trial period has ended. You can use this license if you are a small business making less than $100,000 per year (or equivalent), or if you're a hobbyist using Fusion 360 for non-commercial purposes.

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MakerFX Workshops

  • Under Development: Components, Bodies, and Assemblies
  • Under Development: Fusion 360 for Woodworkers


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Helpful Additions

  • The 3Dconnection SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse is a very helpful addition if you plan on being more than a casual user]
  • The 3Dconnection SpaceMouse Wireless Kit is a step up and gets you a wireless (bluetooth) version of the SpaceNavigator as well as a traditional mouse.
  • The 3Dconnection SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse should be considered if you plan on mastering Fusion 360 and use the application on a very regular basis.
  • Lar Christensen has a nice YouTube video that covers these helpful additions.

YouTube Learning

  • Lars Christensen is very popular on YT for his videos covering Fusion 360. He moves pretty quick and does assume some basic working knowledge of Fusion.
  • Paul McWhorter is also on YT and has a really good series for beginners. He goes much slower and is a really good instructor.
  • Autodesk also has videos on YouTube that cover beginner, intermediate and advance aspects of Fusion 360.
  • Angus Deveson is Makers Muse on YT and is a very popular vlogger in the 3D Printing community. He has some good videos on the use of Fusion 360 in his CAD for Newbies series.
  • Adafruit Layer by Layer on YT has some really good learning videos that cover how to design and incorporate Adafruit products.

YouTube Videos by Paul McWhorter

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Paul Mcwhorter Fusion 360 Reviews

YouTube Videos by TECH & EXPRESSO by Tyler Beck

YouTube Videos by Lars Christensen

  • How To Model..

YouTube Videos by Autodesk]

YouTube Videos by Makers Muse (Angus)

YouTube Adafruit Layer by Layer]

YouTube Videos by Others

Paul Mcwhorter Fusion 360
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