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The Phonics Song - Alphabet ABC Song && Ten Little Racing Car & Alphabet Songs && Kids Club Songs - English Nursery Rhymes & ABC Songs for Children & Cartoon - ABC Song - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs Kinder surprise play doh barbie toys. Dec 29, 2020 Using Phonics Songs in English Language lessons are a superb resource, especially for younger learners. The rhythm and timing helps students practice pronunciation and develop fluency. If you add to that phonics skills and you have a ready made lesson, and an activity that your class will love to do.

These Phonics lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Learning the ABCs & Letter Sounds
A-B-C – Patty Shukla
ABC-123 – MindMuzic
The ABC Rap – The Gum Rappers
ABC Song – Kiboomu Music
The ABC Songs – Susan Salidor
Act Out the Alphabet – Jack Hartmann
The Alphabet Chant – Super Simple Songs
The Alphabet's in My Mouth – Dr. Jean
A is for Ant – Timmmy Abell
Alphabet Song – Marla Lewis
Alphabet Limbo – Stephen Fite
The Alphabet Song – Super Simple Songs
The Alphabet Song (ABC) -- Slow Version – Margie La Bella
Alphardy – Dr. Jean
Dog Alphabet Song – Grin Brigade
Frontwards, Backwards ABCs – Stephanie Burton
Forwards Backwards ABCs – Stephen Fite
Hands Up for Letter Sounds – Jack Hartmann
I Know My Alphabets – Ahjay Stelino
I Like Letters – Music, Movement & Magination
I've Been Working On My Letters – Cherry Carl
Let's Alphabecise – Stephen Fite
Lettercise – Dr. Jean
The Letter Dance – Dr. Jean
Letter Line Up – Jack Hartmann
Letter Pops – Dr. Jean
Letter Sounds – Stephen Fite
Letter Tales – Dr. Jean
Magic Letters – Debbie Paulsen
Marching Around the Alphabet – Hap Palmer
Phon-ercise – Dr. Jean
Rappin' the ABC's – Music, Movement & Magination
S-Superhero – Margot Bevington
The Sounds of Our Letters – Music with Mar.
Supersonic Letter Sounds – Stephen Fite
Twinkle ABCs – Kathleen Rushing
Yahoo! We're Learning the Alphabet – Music, Movement & Magination
Who Knows the Alphabet Sounds – Music, Movement & Magination
Who Let the Letters Out – Dr. Jean

Alliteration Lyrics for a Variety of Alphabet Letter Sounds
Amen and Achoo – Kelly Good
Bitty Bi Bo Bu – Dr. Jean
Dinosaurs to Dinner – Fran Avni
Chimmy Cha-Cha – Liz Buchanan
Echo the Letter Sounds – Jack Hartmann
Favorite Letter – Patty Shukla
Letter Sounds A to Z – Jack Hartmann
Mr. Muphy's Most Amazing Super Savings Store – Vincent Nunes
Musical Movement Alphabet – Music with Mar.
My Name Starts With a Letter – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni
Pineapple – Fran Avni
Sounds of the Alphabet – Marilyn M. Linford
We're Going to the Farm – Music, Movement & Magination
Words! – Ron Brown

Phonics Song

Teaching the Shapes and Heights of Letters
Cheering Letters– Dr. Jean
Drawing in the Air– Music with Mar.
I Like Letters– Music, Movement & Magination
Letter Aerobics– Dr. Jean
Move to the Alphabet– Jack Hartmann
Shapes Make Letters (Part 1)– Music with Mar.

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Digraphs, Blends, and Diphthongs
See our Songs that Teach Letter Blends, Digraphs, and Diphthongs

B - (Basic Music Beat) – Music with Mar.
Bb – Greg Whitfield
Bananas – Patty Shukla
Big Bagels – Kelly Good
Bite for B – Intelli-Tunes
Bring Back the Bat – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

C - (Celtic) – Music with Mar.
Cc – Greg Whitfield
Crawl for C – Intelli-Tunes

D - (Disco) – Music with Mar.
Dd – Greg Whitfield
Dance for D – Intelli-Tunes

F - (Folk) – Music with Mar.
Ff – Greg Whitfield
Flip for F – Intelli-Tunes
The Frosty Fable (the f sound) – Dan Crow

G - (Gospel) – Music with Mar.
Gg – Greg Whitfield
Gentle Giraffe – Marla Lewis
Get Your Own Goat – Fran Avni
Grin for G – Intelli-Tunes

H - (Hawaiian) – Music with Mar.
Hh – Greg Whitfield
Hop for H – Intelli-Tunes

J - (Jazz) – Music with Mar.
Jack the Giant (soft G and J sound) – Dan Crow
Jj – Greg Whitfield
Jump for J – Intelli-Tunes
Jump for Jesus – Kelly Good

K - (Klezmer) – Music with Mar.
The 'K' Club – Greg Whitfield
Kid in Kalamazoo – Kelly Good
Kiss for K – Intelli-Tunes
Kiss the Cow (hard C and K sound) – Dan Crow

Phonics Song Youtube

I Love My Pillow (the l sound) – Dan Crow
L - (Lullaby) – Music with Mar.
Ll – Greg Whitfield
Lick for L – Intelli-Tunes
Licking Lollipops – Songs for Speech and Language Skills
Lola the Lonely Llama – Kelly Good

I Love Foods that Start with 'M' – Marla Lewis
M - (Merengue) – Music with Mar.
Mm – Greg Whitfield
March for M – Intelli-Tunes
Monkey Say, Monkey Do – Jack Hartmann
Muffin Mix – Fran Avni
No More Gum (the m sound) – Dan Crow

N - (New Age) – Music with Mar.
Nn – Greg Whitfield
Nine Naughty Newts – Kelly Good
Wiggle Your Nose for N – Intelli-Tunes

OOPS! (the p sound) – Dan Crow
P - (Polka) – Music with Mar.
Pp – Greg Whitfield
Percy the Pirate – Kelly Good
Point for P – Intelli-Tunes

Q - (Quanho) – Music with Mar.
Qq – Greg Whitfield
Quitet Q for Q – Intelli-Tunes

R - (Reggaton) – Music with Mar.
Rain Rain Rain (the r sound) – Dan Crow
Rr – Greg Whitfield
Rock and Roll – Kelly Good
Rock and Roll Star – Fun Phonics Songs
Run for R – Intelli-Tunes
The Ballad of Rueben Rooster (the r sound) – Dan Crow
Vroom Goes the Red Race Car – Patty Shukla

S - (Soul) – Music with Mar.
Seven Silly Squirrels – Fran Avni
Ss – Greg Whitfield
Sleep for S – Intelli-Tunes
Outlook not downloading emails. Soup! Soup! Soup! (the s sound) – Dan Crow


T - (Tango) – Music with Mar.
Time To Take Time (the t sound) – Dan Crow
Tiptoe for T – Intelli-Tunes
Tt – Greg Whitfield
Timmy – Kelly Good

Make a V for V – Intelli-Tunes
V - (Vaudville) – Music with Mar.
Vv – Greg Whitfield

One Wet Windy Wednesday – Fran Avni
W - (Western Swing) – Music with Mar.
Walk for W – Intelli-Tunes
Ww – Greg Whitfield

Make the Sound for X – Intelli-Tunes
X - (Xhosa) – Music with Mar.
Xx – Greg Whitfield
eXiting – Kelly Good

Y - (Yass) – Music with Mar.
Yay for Y – Intelli-Tunes
Yy – Greg Whitfield
Yoshi the Yellow Yak – Kelly Good

Z - (Zydeco) – Music with Mar.
Zz – Greg Whitfield
Zip Your Lip for Z – Intelli-Tunes

Phonics Song

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Animated phonics songs for both revising and teaching letter-sounds. Catchy and easily adaptable, children will want to sing along and invent their own.

Sing Spell Read Write Phonics Song

Hear it and say it

Youtube Phonics Videos For Kids

In this version, the letters are not shown on screen, and it is designed so that children tune into the sounds before they see the letter. Perfect for introducing letter-sounds for the first time.

Choose a letter-sound to play a video:

[s] [a] [t] [p] [i] [n] [m] [d] [g] [o] [c] [k] [e] [r] [h] [b] [f] [l] [j] [v] [w] [y]

See it and say it

In this version, the letters are shown at the same time as the letter sounds are heard, allowing children to make the connection between the sound and the letter. This is a perfect follow-on from ‘hear it and say it’. Alternatively use this phonics song to revise letter-sounds that have already been learnt. Choose from the available letter-sounds below:

[s] [a] [t] [p] [i] [n] [m] [d] [g] [o] [c] [k] [e] [r] [h] [b] [f] [l] [j] [v] [w] [y]


Choose your own sound version

Create your own song version with any sounds and words you like. Just pause the video and use your own props, or let the children get creative!

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