Photoshop Express is a photo editor where you start creating magic in each of your photos, being able to modify everything you need to find a spectacular design in a very short time. All types of users use it for editing, both basic and advanced, quickly and easily. Photoshopexpress Instagram media (webstagram) - Best Instagram viewer!

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Have fun while editing photos on the go with this well-built, capable Windows 8 app from Adobe, one of the leading companies in graphics manipulation software

Adobe Photoshop Express represents the implementation of Adobe’s image editing software within the Windows 10 / 8.1 operating system.

Easy to use photo editor

Adobe Photoshop Express provides you with a Flash-enabled application software for the web that helps you instantly edit pictures on various websites including blogs as well as social networks. Amongst these, you can find Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket.

The Windows 10 / 8.1 version of this particular piece of software allows for Metro UI fans to take advantage of the easy touch-ups, quick sharing or simple capture capabilities of the program. With Adobe Photoshop Express you can rapidly fix your photos by cropping, rotating, straightening, flipping, red-eye removal or color adjustment.

Can share the results on social media

The connection between Adobe Photoshop Express and the social websites is also a plus, with sites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr being just one click (or tap) away. In tandem with Adobe Revel, you can upload your images in order to quickly and easily view them on your Apple device or your Windows tablet. Also, you get the possibility to simply email them to your friends.

Another interesting feature of Adobe Photoshop Express is that you can effortlessly take pictures with your integrated or external camera without leaving it and start editing them right away or correct them using the contrast, exposure or white balance as well as apply a look from the many available effect presets.

Bottom line

The bottom line with Adobe Photoshop Express is that it does its job pretty well, considering it is a Windows Store app. After all, we all know the low average level of quality and efficiency when it comes to such software. If you daily find yourself in need of a quick, sharp image editor and you also want it incorporated into the Metro UI, then Adobe Photoshop Express is the app for you.

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Adobe Photoshop Express was reviewed by Alexandru PintilieExpressPhotoshop express remove background
  • Recommended 2GB minimum RAM
  • Webcam
New in Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Blur- Use the Blur effect to give your images an enhanced, surreal effect.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for an heightened experience.
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Adobe Photoshop Express

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Quick and easy changes to your photos

Editing photos on your Apple device can be a hard task. Sometimes the applications available offer too few features, or you need multiple to do a basic edit. Photoshop for IOS helps fix that issue.

Edit pictures the right way

Photoshop Expression

Editing and fixing photos on your mobile device is made simple with this app from Adobe.

Burp pro. Photoshop is a popular photo editing program for the computer. Often this software by Adobe is used for professional photo edits. While the mobile version is not as powerful as the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Express: Photo Editor for iPhone still finds a way to stand out.

Despite the lack of a mouse when retouching pictures, the editing features available are still straightforward. There are the standard cropping and resizing tools. You can also alter various aspects of your photos, such as the contrast, clarity, shadows, temperature, and more. Sadly, these are all the tools you’ll find on almost any other photo editor. Fortunately, there are plenty of filters for you to apply to pictures. The filters are similar to the ones found on Instagram, changing the color spectrum used in photos.

When you’re finished editing pictures, you can upload them to the Photoshop website quickly and easily. The speed for uploading is also optimal, saving you time during the process.

There is extra work to be done, however, as the software saves edited pictures to its folder instead of the source folder where the picture is from. This makes managing photo albums a pain, especially when you’re editing a large number of pictures.

Photoshop Express For Pc

Where can you run this program?

Photoshop is available for Android and IOS devices, but also has applications available for desktops running Windows 7 and up, and Mac OSX 10.12 or newer.

Photoshopexpress App

Is there a better alternative?

No. While it isn’t as good as its desktop counterpart, it is still one of the best photo editors available for the IOS platform. However, there are alternatives such as Pixlr that offer a handful of photo editing tools.

Our take

Adobe Photoshop for IOS is a great option when you’re looking to get a photo editing tool on your mobile device. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and has just enough features to keep you busy for quite some time.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a simple editing tool to fix up an album or just a few photos, this is a good choice.


  • Basic editing features
  • Doesn’t save files to their source folder
  • Slow

Photoshop Express Remove Background

Photoshop Express: Photo Editorfor iOS

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