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LIMITATIONS – This effect does not have all the capabilities of a high-end particle plugin. It is best suited for making abstract designs and animations, or using it on footage. You can not move individual particles (balls) to form specific 3D objects or shapes, nor can it create networks of dots and lines. Unlike other particle plugins, new particles are not continuously generated. Each design, or “element”, is made up of a limited number of small balls. Sometimes, the size of the balls prevents lines and surfaces from looking completely solid or smooth. You can easily add more balls by increasing the resolution of the element, but this adds to the render time. The balls are not compatible with Light layers or camera depth of field, so a ball that is close to the camera will not have a different focus than a ball in the background. However, a number of presets use effects to simulate depth of field blurring. The Pixel Pusher effect can create the popular, retro wireframe landscape look, but the “hills” will not be solid, since you can see through the spaces between the balls.

  • This template is compatible with Adobe After Effects (v.17.0 and all later versions). Works on both PCs and Macs. No plugins required.
  • This template includes separate project files in HD (1920x1080) and 4K (4096x2048). Other resolutions can be attained by changing the resolution of comps, corresponding precomps, and solid layers.
  • Footage and music in demo video not included.
  • This template has been 'universalized', so it will work in After Effects running in any language.
  • Detailed instructions are found throughout the template, as well as in the video tutorial. A 'Presets Preview.pdf' file is included, allowing you to quickly browse preview images of each preset.
Pixel animation studio free

After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2016, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 No Plugin Resizable 2 MB 8bit is an animated Pixels Typeface based on After Effects shapes which makes it a very customizable typeface in many different ways to suit your needs, it comes with a powerful Typology UI script that allows you to create your animated. Pixel Pusher allows users to create incredible 3D particle animations by unlocking the power of an underrated and often overlooked effect in After Effects - the CC Ball Action effect. Included in the template are over 40 design presets to get you started. Presets range from 3D water and landscapes to a variety of abstract designs. Importing Pixel Art Sprite Animations into an HD After Effects Project This is a great one from Nik Morris who shows how to create pixel art animation in After Effects. Actually Nik shows how to bring in Pixel Art Animations from the free aSprite Animated Sprite Editor into an HD After Effects projects, and have it still looking great.

The Pixel Pusher template is not a plugin, so there is nothing to install. Rather, it's an Adobe After Effects project file, commonly known as a 'template' because most of the work is already done and the user needs only to make their own customizations. This template is compatible with version 2020 (17.0) as well as all later versions of After Effects.

Pixel Pusher contains copyrighted intellectual property. The animations you create with this product are yours and can be used for commercial purposes, but the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Positive and/or negative feedback is appreciated. Use the contact page to send me a message.

Text animations, even simple ones, can give your videos that needed boost to make them more dynamic. So here are 25 Cool Animated Font After Effects Templates that will connect with the audience in a fun, engagingly emotional and highly entertaining way.

It is a tool kit for creating title graphics with a hand drawn look. It has the most control over the style, color, and even the animation! You can use this to build your main titles. The second item is a bonus font that is pre-animated in a handwritten style. It is perfect for adding subtitles to the Doodle Typeface. The third item is a pack of pre-animated doodle elements. Each one animates in and out. These are perfect for creating animated reveals of your titles.

Easily adjust font color, the project is no plugin, no a raster image, all the letters easy to change the scale.

The project contains letters, numbers and some symbols of the Latin alphabet. All elements are prerendered. No plug-ins required.

It is an animated Typeface that can be used in several occasions like romantic openers, greeting cards or Intros. The letters are animated in a slow pace with 60 frames per seconds, that allows you to change the writing speed from very slow and detailed to fast without any quality loss.

The full English alphabet from A – Z. Numbers from 0 – 9. 11 symbols.

Boost your communication with exploding liquid shapes, it’s easy to customize your own titles with your own colors. Enclosed you will find 4 scenes of Splash Font. This font animation reveal a living and moving expression. It’s possible to introduce Splash Font into different motion design thematics.


Pixel Animation After Effects Template

This is a simple and artistic way to display text. Use any font you like for the quotes and the alphabet. 5 Scenes for your quotes plus a logo and text scene close out this inspiring animation!

Unique animated hand made font create using the stamping technique. Make your own original titles, add video, photos, change the size and color the way you like! Each character was hand carved in wax, printed on paper using ink, imported into Photoshop, and then assembled in After Effects.

It is an animated Typeface that can be used in several occasions like romantic openers, greeting cards or Intros. The letters are animated in a slow pace with 60 frames per seconds, that allows you to change the writing speed from very slow and detailed to fast without any quality loss.

Create eye-catching titles with the Hand drawn animated font. Includes full alphabet, numbers, major currencies and punctuation. All assets animate in and out. Easy to use, drag & drop, without plugins and with customizable size and color.

Create a beautiful message with the Handwritten Animated Font slide Show! This project contains an animated font. Universal controls plus individual character controls can make a character skewed, bold or outlined with just one click! Banners, ornaments, numbers and punctuation also included! You must use the English version of After Effects for this template.


This is a template for people who want to give a tidy touch at titles ! Enclosed you will find 4 scenes of Tidy Font. Clear images and fluid motion create an experience funniest. It`s a good way of stimulating your video.

You don’t need to install the font because all letters are shapes. You can easily change color and size of the letters. Clear navigation inside project, help guide included.

Original animated origami characters for use in your projects. Just drag them into your project and stylish logo or lettering ready. The perfect project for your collection.

Pixel Animation After Effects Free

This project contains an animated Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, numbers and most used symbols.You can create message just with dragging letters.

This is quantum leap in the world of fonts and animation. We hope that you will appreciate this breakthrough in the world of art. The result is a very rich tool. With this unique set, you can easily create anything from commercials to music videos for stars. Also, you can make channel or TV show unique crystal brand style from Reborn studio.

You can easily change the animation style, font, colors, duration, warp style and much more. Make animated titles for your projects easily and with pleasure.

Scriptool makes handwriting animation a breeze with the complete English alphabet pre-animated!

This is an animated Typeface that can be used in several occasions like romantic openers, greeting cards or Intros. The letters are animated in a slow pace with 60 frames per seconds, that allows you to change the writing speed from very slow and detailed to fast without any quality loss.

This project is a set of animated letters.The page turn animation and textures used in the preview is not included in your download.

Here is a fantastic typeface for you to use for any project. Snagit 2017 free download. These pre-rendered letter animations can be used in any way you dream. A detailed control panel makes it easy to adjust colors, customize/remove wires, adjust reflection, change background, etc.

One of a kind Font and paint elements pack. A unique & fresh toolkit to enhance your library & your future projects either you are a vlogger, designer, editor or compositor. It fits for vlog titles, wedding, sports, street art, skate, summer vacations, cinema, indie projects, fashion and almost anything you can imagine & design.

Pixel Animation After Effects

This is full color animated typeface created completely in Adobe After Effects CC. You can easily change the color, set the spacing, and resize the character. The size of each letter, number, and symbol is 1920×1080p. All of the characters include is made by Bebas Neue Font.

Pixel Animation After Effects Software

This is Animated Typeface that allows you to make your own Cartoon titles. Project contains full alphabet of animated letters, numbers, special characters and currency. You can also change colors, font and size. All elements is shape layers and easy customizable.


Pixel Animation After Effects Kids

Perfectly crafted animation, attention to details and high flexibility makes it look gorgeous with any project.