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In this free video tutorial for Pro Tools First Russ shows how you can run any virtual instrument plug-in in Pro Tools First and not just the plug-ins purchased from the Avid store.

In the Avid Pro Tools First FAQs it says 'Only plug-ins purchased through the Avid Marketplace with your Avid Master Account will work with Pro Tools First'

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Not so - this workaround is a real help to those who don't want to have to repurchase all their VST and AU plug-ins or who have free plug-ins they want to use in Pro Tools First.


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Delete the Pro Tools folder. Restart your computer and launch Pro Tools. Rescanning plug-ins (Windows) First, check if the AAX files are located in the following folder: 64-bit AAX: C:/ Program Files / Common Files / Avid / Audio / Plug-Ins / Then, rescan your plugins in Pro Tools by deleting its preferences: Windows Pro Tools (11, 12 & 2018+). Pro Tools will organize and displays your Plug-ins base on the selection you choose in this drop down menu. 2) The first option under the drop menu is the Flat list. This option is useful when searching for plug-ins in alphabetical order, regardless of what 'type' of plug-in it is.