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Pro Tools LE 8.0 Full Installer (Windows XP/Vista) supports LE interfaces including original Mbox 0 MB Pro Tools LE 8.0 Full Installer (Mac OS 10.5 for PowerPC & Intel). Mbox Pro and Pro Tools LE® provide your FireWire-equipped computer with six channels of analog audio input, six channels of analog au-dio output, two channels of S/PDIF digital audio input and output, MIDI and Word Clock I/O, and two front panel headphone outputs with independent level controls. Mbox Pro provides.

The Platform™ is a full-featured portable software system that ties all your portable apps together and lets you build your own custom portable app suite for use in your synced cloud folder, on your local PC, or on a portable USB drive. And it's kept separate from your local apps.

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Awesome Features: Complete App Store App Organization
Automatic Software Updates Themes and Customization
Portable Fonts Integrated Backup and Restore And More!

Pro Tools Mbox

The Platform is 100% Free. Free to use. Free to share. And fully open source.
Please read a personal appeal from founder John T. Haller and donate today.

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Version 17.1.1 for Windows, 56 Languages
5MB download / 9MB installed
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Additional Download Mirror: SourceForge

Pro Tools Mbox

Having difficulty upgrading from 14.4.2? See these directions

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  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000*
  • Also Works With: Linux, Unix, BSD, etc via Wine & Mac OS X via CrossOver, Wineskin, WineBottler, PlayOnMac
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Support: Automatically adjusts support and performance to each PC
  • Publisher:
  • Date Updated: 2020-09-09 (Platform Changelog)
  • License: Free / Open Source (GPL, some MIT, some CC images, trademarks and trade dress not included)
  • Source Code: Platform (Menu, App Store, etc)
  • MD5 Hash: 17c0a66f9bf686b5efd0dac251c68e40
  • SHA256 Hash: 3e6414935ed3e3f05639b8d7d22f6414f1301d559e4b6fbe203b52fca7bf8886

* Windows 2000 users will not have access to some platform features such as the updater and app store and may experience some bugs

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Got a support question? Check out the Platform Support page and the dedicated support forum.