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PowerShell Pro Tools adds script packaging, a Windows Form Designer, variable explorer, VS Code automation and more!

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When using the PowerShell Pro Tools extension for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a license if you do not have one already.



Quickly adjust scripts with refactoring commands.


RapidSense is the high performance, customizable IntelliSense alternative for PowerShell. It aggressively caches PowerShell elements in an effort to return statement completions quickly. It also allows for ignoring assemblies, types, modules and commands.

Automate VS Code

  • Open documents
  • Edit documents
  • Send text to terminals
  • Show messages
  • Set Text Decorations
  • Request user input


Out-GridView support for VS Code. Pipe your data directly to Out-VSCodeGridView and view it in the VS Code web view.

PowerShell: Package As Executable


The Package As Executable command creates a new package.psd1 file and invokes the Merge-Script cmdlet from the PowerShell Pro Tools module. You can update the package.psd1 file to change the root script, include modules and configure options like obfuscation and .NET version

PowerShell: Show Form Designer

PowerShell Pro Tools provides a stand-alone Windows Forms and WPF Designer that can be opened via VS Code. It will generate designer code and event handlers for your PS1 files.

PowerShell: Generate Windows Form

How Much Does Pro Tools Cost


Generate a Windows Form from a PowerShell function. Click here to see this in action.

Variable Explorer

View variables currently defined in your session without being in the debugger.

AST Explorer

Pro tools 12 free. download full version

View the AST of the current file. Select nodes and highlight the text in the editor that is associated with that node.

PowerShell Module Explorer

Open rar file windows 10. View the modules that you have installed on your machine. You will be shown which modules are out of date and can update them right from the window.

PowerShell Provider Tree View

Easily traverse PowerShell Providers and view items within containers. For example, check out the value of variables, functions and the file system.

PowerShell: Convert To C#

The Convert to C# command uses the ConvertTo-CSharp cmdlet from the PowerShell Pro Tools module. If you select a portion of the code, it will specify the -PowerShellScript parameter of the cmdlet. If you don't have a selection, it will attempt to convert the entire file from PowerShell to C#.


CSharp: Convert To PowerShell

The Convert to PowerShell command uses the ConvertTo-PowerShell cmdlet from the PowerShell Pro Tools module. If you select a portion of the code, it will specify the -CSharpCode parameter of the cmdlet. If you don't have a selection, it will attempt to convert the entire file from C# to PowerShell.

Pro Tools Price Comparison

This command is especially handy with PInvoke signatures.

PowerShell: Preview Universal Dashboard

This command opens a new VS Code WebView that contains the running instance of a Universal Dashboard. From your dashboard script, you need to return a new dashboard with New-UDDashboard.

PowerShell: Convert to New-UDElement

Converts HTML snippets into New-UDElement calls for Universal Dashboard.

PowerShell: Profile Script

You can profile the performance of your PowerShell scripts. Script timings and call count can be shown within the editor.

Quick Scripts

Save and quickly access scripts anywhere in your environment. Quick Scripts are stored globally and are accessible across workspaces. You can view and manage Quick Scripts in the PowerShell Explorer window.

Pro Tools Price In India

Access Quick Scripts by using the Open Quick Script command and entering the name of the script.