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Select RAR file from your computer using the browse function. Step 2 - Choose to ZIP Choose.ZIP destination format. We support most archive formats. Online RAR to ZIP Converter Support our absolutely free converting site by following and liking our page! Upload a local RAR file from your device to be converted.

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RAR is a popular data compression format, it belongs to the category of compressed or archive files. Full name - WinRAR Compressed Archive. The format developer is Eugene Roshal, whose name is part of the original format name (respectively, Roshal ARchiver). It is widely used in the global network, because it has a higher compression ratio compared to similar formats. Most modern archiver programs use the algorithm of this extension. Applicable in Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. A file archive of this format can contain either one or several files (directories).


ZIP is one of the most popular and common archive or compressed file formats. The full name is Zipped File and the original name is Compressed ZIP archive file. The ZIP extension, which is used to package or compress files, was developed back in 1989. Its creator was Phil Katz, founder of PKWARE Corporation. Initially, the format was used in the PKZIP program, but now there are many other utilities to work with ZIP files. The ZIP format uses a standard compression type for compression, in which all individual files in the archive are compressed separately.

RAR to ZIP Converter

About Program

RAR to ZIP Converter is a free compression file converter, can convert RAR compression files into ZIP compression files, and supports multi-volume RAR archive. This software is a totally Freeware, free to use.

Online fusion 360. In addition, not only RAR format, this software can also convert other common compression format to ZIP format, supported compression formats include TAR, GZ, BIZ2, GZIP, CAB and more.

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ZIP is the most popular file compression format, and RAR format is not so widely supported, how to convert RAR to ZIP? in generally, you need open RAR files, extract all files to a folder, and then re-pack into ZIP files, for most users, this conversion process is somewhat cumbersome, and newcomers are more troubled by this. So, this compact software is here for you, if you want to quickly and easily accomplish this conversion, RAR to ZIP Converter is exactly what you need. Select your an existing RAR file, and then click 'Convert' button to create a ZIP file, that is all, the operation is very simple.

Rar To Zip Converter

Installation file

Software is Freeware, and can support Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP, .Net Framework required.

Supported Compression Level

  • No compression
  • Fast, very low compression level
  • Low compression level
  • Normal compression level (default)
  • High compression level
  • The best compression level (slow)


This software can support password protected RAR files, you need provide a password to open your file. Moreover, for generated ZIP file, you can also specify a password to encrypt it.


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