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Founded in 2009 by musicians and programmers, Reveal Sound had the intention of creating first- class audio plugins. The purpose of our company is to prove that soft-synths can sound amazing. We are constantly improving our algorithms to achieve the perfect result. Our first product is a synthesizer called Spire. Apr 05, 2021 Spire by Reveal Sound is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin and an AAX Plugin.

Create powerful and catchy electronic dance music with the help of this virtual polyphonic synthesizer that comes with more than 800 presets

This is the soundset and sample pack produced by 8 of Japan's leading hardcore producers. Speed test ookla desktop. This library was created for every hardcore producers. Demo Video Soundset + Samples Properties 100% royalty-free. 120 numbered presets + 102 samples Tested by the leading producers. Sound Creators (Alphabetical) aran DJ Noriken G. SPIRE + SOUND BUNDLE. Exclude VAT $289. Your consent applies to the following domains:,

What's new in Spire 1.5.8 Build 5170:

  • GUI fixes
  • Revert old Intel CPU support
  • Minor improvements
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I’m not sure if electronic dance music has ever been more popular than it has ever been today. Dedicated festivals and shows sell out quickly, and people from all over the world gather just so they can listen to their favorite DJ producers. Sure, there are also light shows and pyrotechnics and all that, but you can’t deny that electronic dance music has evolved into a better version itself, as far as the production quality is concerned.

This was undoubtedly made possible by the constant evolution of the software tools that producers work with. DAWs have become more powerful, yet somehow more accessible, and who can ignore the plethora of audio plugins that help many musicians shape and define their sounds. Spire is but one of the plugins that have become a staple in electronic dance music.

A versatile synth for powerful leads

Spire by Reveal Sound is a polyphonic virtual synthesizer that allows heavy modifications to your sounds through the use of many parameters. The plugin comes with over 800 presets, and when you start exploring them you quickly understand why it is used by producers like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Da Hool, or Giuseppe Ottaviani. Many of the presets will seem like they were specifically created to be used in trance or EDM, but you’ll surely find sounds that belong in genres such as dubstep, drum and bass, hardstyle & hardcore, or psytrance, just to name a few.


One thing that can be said about most of the presets is that they’re crisp, well-defined, bombastic, and they have a sort of warm loudness about them. And if all these sounds aren’t enough for your needs, you can always get more packs directly from the developers' website.

Powerful parameters

In order to modify your leads, basses, and drums, you can start by using the plugin’s four powerful oscillators. These are versatile tools that can morph your waveforms in a multitude of ways; use all four oscillators at once if you want your sounds to really stand out.

Then you have four envelopes, four LFOs, two step sequencers, two arpeggiators, and a 3-band EQ among other things. While I’d love to describe them, my lunch break is coming up and I feel like playing with some industrial hardcore kicks. Also, this review is getting a bit too long, so I’ll just conclude that Spire is a great virtual synth if you want to produce some serious dance music.

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Spire was reviewed by Adrian Serban
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Spire 1.5.8 Build 5170

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Reveal Sound Spire Manual

Spire synth
WiN: Team V.R 04 April 2021 90 MB
MAC: MORiA 04 March 2021 AU/VST 350 MB
Spire by Reveal Sound is a software polyphonic synthesizer that combines best opportunities of software and hardware synthesizers. The combination of powerful sound engine modulation, nice graphical interface and flexible architecture provides unparalleled usability of this mighty synth.
Listening to the audio demos and perusing the presets, you might be inclined to classify Spire as the trance / dance machine with its fat unison oscillators and big, brash, bombastic tones. Perhaps it was created precisely for this purpose. It is a powerhouse that stand out at bright, fat, decidedly digital textures that really cut through a mix.
With testimonials from famous EDM artists such as Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, and Dada Life, Reveal Sound’s Spire has quickly become one of dance music’s go-to softsynths. Looking over its synthesis architecture, it’s easy to see why.
With 4 incredibly flexible oscillators feeding a pair of multimode filters with tons of options, its audio signal path is capable of a huge assortment of textures. On the modulation side, there are 4 envelopes, 4 LFOs, and 2 step-sequencers that can be assigned to virtually any parameter. Each of Spire’s four oscillators operates in one of 5 modes: Classic, FM, Noise, AMSync, and SawPWM. Each mode then offers a huge array of wavetables that can be blended into its core sound.
Spire has superb Sounding Filters (2 multimode filters with analogue and digital types of filtering Scorpio, Perfecto, Acido, Infecto, Combo), unique Unison Engene (9 unison voices on each oscillator, spread unison voices by chords and octaves, capable of imitate different types of unisons like supersaw, hypersaw), FX Processor (Phaser/Vowel, Shaper/Decimator, Chorus/Flanger, Reverb, Delay), user-friendly Arpeggiator, flexible Modulation Architecture (4 Envelopes, 4 Macroses, 4 LFOs with morphing shapes, 15 Matrix slots each of equipped with 2 sources and 4 targets).

Reveal Sound Spire Presets

The Spire comes with over 700 factory presets including bass sequences and complex arpeggios, a versatile assortment of leads, plucks, exhilarating pads, drums and FXs. Presets are top notch, they are 'hit-ready', not like in other synths which may be packed with presets but only 20% of them is usable. Here you will find sounds which fit track perfectly and hence this synth is used by so many producers. The sound is simply great. Very deep, very sharp, very analog, and digital if you want it to be. On you can find and download a lot of fresh Spire Presets and Soundbanks for different styles of electronic music.
The Spire is available as VST, AAX and AU plug-in in both 32 and 64 bit versions and works on both PC and Mac.
Spire Synthesizer has been updated to v1.5.8 - build 5170 (2021.04.03)
* GUI fixes
* Revert old Intel CPU support
* Minor improvements

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